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Originally posted by Cmdr Nova:


You guys now have your own forum at Orion, to keep this thing going. Like we said, keep the faith!

Nova, over and out.

Thanks Nova, already been there, registered (and replied .

Allthough it looks like we're leaving to other pastures, I really like to say I liked it here. The community, the game and naturally SC as well. Liked is not the right word here, i still like them all.

The community for the fun times and assistance they offered, the site for being the best I've been participating on and SC for making it all possible.

I will not try to convince the SC to change his mind here. I read DaSylva's post hopefully gained some understanding. Maybe not, but I feel that DaSylva made a point and maybe we ought to get our separate ways.

Whatever lead to this decision, I respect it and want to thank Derek for his dedication and the game he created. It's on my computer to stay and even got me to invest my time in developing Intercorp. I don't know if he really likes the idea of the corporation, but he allowed it to grow and I'm glad for that. About buying his future products? Well, yes. I'm hooked and that's not going away

Derek, *salut*.


[ 12-16-2001: Message edited by: Riga ]

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