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"Mutual protection Union"

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Originally posted by T-WOPR:

I'm really interested in getting involved around here, and if this entire idea is pointed in the wrong direction I wish somebody would let me know

You're on the right track (IMHO). Just try to read (and understand) the Organization tread (I know, it's a long read, about 9 pages). Most of the 'resistence' you encounter here is already discussed in that thread.

And while you're at it... Also read the other related threads (Economics 101 pops to mind )

Heh, actual competition. me like...

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i've been dabbling around in both of those threads, actually, and have found some good info. But, I'm a little simple sometimes and a little hardheaded, so it takes a while for certain things to soak through.

I noticed that information services for many things, like trade item values and mineral types, have been budding for some time, but that there doesn't appear to be any service around even with the intent of rating the safety of systems, which could be nice if you didn't wan't to use a probe, or wanted to quickly plot a long "safe" autopilot course.

So maybe I'll scrap everything but the FTRR System and look into forming some kind of group to keep the System updated and functional.

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I, like some of the others, think the 'Mutual Protection' part doesn't fit, I don't see how unarmed traders can protect much of anything. Heheh.

Same for the embargo idea, it's nice on paper, but seems to not be very strong when the paper's wet.

But, the Information Exchange idea is a bit more intriguing, especially if you consider the possibility of reporting gathered information to more than just the traders you want to get to join this guild. Perhaps even venerable Intercorp, or other guilds would enjoy access to the information...for a price, of course...

Maybe you ought to be looking more into a 'freelance intelligence gathering union' or something.

Just a thought.


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