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Originally posted by Sebbish:


What is my launch base, BTW? I will look on the official webpage. Please don't delete me from the fleet!

EDIT: How does that look? Can I still put my own personal things in my sig (like "The Chicken Revolution is coming!)? The Falkyries kinda look like Chickens, and they're having a revolution, so it kinda makes sense. J/K Sorry for all the questions, thanks.

Wraith Wing is currently based at Wraith Station (Wraith HQ). Change your sig as noted below and you'll pass.

Commander Sebbish

GCV-Foehammer, Wraith HQ (Lyrius)

Wraith Fleet/Wraith Wing


The Chicken Revolution is coming!!!!!

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pretty busy with work, lots of corporate clients with year ends coming up. Too much snow up here but can't complain that much, yourself?

BTW Great news about your son! I am glad to see your back Tyrn. You, Tac and Dreada seem to be the fleets "glue" guys. It has been a while since I have seen this much activity on the fleet board.

Thanks for asking


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