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Thanks for all the fish ;)


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There have been a number of fairly dramatic changes in my life recently. One of those changes, however, is having a drastic impact on my leisure time and will continue to do so for several years to come. My oldest son, who is seven, has finally been diagnosed with Autism. I say finally because for the past two years we were operating under the belief that Jonathan's idiosyncrasies were merely developmental delays and for the five years before that we were routinely told that he was just going through a phase. My wife and I have always known that using teaching techniques designed for children with Autism brings out the best in Jonathan but again we were told that this was only coincidence and not to worry too much about it. Now that we know that it is indeed Autism, my wife and I are funneling most of our leisure time into teaching Jonathan skills, like reading peoples facial expressions, that you and I and most everyone else picked up instinctively as small children. As you can imagine, that is no small task and leaves little time for either of us. That precious but small amount of time left to us is lavished on just the two of us to keep our marriage and our love for each other strong because without that strength we're of no use to Jonathan or our other children. As such I have retired from Wraith Fleet as your XO and as the SOG Wing Leader. As we all know, MP cometh and Tac needs someone who can devote the time needed at his side and right now that is something I cannot do no matter how much I would love to do it.

I guarantee, however, that when the day comes that Jonathan no longer needs my wife and me as much as he does now that I will beat a quick path into the enlistment office. Until then I'll be more like a ghost in Wraith's Fleet.

PS... <soapbox>You have probably heard children with Autism called austistic. Autism is a disorder and not a color. Calling someone who has Autism autistic is the same as calling someone who has cancer cancerous. It just really doesn't make sense. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the letters Z, R, and Q and by the Falkerie Resistence Broadcasting Network. </soapbox>

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I am very sorry to see you go Tyrn, you were one of the first guys who really helped me out here. Take good care of your son and the rest of your family. You will be missed.

This is just a game. There is no greater responsibility nor a greater reward than family.

Until you return, all my best


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All of my best hopes and wishes go with you, Tyrn. I for one am glad to see a person who is willing to go that extra mile for their spouse and children. It's far too rare these days. I hope to see you return soon, and in between now and then, may God go with you.

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

LMAO!! The topic of the thread made me look.

Anyway Tyrn, you already got my email on this. Good luck!!

....and see you on the mp servers

Yes, I thought the immortal words of Douglas Adams' Dolphins, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" fit the situation nicely and would add a modicum of humor to this topic. To the rest of you, thanks for the support and well wishes but please remember: I'm only retiring not dying so you'll still see me wandering the halls occasionally (just remember to point me in the right direction if I look lost ). Also, Jona's Autism isn't the end of the world and I WILL BE BACK!

As for mp, I've got your six covered chief. You'll have to decide whether that's a good thing or not!

Oban, it was a pleasure to be of service. I've always enjoyed giving a helping hand to people, right now there's a smiling boy who needs both my hands though so I'll trust in the rest of you to continue reaching out to the n00bs among us.

Orthae, you've expressed one of the greatest things about this community. It doesn't matter if I can't come out of retirement for ten years, the legacy of (and addiction to) this game is so great that it's a guarantee there will still be something here waiting for me. I can see it now:


Cadet: Who's the duffer with the cane?

Ensign: SHHHHHHH! That's Cmdr. Marcel and if he gets too close to you he'll whack you with that @%$ stick!

Cadet: Why?

Ensign: Something about the Gammulan Gauntlet and new commanders being too soft, he says the whacking builds character. I say he's just a crazy old coot! If he comes at you, ask about the Reingard and he'll go away.


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I want to thank you for all your help when I first came to this community. I hope everything works out well for you and your family.

We will miss your leadership.

[Cmdr. McGregor snaps to attention and salutes]

Should you be able to join us in the future I will look forward to fighting by your side.

Damn Tyrn I was looking over my post and noticed this:


Commander Tyrn Marcel, Ret.

GCV Falcon - Decommissioned

and it kinda hit a soft spot.

Couldn't we list you as inactive reserve or something else?

I guess I'm getting to mellow these days.....that just made me kinda sad.

[ 05-04-2002, 00:06: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]

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