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Cmdr. Dreada

I'm currently a fleet member. i have been active for some time now. i'm Ready to jump start this Fleet, but it seems all C.O and Exevutive Wraith Personnel have gone missing.

i have a spare computer we can use as a 24/6 server [look at sys specs] all we need is good leadership and initiation of stated Wraith protocol within the Charter. I am resourced and prepared to take a leadership role to insure this as well. {Just wanna Game! and put this to good use} thanks for the dialog !

let me know what you think.

Cmdr, Kasin Pool

GCV Coalation

Wraith Fleet/S.O.G SP-OPS

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Thats Good to hear Sir. what would you say to initiateing this Wraith Fleet? I have resources to bring if needed.. Server,Time for any volunteer web stuff.. ect let me know.. Charter and website looking pretty good.. just need to round up people who want to be active members..

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Sounds good.. First and foremost we need everybody to have a copy of U.C.

Also we need people to post the times that would be best for them to get together..

I will be willing 24/6 xMondays for any work needed. i also have a server we can use.

lets get going!

thanks for the time..

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This is why.... ir, Thank you for your consideration and review of the current Status quo.

Sir I am a Partner in an 18-year-old Corp and fleet member/commander at Wraith. I know that you are a busy person so I will make this as brief as possible. I have been trying to get this group active for over 4 weeks with no results all I would like to do is use the game as it was supposed to be. {Within the online context} Many people and lots of fun. This fleet branch lacks leadership control, most of the Exe Branch Commanders have posted that they haven't even paid for the game. This frustrates me and also deflates people who would like to be part of an active massive playing Game. I do have the time, money and computer to host 24/7 and lead this group; my position in the company affords me time these days. I would be happy to serve. I have outlined why there should be some change within this group below. Thank you for your time sir. In addition I have talked with Remo several times

Upon entering and initiating protocol and communication with higher ranks within Wraith HQ [website]. There is A COMPLETE Command Control and Communication Break Down {e-mail's not returned}.

This break down and continuing degradation of A Paramount Institution within Galcom military, Including ''Summerset's Sinners'', S.O.G [special Operations], Wraith Wing and Support Wings. Wraith Fighter Command. Wraith Marine Corps. All 6 Division of Galcom HQ- Wraith are down and NON-FUNTIONAL. Sir, all Command and Control nodes including a built in redundant Command And Control Sub Protocol; Stated within the charter. On Wraith HQ including: Fleet Commander, Wing Leader, Fighter Commander, and Marine Corps Commander. Subordinates: Squadron Commander, Fighter Squadron Commander, Battalion Commander, Flight Leaders, and Platoon Leaders. Have not Been Initiated. Therefore

1.Under Current approved Galcom, Wraith charter specifications [please see below] Responsibility of Command and Control, Direct response Initiative, Early warning Protocol, and military Special Force within Wraith ultimately falls upon Galcom HQ- and Supreme Commander. That being stated charted fact. Therefore if Degradation, and Command and control failure was the case; Repair and resolution would fall upon Galcom not Wraith and it's already failing Command Structure. In turn this would Stabilized a gaming situation, Promote ongoing recruiting efforts not discourage because of lack of commitment of un-willing committed command personnel within wraith, and most importantly it would not Destroy a Vital Part of Galcom and Falkyrie Resistances or Halt, Gammulanm, Valkyrie Anti Special Forces Movements.


[Wraith Fleet is Galactic Command's Special Forces Arm. Formed in 2998 A.D. as a direct response to the gap left after the Special Defense Fleet's (SDF) charter was changed, Wraith Fleet is dedicated to Special Operations in both space and ground environments.

=Wraith Charter=

I) Uphold Galcom's Directives

II) Provide early warning on Gammulan and Valkyrie military movements.

III) Assist the Falkyrie resistance.

IV) Provide Special Forces to Galcom, Earthcom & Terran allies.

Struggling to bring peace, justice and freedom from oppression to all races in the galaxy. Through the use of diplomacy, force and unrelenting resolve.

2. Under Galcom's Stated charter. That Encompasses and focuses all Military Intelligence and Control for Peaceful, justice, Freedom, and Non-oppression. Directs all military Personnel to negotiate, Force and Resolve deter our enemy. This Failure Of Command and Control is a '' Clear and Present Threat to Galcom Internal Security and efficiency to conduct war, Force Protection and Special Ops. Thereby undermining all other military branches and gaming.

3. After Gaming since a commador 64 was in existence. I have never seen such an amazing Grasp on Universal Galactic Space And Role Playing, Hek I Remember Monkey Island and Space Combat. Put those together and you get about 5% of what 3000ad Produced thanks! For all your efforts remo AND S. commander. I would love to put a couple of servers in the mix and get this thing going on all dynamic fronts. And I do have a killer system for donation. I'm a born leader, if you would please review this appeal and consider the transfer or a Promotion to a leadership role within Wraith. Without a doubt I will establish servers, people, recruits and lots of gaming and good leadership and personnel [even web space}. So I may use my assets and fun for this truly wonderful Gaming world.

Sincerely, respectively with full service at heart.

Sir. Thank you for your time and effort in pursuing this. I will post/e-mail ASAP. Let me know if i can do anything... I am more then willing to volunteer time, money server and all support that is needed. This is a great game and forum to play. We must uphold it's true value.

Thank you.

Cmdr. Kasin Pool

S.O.G Wraith SP-OPS

APA Employment

Jon Pool- Managing Partner

[email protected]

[email protected]

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As part of the command echelon in the fleet I would like to say that I appreciate your concern. I'd like to say that I could dedicate a good portion of my time to this Fleet but at the moment that wouldn't be true. I can and should dedicate more time to it, however. Server support so we could start training would be excellent because I don't have a server nor the experience to appropriately run it.

For some time I've had a set of standard orders made up for my Wing, which are not implemeneted at the present time because MP has not been an issue with which we have had to deal with seriously until recently.

Yes, I do agree that we should begin some form of training with one another so we can be prepared for BCO and provide a good showing for our Fleet. One idea may be for everyone to get a copy of BCMG and GBS-II so we can come up with our own training scripts to run in MP to practice with since some of us haven't had the opportunity to acquire UC yet.

Commander Pool, I do apologize if some of your messages have been unanswered. If you wish to message me you can do so anytime at [email protected] or PM me. I may not be back to you immediately but you can expect a reply back within 24 hours.

And by the way, it's Somerset's Sinners, who do happen to enjoy the summertime.

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Wow. Very detailed Cmdr. Jonathan.

I do not recall being contacted you and if I missed the E-Mail or PM I am very sorry. I will also give you my E-Mail address ([email protected]) so that you can contact me in the future.

I second Ben's comments about needing to begin training. The fact that you can possible provide a server on which we can do this is a great start and would be very much appreciated.

I also agree that we need to get things moving a bit faster. I think one of the main issues is that everyone is particularly busy at the moment.


I do have the time, money and computer to host 24/7 and lead this group;

I do not think you should necessarily try to go after "leadership" so quickly though. The people in place have been there for some time and they got there because of many reasons. They have shown responsibility on the forums, have tenure (i.e. been here for awhile). I suggest that we start with the server and see where we go from there.

I appreciate your posts and your attempts and I hope that we can speak in further detail soon.

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I have received no PM or email from you Jon.

Derek posted that he's opening training servers for fleets http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...0189;p=1#000000

"One of the 32 player servers I am currently setting up and which will go live around the end of the month (to coincide with the next official patch release) is specifically for fleets.

This means that you will need to be a fleet member in order to connect to that (password protected) server.

This server (I may add another) is not for pissing around in, deathmatch or any of that nonsense. They are specifically for fleet events (training, co-op, Vanquish)."

When those servers are up we can get started with our MP training excercises.

And Bandus, i'm assigning all our resnig clones to serve as your ship's crew. Thats MISTER slacker to you

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Sir Yes Sir.

Thank you all for the positive feedback.. My goal as you can see is to get this going as fast as possible but more importantly effectively and done right..

I have aspirations of leadership only to serve the fleet if others canÔÇÖt and only to achieve a good playing field. IÔÇÖd rather have an active Fleet command and control rather then none at all.

I will dedicate what needs to be allocated, so we can start running together as a team. thanks for all the feedback Sir. Let me know what I can do.

Full service at heart

Cmdr Kasian Pool reporting for active duty. Wraith S.O.G S

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