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Quiet in Wraith


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We have a total of five members in the fleet, but two are temporary officers that were moved from prime fleet (highly appreciated, need all the help we can get). But even with the five we have it is quite the silent fleet.

I know Dreada has been having some problems with his computer, but I don't know if he ever got his problems worked out or not. So Dreada if you got your computer fixed please respond by saying hi or something.

Also those of you reviewing the Wraith Charter I had some minor things that I thought would be nice if it were added.

If we are going to list the different vessels that we can command then I think instead of just listing some of the specs on certain vessel we should list all so that those people new to the fleet can make a proper assessment on what vessel they would like to use while under the Wraith's command (This only applies if Wraith strategic commander or the fleet commander isn't going to start giving a specific vessel to their commanders).

Another thing I have noticed is a few minor typos which aren't anything to worry about unless someone wants to make a big deal out of it.

Any ways I have only managed to make it half way through so far because I have been working on my pocket pc. Something is wrong with it. The screen is acting up on the thing. But the good thing is that I got all the files I wanted off it.

PS. Can those people (and other members reviewing the charter or reading this post) please feel free to comment on this issue.

Thank you,

Captain Reed of the GCV-Athens

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