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Guest Remo Williams

Wraith Fleet Orientation Center

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Guest Remo Williams

Wraith Fleet Orientation Center

Welcome to Wraith Fleet orientation. All new members will report here after being accepted in the Fleet Database for Wraith Fleet membership. Once you arrive here you will need to make several critical decisions about your career within Wraith based on the following fleet specific information.

Wraith Fleet is GalCom covert ops fleet. This Fleet unlike Orion do stuff out of the public eye. Whenever the SC wants something done with little or no fanfare this who he calls on. Their job is to get in behind enemy lines and cause as much damage as possible and get out undetected. You can think of these guys as our present day Navy Seals, or Green BretÔÇÖs, which ever you prefer. If something need to be taken out with a small number of assets Wraith will be there.

It is in Wraith Fleet alone that you can receive advanced training in Cruiser and Fighter operations as a Cadet. No other fleet offers the type of training you will receive as a Cadet with Wraith Fleet. For five weeks you will be instructed and drilled on every aspect of cruisers, fighters, weapons, tactics, and teamwork that the game has to offer. To instill the knowledge and courage it takes to be a member of Wraith.

If youÔÇÖve decided on a career as a hard-hitting Elite Force, Space force, Medical Corps, or Engineer Corps Marine then youÔÇÖve joined the right Fleet. Wraith fleet is the only fleet beside Prime were you can receive the advanced recruit training needed to be an Elite Force Marine. If youÔÇÖre looking to be a different type of in Game marine then a career in Wraith Fleet is not for you. For the next five weeks you will be instructed and drilled on every aspect of the Elite Force. Space Force, Engineer Corps and Medical Corps Marines depending on your choice. Some of the areaÔÇÖs that will be covered for marine recruits are FP movement controls, items, weapons, ground assets, E&E training, and team work.

Now with that said its time to make some decisions. More than likely you have already chosen in your application whether you are going to be a marine recruit and attend the Wraith Fleet marine training center or a Cadet in the academy to train for a career as a Cmdr or Fighter pilot. The last decision you need to make is which aspect of the fleet best suites your reason for joining.

There are two paths you can follow at this point one is that of a Role Play member the other is that of a Multiplayer member. You can chose to do both but it would be very time consuming and only the fleet leader is required to maintain this status.

RP Members

RP Writing: Here in the 3000AD forums there is a forum devoted only to RP stories. It is in this area that Wraith Fleet members will create and maintain RP stories for Wraith. You can also contribute to the RP of the other official fleets if invited to do so.

RP members can also write short objective based ROE for use by the MP members of the fleet. If this is something your interested in the MP Handbook contains all the needed info to write out ROE that is usable in MP.

Another activity for RP members is that of GBS scripting. This is a very exciting area to get involved in if youÔÇÖre into game scripting. The GBS is a very powerful tool available for creating your own SP scenarios for the game. It is with this tool that you can make special scenarios for your fleet to train with or just share and enjoy.

All RP members will be expected to maintain a monthly log that documents the progress of their current RP assignment in the SP universe. The fleet leader makes RP assignments at the beginning of each month.

MP Members:

All MP members will conduct preplanned training sessions online to work on tactics and teamwork. The date and time of these training sessions will be posted online taking into consideration all the different time zones of fleet members.

During these training sessions MP members will use Teamspeak for voice communication while on the game server. To learn more about Teamspeak and its use in MP please read the Fleets MP Handbook. Other activities for MP members are Fleet matches against other fleets these matches are conducted on a challenge basis which is also covered in the MP Handbook.

All fleet matches are conducted on a seasonal basis, which culminates into a fleet tournament that decides the winning fleet of the season. There is also a years end players championship, which decides the best overall player for the year regardless of fleet affiliation.

General Training

No matter which in game career you decide to choose or which type of fleet member you decide to be all members must know the Wraith fleet Charter. It is this document that determines our whole organization. In the charter you will find WraithÔÇÖs fleet structure, rules, procedures, Rank and promotions system along with other important information about your Fleet.

ThatÔÇÖs it Recruit/Cadet its time to make your decision, what shall it be? Are you going to be a role-play member or do you choose the course of a multi-player member?

Once youÔÇÖve made then posted your decision report to the training topic that was, or will be created by your instructor here in the Wraith fleet forums at 3000AD to begin your specialized fleet training.

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