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What are the UC multiplayer options/modes?


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The game is on its way (so, no. I haven't read the manual yet). And it is my first BC title, so I hope you'll forgive the ignorant questions.

Thing is, you see, we have an upcoming LAN party where I would like everyone to try out UC in the hope of it catching on. 20$+ int shipping is something people can pay for the game just to enjoy it over the weekend. Since DC made this title 20$, then we all gotta try to get people to buy it so the devs still can turn a profit.

But I need to go do a little sales' speech first to get everyone to buy the game.

We currently mostly play OFP and Tribes2. I know perfectly well that UC isn't an arcade game, and that I will have to read the manual and play the game before said weekend and instruct the other guys on how to play. This is a space sim, I know, but the huge gameplay variety with air, sea, space and ground is just too good to pass up.

As I understood it, in UC you cannot opt to be a marine and then get into a vehicle piloting it into space. So for each player to have the option of doing everything, you need to start everyone in their separate battle cruisers?

And would you then have naval units available?

Are there specific loadable scenarios that you can play co-op or head to head? What happens when a person die? Does he respawn some place? Can he respawn/rejoin as a different caste?

How would you go about creating a naval+air battle?

Can people play with one guy being the battlecruiser commander while two guys being pilots and the rest of the guys being marines in the same battlecruiser? And co operating in destroying an installation?

I have read through the board and have surmized the chosen caste is strictly "set". But I am a bit unclear as to wether a BC commander can walk around the ground or if the player does so by taking control over a marine unit. I also read that there is some warfare options disabled for the AI in MP (fighter launch). Is this a big issue or a detail?

My fear is that we will be looking for instant action to focus on, like destroying an installation. But what we will be getting is a huge game universe and lucky to meet eachother at all.

Are there options to set up the resistance you wish to face?

Basically taking the immense amount of hardware out for a spin and exploring this great game with enemies, and not with killer expert cloaked AI everywhere, but not void of enemies either.

Could we for instance have one ground/naval/air based team defending an installation while one player plays an opposing Space Carrier utilizing his troops to enact the opposition?

How do YOU play LAN games in UC?

Thanks for any answers.

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No, the newbie section. Thought that was the most appropriate place for it. I was immediately promoted

Are you gonna give this post the leper treatment due to SC ranting?

I am politely asking you to give me some pointers as I wont be able to try the game out until wednesday and it's a little late to order the game for all participants then.

So, I am asking again, with somewhat less enthusiasm for the dev earnings, can someone please give me some pointers as to what LAN party type of MP experiences you can pull from this title?

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Well, I have little experience with multiplay, but I'll try to give you a vague idea.

You won't have any trouble finding each other.

You can choose which race/caste to play. This determines what "team" you are on and who is your enemy.

You directly control your commander in all FPS situations. It's up to you if you want to use him that way.

I don't believe that other players can take roles on each others ship.

Best to have each player with their own ship and operate as a fleet.

You could for instance have half of the players go Gammulan and half go Terran Military. Within each group you could have some players as ground force/naval and some as space etc...

I believe you can also create custom scenarios/scripts for multiplayer.

The easiest way to explain it is that you are provided with all the tools to play out your space fantasies. Your imagination is the only limitation.

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No, there are no maps in the game. The mp world is its own galaxy with connected space and planetary regions.

Who needs a map, when you have an entire planet

ps: I think I found the crash problem in the server (and the console). More later.

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Originally posted by TheRedComet:

well i suppose when the GBS III is out for the public , we would be able to create MP universes of our own? could add a whole lot of replay value to it.

No. And I'm probably not going to release GBS-III either.

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Thank you again.

You said we wouldn't have trouble finding eachother. So Gammulans wont be starting in one end of the galaxy and Humans in another? I have read most of the experiences on the board and it seems that once you leave the comfort zone of your race' protected territory there are many ways to die out there. And I thought we, all being beginners, would have difficulties in surviving random encounters once we leave the cradle looking for eachother.

When it's said that there are no MP maps, I take it this includes all possibilities to isolate objectives relating to a conceived scenario, like an invasion of a planet, destruction of a space station, rescue operation, smuggle from A to B, kidnapping a VIP, escort etc. One side to make it happen, one side to prevent it from happening... and the game evaluating the success criteria.

I get the feeling that the Universe in UC is one big playing ground. So if one is looking to enact a very specific scenario one would have to locate a possible scene where all desired conditions already apply in SP mode and create a multiplayer game with people starting at that location in their "assigned" positions.

But if you find a desired location, can you place players on THAT particular planet by THAT particular installation? At least enough to seemingly assign a role? So you can pretend to be a fighter defender of, say, a space station?

Just having that is enough for lengths of gameplay that can involve people who don't have my passion for StarTrek and the concept of a interstellar BattleCruiser.

I take it one would still run the risk of a randomly created NPC influencing the outcome, but that is just fun. A:"Hey. No wonder you lost. You were half dead when got within range of the station." B:"Yeah. You wont BELIEVE what happened. I was prepping for jump, but suddenly, out of nowhere, there was this...".

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Gammulans start in their own star system, so in that case you would have to go looking for them, but it won't be hard.

Yes, it is conceivable that you and your buds could mount up in search of your Gammulan friends only to be acosted on the way, but that just adds to the whole experience. Imagine one of your mates getting damaged and being disabled, you could assign another teammate to tow him back to a station or planet for repair, or he could order one of his own shuttles to tow him to safety. While his ship is being repaired, he could take one of his fighters and STILL travel with the rest of the group.

You cannot choose where to start playing when using the normal game setup route (other than based on your race/caste) as there are default starting points. I imagine (and if, as I believe, it's supported) that you can create a custom scenario and start players where you decide.

If all your teammates choose the commander career and are all Galcom, then you'll all start within very close proximity. So it's not like you'll be randomly spawning all over the Universe.

You seem like the type that enjoys egaging, deep gameplay, well you came to the right place. Once you and your LAN buddies have it all figured out I'm sure you'll all fall in love with this living Universe.

PS. I was a big Tribes/Tribes2 player for a while too. For comparison, while the FPS implementation in Tribes is faster and more focused than UC, the scope of UC is waaaayyy beyond that of Tribes and even Planetside. The genres are very distinct. UC has much more of a "reality" feel to it mostly due to it's vast size and scope. It is definitely not arcadey.

One more tip...you need to add your system profile to your signature (sooner rather than later). There's a sticky around here that gives you instructions.

[ 02-13-2004, 11:48 AM: Message edited by: Grizzle ]

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Originally posted by Grizzle:

Gammulans start in their own star system, so in that case you would have to go looking for them, but it won't be hard.


FYI, once I have wrapped up the single player bug fixes, tweaks and whatnot, my #1 focus will be on tightening up multiplayer some more and doing some more tweaks and polishing. The game is very, very powerful and we can't have BF1942 type skirmishs because the mp kernel needs some spin and shine here and there.

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