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How do I play online?

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I am starting this thread because, despite the fact that multiplayer is documented in the printed manual as well as in the manual addendum PDF file and the FAQ, we've received emails, I've seen posts and I've received PMs about this same topic.

People, listen to me...

  1. The game installer created a program shortcuts group with several shortcuts. One of them - locate in the multiplayer group - is named Join MP Server. For the love of mankind, n00bs the world over *and* my sanity, please read the manual p89-91 before clicking on this shortcut to join a server.
  2. If you are running a firewall (as I hope you are!!!) or are behind a router, you need to read the game FAQ which also has an HTML shortcut called Troubleshooting FAQ. Once this file is displayed in your browser, scroll down to the multiplayer section. There you will find info about what ports you need to open or forward in your firewall or router.

    If when you start the multiplayer shortcut you don't see any servers displayed (after a few seconds) or if you see unnamed, then your firewall/router is blocking the packets.

    And don't forget to ensure that your router has the latest firmware. e.g. using the Linksys BEFSR11 router, unless you have the latest firmware, packets will be sent out of order and cause all sorts of problems.

  3. Once you have located the shortcut, have started it, you can see the servers etc you can just join a server as indicated in the manual.
  4. If you are attempting to join the three 3000AD public servers (#1-3), be sure that you have previously accessed the registration page and have obtained and written down the server password. For more info, read this. When prompted, just enter it and you will be able to connect. Without a password, you will not be able to connect to our servers or any password protected servers.
  5. Assuming you have printed the manual addendum (pointed to by the Manual Revisions shortcut), you can read the multiplayer section for any updated information that you may need. e.g. the new chat interface and other multiplayer related items.
  6. And WHATEVER you do, don't even THINK of going online to play, unless you have spent at least 2+ days playing the single player game AND the tutorial.
  7. The map of the mp galaxy is located in the appendiximagesmaps folder where the game is installed. The file is called galaxy_map_links_mp.jpg. Print it.

Oh yeah, go join a fleet.

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If you have a software firewall (e.g. Norton), the first time you attempt to access the net, it will prevent the program (UCMP.EXE) from doing so. When the warning pops up, allow it to do so and if there is an option to allows the program to access the Internet (as in Norton Personal Firewall), be sure to select it so that you are not prompted next time.

Because the game runs in fullscreen mode, you may have problems continuing after it loses focus to the firewall program. In this case, once you have set the firewall to allow the game to access the net, quit the game, then restart. Now that it is configured, you won't be prompted again.

In the case of a hardware firewall (e.g. in your router), you still have to open the ports listed in the game's troubleshooting FAQ.

If you have both a hardware and software firewall, you have to configure BOTH of them as indicated.

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Im a noob. Where is the join MP shortcut? In the program file? Im confused when you say there is already a shorcut group. I have a shortcut in my program file for the game that is called UCmp(which I assume means universal combat multi-player-) but it brings me straigt to the normal game- no servers or anything. Sorry for being an idiot. need some help on this though.

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Originally posted by The Black Ghost:

Im a noob. Where is the join MP shortcut?

Hit the ole Start button, then "all programs" -> "3000AD" -> "Universal Combat A World Apart" -> "Multiplayer" -> "Join MP Server".

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