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hi there,me and about 20 online friends have been religious tribes2 players for over 3 years,to the point where we host 3 different servers(base and 2 mods)and a teamspeak server.

anyway,t2 is dying,tribes vengeance is a piece of crap and we are constanly looking for a new game to move to.a guy gave me a link to this game last night and screenshots look good but want some answers from players before i buy it,and my eyes are to bad to read 80 different threads.

online how big are the games and what sort of gametypes are there?siege,ctf,deathmatch?i am used to 64 man servers and hoping to find at least 32 man servers in any new game.

t2 was the only fps shooter i ever liked because it depended so much more on teamwork,vehicles and deployables to be succesful.

unkike ut where it is just running,jumping,shooting-that gets old to me quick

can you host servers on this game or is the source code available for modding or are you limited to whatever servers are put out by creators,we have 3 oc-3 hookups that will be empty when tribes finally takes a crap.

thats about it,screenshots look really good-i have never seen this game on the shelves at best buy but if it is as good as it looks i will be bringing -people with me to it

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Hey Mr. Crowley,

First, go check out the game and get it patched up so you can see it first hand. Your investment is about $20, and you could do a lot worse for that kind of money. Ultimately that's going to be the judge of whether or not you want to start your friends on this.

Second, to answer your questions in brief.

The online component is evolving, and because the game was released by the publisher before it was finished by the developer, the MP component was unfinished. Shortly (within a week some say?) there's going to be a patch that fixes some bandwidth caps that produce some erratic behavior in the client, and then the game's going to run SWEET. The game can support 64 players, but nobody here's tested it that high, so you would give us an excellent test case.

The game's primarily a single player game, and the MP component takes place in a smaller "galaxy" that people can do sandbox types of stuff in. There are full planetary zones with bases, all possible terrain, and all the same kinds of features in the SP game. Unfortunately there are no CTF, Seige, or other kinds of games besides a basic "kill the enemy" kind of thing, but the server doesn't keep kill stats (there is a svr log that records who kills whom however).

However, what you liked about T2 is here in spades. The best game experiences to date have been large fleet engagements with capital ships and fighters engaging one another, doing inter-system jumps trying to hunt down the other player fleet, trying to penetrate orbital defenses to drop shuttles into planetary atmosphere, etc. This is a game whose lateral possibilities haven't fully been explored since the MP game's got all the control of the SP game, and both allow for a degree of control over deployed AI fighters, vehicles, and personnel that is pretty unique. (I should mention that when I first got this game, my computer didn't run it so well, so I looked around for another game that would give me what this game does in a package I could use, but there's nothing out there that comes even close to combined arms battles across space, sea, air, and land environments that this game offers.) We haven't done a lot with the FPS part yet, but the issues there are also on the list of things the developer is fixing out of his own pocket, so we're pretty pleased that he's that committed and that we'll get that part ironed out in the course of things.

The game is not moddable as far as models and physics go. You could import new sounds, and mess with some other things, but this isn't a game with an open SDK since Derek's an indie developer who would have to then support the SDK while he's trying to code his next games.

You can host servers, and your OC3 hookups sound ideal. The game is available at bestbuy and EB Games both (at least in my area, I'm in Chicago).

In addition, there are officially recognized "player fleets" whose members compete in regular matches against one another if you're interested in doing that (see the Fleets FAQ available from the link on this site's home page).

If you guys have a webpage or other information, drop me a private message on this board so I can see how you guys are setup. If you're looking for a game that has more breadth than a FPS, this is it, and it's an easy game to get hooked on for that breadth alone.

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