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Supreme Cmdr

Multiplayer Improvements in UCAWA

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Just to avoid confusion, I am starting this thread to document the new features that are in UCAWA and which are not present in UC and UCG.

For starters, the ReplicaNet engine which was integrated into UC as a test bed (we needed a game to test it with), has proven to be a resounding success to say the least. Martin Piper's (the developer), working on contract for us, has been a tremendous and remarkable resource in this effort. To the extent that several features were implemented into RN based on my requests.

For this reason, RN will be used as the middleware solution in all our games, including UCO (RN has the capabilities required for it).

Anyway, apart from using the RN middleware as the basis for the mp kernel (the game itself which runs on top of RN), several new features are uniqu e to UCAWA and they include the following. These are already implemented, tested and working as designed.

  1. Intruders. When the server has AG turned on, intruders can now board ships by picking (at random) a number of clients in the region to board. The rules for boarding a craft remain as they were in single player.
  2. Cargo transfer. You can now go to Logistix/Cargo and transfer items to a pod. When you return to the bridge, the pod will be deployed. This also works in single player, for those who don't want to dock with contraband. In this manner, players can use a barter system to trade items. Or, in helping another player with repairs, you can send them a reactor core, or even weapons. The other player can then either use a shuttle or their tractor beam to collect the cargo pod.
  3. The ability to destroy stations is enabled and supported.
  4. Rebuild times greater than 90 mins are now reduced by x10. e.g. a station which takes 480mins (in single player) to rebuild after being destroyed, now takes 48 mins.
  5. A station's resources (ships etc) can now be resupplied by NPC (AG) ships when depleted by clients on the server.
  6. Stations can send shuttles to rescue (tow) damaged NPC (AG) ships detected in the region.
  7. Support for co-op scenarios (two are included in the game and are NOT designed for novices)
  8. Integrated chat/server (GameCQ) lobby (which the Beta testers have had access to and using with UC, for quite some time now).
  9. FP mode (on planets) is vastly improved over UC/UCG. Assuming that you have the machine powerful enough to render the high-def characters, as well as a broadband connection.

As time goes on, there are other features that I am considering implementing. They include station capture and some variation tickets based base capture that has proven to be popular in BF, UT2004 etc.

I have also posted the UCAWA faq online. Along with the chat/server lobby faq.

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I try not to drool over stuff to falsely raise my post count but wow. Wow oh wow oh wow.

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