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Guest Eagle_Four

NPCs AI, Probes, Activity in the SOl System

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Guest Eagle_Four

Hallo everybody,

I am new on the Comando Bridge and i Have some Questions (I hope its the correct Forum)

the Situation is :

My BC is in the near of the Moon and i have Probes in the near of the Earth, Jupiter and Pluto, to check this Areas.

I am waiting one hour for my Mining Drones on the Moon. And in this Time i study the Manual and test a lot of functions.

1. My Probes find no Ship activity in the Areas, I can only see the Planets, Moons,

Jump Points, and StarStations. But no ship activity in any area. Suddenly in the moon area comes two raiders, i thought there way must be through the Earth region to the moon region ? but my probes found nothing (Operate: normal, in the option menu (Tacops) all filters off).

So i send an IC to the regions to test the

funcionality of the probes, when IC1 comes in the region i dont see it, but i could give orders to ic1, i send it to the earth.

When ic1 comes back in the space from the earth suddenly the probe detect the ic.

What is it ?

And in another region (pluto) it works correctly, the probe detected the Ic at the first time !

2. is it true, that the probe orbscan function is disabled ? i cannot send a probe to a planet, i have read the manual and the

VC of 2.09 but i dont found something about

this. (I must explain, my english is not the best and its hard work for me to translate so many pages, but i have do it)

3. there was two traders and two journalist

ships, there fly from the moon to earthjump point. when they reached the earth jump point they fly back a distance and fly to the earth jump point again and again and again (they use hyperspace)(order was patrol and sweep. Maybe a bug in the ai ?

i have studied the forum many hours and didnt found a solution for this, sorry, if maybe there was a threat about this.



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Welcome, Eagle_Four!

I will try to answer your questions, but I might be wrong about some of these things.

If I am, someone please correct me.

1. When you say, 'find nothing' do you mean that you can't see them in TACOPS, or you didn't get a message at the top of tacops saying ter/rai has left earth?

If you can't see them in TACOPS (and this is also what might have happened with your IC), make sure you are observing the correct region. Go down the list to the probe you have in earth and click on it then select view probe region (earth), then it should bring up a view of the earth region (it has the earth in the middle) with the ships in it. If you are in the wrong region, you can still give orders to the IC in that region if you have a probe there.

If you didn't get the message, then maybe those raiders were randomly generated in that region. That happens every so often in different places.

2: Yes, you can't put a probe in orbit around a planet. If by orbscan you mean being able to see everything on a planet, you don't need to have a probe in orbit to do that, just go to TACOPS and zoom to... the planet by itself. Then click on the planet and select observe.

3: Don't know about that one. Have to ask someone else.

If you want help getting started, a good place to go is Galcom Academy

Also, if you can tell us what languages you are more comfortable speaking, there might be someone else here who speaks it who could help you. I know we have people from Germany, Holland, Norway and Portugal here, and there are probably a lot of others.

Hey, that gives me an idea. Why don't we make a list of experienced commanders who speak various languages that we can refer people to if they find english difficult. I, for instance speak a bit of czech and there's a guy in my house who speaks it fluently, so I might be able to help there.

Just an idea,


Commander Ben Zwycky

GCV Svoboda ISS07

Adjutant to the Fleet Commander

In System Support (ISS) Fleet


"Nakonec pravda vitezi" (in the end the truth wins)

[This message has been edited by Ben Zwycky (edited 01-13-2000).]

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Guest Eagle_Four

Hallo Ben,

at first thanks for your quick response.

1. correctly, i mean i didnt see anything on the

tacops screen, only Moon, Earth, jumppoints

, starstations. No ships, i selected the probe

and had select 'view probe region'. Do you mean there are different subregions in the earth region ? Is the scan area of the probe limited (in the region)? Does it means i cannot see the entire Earth region with all space ? I see all jump points of the region.

Is it so,when my probe is on one side of the region, i can see jump points on the other side but no

crafts ?

2. When i would to observe a planet in a probe region i came back to the BC region immediately, when i selected 'Observe' in the

planet menu. in the manual i had read, you must select planets under the 'jump to' menu and this is the observe command, but there is no 'planets' submenu. So i cannot observe a planet with a probe. i think observe a planet with a probe is a very important feature.

I come from Germany and your Idea with the language is very good.

Thanks and bye

Eagle_Four (Comander in Training ((Galcom Academy))

P.S. When here are peoples from Germany my ICQ is 14469921, please contact me.

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  1. Ships can use sub-space to travel. This is called, Auto-Generation, AG. Once they are created, they will then use normal nav procedures. So, your probe won't detect AG ships in the Earth region because they were created in the Moon region. This is why your probe did not see them flying into the Moon region from the Earth region.

  2. Yes. Orscan was removed from the game because there are too many regions and objects on some planets. This would flood the probe's comms channel and result in a lot of useless info. Since you can observe a planet without requiring a probe, this feature was cancelled.

  3. They probably don't have a place to go. Upgrade to v2.09 which has increased search radius. If you have Fleet Command & Control, just order them to leave the region and they will.

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