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Q's about the "fatigue factor", game pause, hyper marines

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Hi all.. I've been playing BC for about 7 / 8 months learning the game little by little. Haven't wandered much out of Sol but have on occasion. Got the mining down, the tacops fights down, trading, etc. Blew up some towns in a few places and did some marines / interceptors / ATVÔÇÖs.. you know the scoop. Haven't taken any stations out or anything like that.... yet. I hang out on this forum nearly every single day (two / three times sometimes) and read, read, read. I continue to "patch up" every time the main man rips us off another version. I currently am running the latest 2.09rc2. This should give you some idea of my experience to help you help me.

I have noticed a couple things I don't seem to be able to get a grip on and am sure someone out here knows what I'm doing wrong.

1. Since the latest patch (loaded as fresh BC CD-ROM 2.0, then 2.0 to 2.08, then 2.09rc2 - twice did this cause of these problems... ) I notice my system freezes for 20 sec. or so then continues as normal. No noticeable problems with the game. This little mini-freeze happens directly after returning to bridge after launch from a Spacestation. If this is not to be normal... I will chalk it up to a bungholed patch and give it all another twirl with some new fresh downloads. Running a 200Mhz pent., diamond viper 330, 64meg.

2. As normal.. the "fatigue factor" drops on my crew over time. But.. I don't seem to be able to get them to "rest up". I have tired some of the tricks seen on these posting such as blasting a shuttle or my own BC then going in for repairs to lap some time. (Actually I've found just driving the BC headlong into Galcom spacestation with shields at 25% works just dandy. And the interesting surprise of driving your BC in dead center of the spacestation is a real trip .. literally as you get warped off to some null space never to return.) Anyway.. when I return from repairing, my crew is worse off than when I went in. In fact.. they are all at 100% "fatigued" except for the top main head dudes. I docked with them (FF) at 70 / 80%. And.. after re-launching they are all hanging out in "deck 1 aft corridor" with half a dozen wandering into the galley for chow. All of them have a life factor of 98% or better but boy are they tired. I have the nutripaks, vacpaks, medpaks, combat kits, medicine and any other thing I can think of available. But I'm obviously missing something here... what is it? Are there stag films being shown in deck 1 and these boys just don't know when to quit or what? No wonder they are exhausted. I can't wait til BCM comes out just so I can wonder in there myself and see in person. And the place must be huge every freakn person on board except my first officers are in there. I seem to have less authority as commander than a cheese sandwich with this crew.

3. A few of my marines when transported or dropped off by shuttle seem to have been given Tabasco sauce enemas. They move around on the surface faster than my interceptors. Ive seen postings on this but somewhere along the way thought this was not an issue anymore. I assume they are jetpacking around but how do I tell? Or are they just pissed off at me cause they aint back in the ship watching the stags flicks with everyone else in the deck 1 movie theater?

If Im doing nothing wrong and these things shouldnt be happening, Im ready to flush it all zap me some new downloads and start a new. Ive just been a little reluctant because the 5000 or so EPs Ive earned is a major landmark for me yeah ya.. I know, you guys are all laughing. smile.gif Cause I flushed my EP's with every patch that comes along, that is as far as I've made it.

Just call me commander cheese sandwich.

Thanks for your help. chiz

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  1. This is normal. Your machine is on the very low end. The game has to reload the world when you launch. btw, you need to unpatch back to v2.08 and apply v2.09 final.

  2. There are several hints about this floating around here.

  3. Marines have jetpacks. Pretty fast ones too.

Pretty hilarious post. I see you're getting to know your crew then? Anyway, since 2.09 is the final patch, I would start from scratch and just go rack up some more EPs.

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Hello chiz. I'll explain why your men are all the way tired after you've tried to rest them up using the tip of damaging your bc and repairing to speed up time.

If you damage you BC enough it means you probably have many hours of repairs to do.

So let's say you put all your guys off duty, then go in and repair the BC, which adds 4 hours. What happens is that somewhere during that 4 hours your guys actually get fully rested but they come back on duty again and get tired. Also even if someone is not tired when you go in to repair, they'll be pretty tired when you come out.

Here's what you can do, assign everyone to medibay, then go repair and speed up time, medibay works like a hospital, they can't be discharged without permission. (They won't leave on their own and go back to duty) So they won't be able to go back on duty during the accelerated time and they will be rested.

Also you don't needto damage your BC that much, because why I used to choose my shuttle to damage instead of the BC to damage is because it's more likely you'll damage something or lots of somethings on the BC which will rack up hours and hours of repair time. It doesn't take 4.5 hours to have all your crew rested to 0 fatigue.


Commander Cruis.In

ICV Defiance

"Dare to be defiant"

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Thanks guys.. I took your advice SC about upgrading to final 9. I did a complete new fresh everything... EP's at zero again. smile.gif I don't know how I missed the final ver. I have grabbed every patch while it was still smoking. Guess I got confused about RC2 and final. Oh well. Anyway... just to let you know, my earlier problems seem to be gone. No more 20 second delay after launch. I do see a short one.. maybe 1 to 2 seconds just like you said there would, but not bad at all. Actually it didn't bother me before... How quickly we go from "top end" system to "bottom end". I've notice every time the fan goes bad... it's about time to build a new system. Time to jam some more $100's in thru the floppy slot I never use any more...that should do it. As for all the "sleepy heads" watching stags in deck 1, I guess Mother Teresa showed up somewhere on board cause they don't seem to be hanging out there anymore either. It's ok... she's making me look good... I've just moved up to Commander "Grilled" cheese sandwich. Oh.. almost back to 5000 EP's... he he. Really enjoy your game SC.. thanks. Kids hate it though... they can't use the puter when I'm home now.

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