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What a game!!

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This Is a way cool game, I really am having a blast haven't really encountered any real bad bugs, Though I have noticed a tendency for it to kick me back to the desk top if I click on an empty missle spot on the bc load out, But other than that, I do have a couple of questions, I've noticed in a couple of threads, that when you turn in ships to starbases, your supposed to recieve cash,Ihave read the manual on this and I don't seem to be getting any money, do you have to return them to a galcom (ter/mil) base in order to get the reward? Also when I had fleet command I told a BC to escort me which he interpeted as *RAM* me. Is the skipper a decendent of the captain of the valdez tanker? or is it a problem with the AI? I used the tac ops to send him on patrol, as having a MKII BC rammed up my hangar bay is *NOT* my idea of a way to spend a sunday afternoon.

My roomate asked me if I was on a mission, I said no, I'm Just trying to stay alive!"

he asked is that hard? I replied Uh yeah, Let me pause the game and give you a sitrep.

You see right now I am getting attacked by two enemy fighters, which are from that carrier just out of range, Which as I was just beaten up by a couple of other fighters I do not want to tangle with. I also have four intruders running around my ship killing my flight engineers, while my not too bright but very tough marines are killing them, I have three shuttles on the surface babysitting Four minning drones, while my fourth shuttle is busy picking up a crago pod, while bieng escorted by two of my interceptors in case afformentioned fighters think a sc1 is easier pickens than a bc, I would dearly love to launch my other to Ints to help me but you see I had to cut power to the launch control, to keep the raiders from swiping them, and my other two pilots are off duty and I don't want to risk sending them past the heavily armed intruders that are terrozing the flight deck at the momment. Did i mention the fact that i'm 20k's+ from the nearest help and I'm out of radine? Did I mention the alien spore? Did I mention what this game is doing to my social life and personal hygiene? Did i meention that right now I am at work and supposed to actually be doing work? Did I mention that I can't wait to get home tonight and get back at those SLIMY TEERAN INSURGENTS THAT HAD THE NERVE TO LAY A HAND ON MY BEAUTIFUL BC? I'LL GET YOU NO GOOD LOUSY SON OF A....



sound of tranq dart hitting someone in the back of the neck. Sound of medics dragging unconsious, drooling Bc3000 player to happy home.

"We ar going to take CMDR John to a nice safe place where he can get some...Help...and rest. He'll be back soon I promise. The rest of you behave, I've got plenty of darts. right then off you go. nothing to see here. move along....."

**Sound of crowd slowly dispersing, muttering......

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  1. The ramming is unfortunately a problem with the overzealous NPC ai and their knowledge of flight dynamics. You could call them incompetent and you would be accurate. The problem is that they move at high speeds and they don't initiate reverse thrusters in time to avoid a collision. Since the engine is so fast, they've already collided before they even consider enforcing collision avoidance. The flight dynamics in BCM is vastly improved and alleviates this problem.

  2. The Experience Points appendix gives you the table for gaining cash and EPs. The receiving station is galcom HQ

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