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Ideas for "What is BCM's genre" quandary.

The Mole

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how about;

Battle Command Simulator - BCS for short.

Fully Immersive Battle Simulator - FIBS for short

better yet;

Fully Immersive Tactical Simulator - that FITS.

the only problem that one might encounter is if you call it a Totally Immersive Tactical Simulator.

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Taken from the Version Control File:


At any rate, while first person mode in BCM is just the final step toward completing the
total immersion
I have strived to achieve for the series...

The "total immersion" genre? He gets the autographed copy himself

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Since not everything is in space, you aren't in command in the entire game, and that it isn't completely Tactical, there's some trouble for those proposals above.....

...Total Immersion is okay, and Totally Immersive Tactical Simulator had me ROTFLMAO!!

How about:

Sci-Fi Epic?

Total Space Simulator?

or maybe

Complete Sci-Fi Adventure Simulation!!!

It has a nice ring to it........

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The first game ever to belong solely in the

--->Freelance<--- genre.

Think about it... Freelance is the only way to describe BCM, why you ask?

Because there is no other category you could possibly pigeonhole BCM into.

It is truly a one of a kind, all in one.

F irst person

R eal time strategy

E ntirely dynamic playing environment

E ntertainment like no other

L ost all boundaries

A ddicting game play

N on linear

C omplete immersion

E xcitement to a new level

[ 08-18-2001: Message edited by: SpotSD ]

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Guest Macon De'Witt

1: VRMD(Virtual Reality of Mass Destruction)

I think this term captures the spirit of BCM at its very core.

2: FEBF(Fantasy Electronic Battlefield)

This one is my favorite and I think the most accurate. for

years the military and some gaming companies (Janes and

Spectrum Holobyte) have tried to create an emersive battlefield

for the purpose of practicing the art of war.

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science semi-fiction living space simulation


or fiction I guess...


maybe just sci-fi life sim?


hmmm...SC...youve really gotten people stumped on this...althoug FREELANCE is good...no genre now or ever will be able to explain your totally immersive game...the only thing thats missing is the kitchen sink....although I'm sure its in there somewhere.

thanks SC...

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