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Ideas for "What is BCM's genre" quandary.

The Mole

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The SC seemes to like/use achronyms a lot, so how about making up one with the letters:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ? Hmm, that could stand for something like:

"Advanced Battle Combat Defence Everything(else) Fighting Game with Hacking Inteligense Journeying Killing Losing Machines Nanotechnology spaceOpera Persistant nonQuitting Realtime Space Trading Universe Version With Xplosions nonYawning(action) Zone Game!"

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Boy am I sorry I even posted the original thread! LMAO...

I still say SPACE ODYSSEY. And I say this because it's quite convenient to tie the game to the year it will be released...I mean, who HASN'T seen 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What a great marketing idea! What could be better than Derek releasing a Space Odyssey in 2001??

-The Mole

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okay, let's see what Battlecruiser has to offer, in no particular order;

FPS - First Person Shooter

RPG - Role Playing Game

RTS - Real Time Startegy

Sim - Simulator

Adv - adventure game

so, after wracking my brain again, I've thought of a good one;

FES - Fully Encompassing Simulator

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Alas, the answer is quite simple:

A Derek Smart Simulation.

That is what BCM is, and should be in the same genre.

I agree totally,

but let's say it had to fit in a genre defined by other existing games.

As SC said, it is a little bit of everything, but which genre would it fit best in? I would be tempted to say space sim, but I would catch myself. Besides the handling of your space ship, it has nothing to do with conventional space simulators... Basically the ship control by keyboard and joystick I see as more of a medium for control of your ship rather than a persistant dogfight the whole time.

And as far as Simulation? RPG? FPS? A little bit of each. But if I had to pick an existing genre, that would not necessarily totally encompass BCM, but would not cut it short either... I would have to say RPG. Because simply, what you do in BCM is what you want to do, where you want to go, how you want to go there, and you are in the shoes of your AE...

Does RPG fully cover it? Yes and No. Depends on how you look at it. Roleplaying as Captain Kirk, while not necessarily having all the details of star trek, can be as simple as pretending you are him. So it is with a Galcom Commander. You are what you want to be. It is as simple as that when you think about it. Of course it isn't the standard RPG like FF, and such, but just as much and even more so involving.

I'm not sure if that on genre does it justice, but it comes closest.

As far as new genres now...

Massively Persistant Universe Simulating First&Third Person Sci Fi Shooting and Flying simulation.

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I prefer to call it Life, lemme explain my reasons why:

1) It allows you so many choices the possibilities are endless.

2) It's non-linear just like life

(wait a tic get up go to work, pretend I work, come home eat, bang the woman, play games, bang the woman again, go to sleep, dream about banging other women, wash and repeat next day)

3) After buying this game you wont have one.

with these 3 I think the term Life is the best used to describe this game if not how about a SMART SIMULATION.

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Genre: Free-form adventure/simulation

Sub-genre: science-fiction/space

We need a sub-genre. After all, it's possible (but unlikely) that someone could come up with a BCM in a fantasy or historical setting too. So we need to also say how it is different from other types that may be in the same genre. (Yes, I'm being optimistic that BCM will launch an industry-wide initiative for more games like it).

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desolator, I believe that the pics on the box...at least the current incarnations of it, already say;

Battlecruiser Millenium

A Derek Smart Simulation

as this happens to be true, due to the fact that he decided to incorporate so many different elements into his game, I believe that he was looking for a legitimate interpretation of the genre based on the scope of the game, and the types of games which BCM incorporates in one package. That is what he states in the Dev Diary...or at least that is my interpretation of it.

Therefore, iF SC were satisfied with "a derek smart simulation", which would only be true for the games that SC developes, why would he even propose the categorization of the game type? HEnce the opening of this thread....

this is just an opinion and is subject to change based upon the response or clarification by the SC or the developement team.



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(wait a tic get up go to work, pretend I work, come home eat, bang the woman, play games, bang the woman again, go to sleep, dream about banging other women, wash and repeat next day)

LOL so true... so true...

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Yeah you could say that, I only have a 1 room, 1 bath place to live so basically there isn't that much to do. My one room has a bed,couch,crib,tv,PS2,and computer with desk, as well as a counter and sink. Oh and one table. So it's a pretty "close" place to live. What else am I to do? And I go to work,where I sit in front of a computer and play on the 3000ad forums and in Active Worlds until later that afternoon, where I go home, bang, eat, bang, get on computer again and stay on till I am tired, lay down, bang again, and turn off the light... Then repeat.

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I think Battlecruiser may fit into a genre that still hasn't quite matured. The Personal Simulation. I'm talking about games where you play a character and the game takes place around the said character. We're talking the age old rule of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Its the very fabric of what makes gaming great: being able to go places and do things that simple aren't possible in the real world. So far, the two closest things to a personal simulation out there are Ultima Online and Daggerfall. That dosnt mean RPGs in general either. A personal simulation offers you COMPLETE FREEDOM to go wherever you want and do whatever you want. Essentially, it simulates being a person in whatever setting the developer choses. Game genres are done by gameplay style anyway. IMHO, Diablo is little more than an Action game... (Don't even say "with RPG elements" because then I'll have to go into a 30 page rant on what makes comprises an RPG).

I also forgot to mention that BCM still falls short of the Personal Simulation category. Well, until those ship interior packs get released, that is.

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Well here are a couple of my Ideas for the Genre, I have been thinking long and hard for this..... Basically I just want that damn Autograph.

Well here goes nothing...

Virtual Life Immersion – Your gaming life is consumed.

Complete Reality Immersion – your whole life is consumed…

Complete Reality Transcendence –better than life

Virtual Gaming Life – another life used for gaming

Complete Reality – it is another lifestyle

Complete Transcendence – dominates all!!!

Transcend Reality Gaming – Better than life gaming

Total Life Immersion – it’s what BCM will be

Total Transcendence – BAM.

Total Reality Transcendence – my favorite!!!!!!

Omniscient Gaming Reality – love this one…

Complete Omniscience – great experience!!!

Total Omniscience – it knows all!!

Universal Odyssey – Yeah…I like it

Superior Simulation – of course…

Superior Smart Simulation - we love ya SC

Universal Freedom – bling bling…

Smart Reality – In honor of SC

Smart Reality Simulation – another one for the SC

Well dudes, tell me what you think...

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I just want to hear what SC says about all this

My ideas:

Sci-Fi action sim

It's Sci-fi, it's action based(duh),and it's a giant sim.

Multi-gameplay Sci-Fi sim

Multi-gameplay, because it offers tactical aspects of a RTS, action of both FPS and space combat, AND the quality and length of a good RPG.


Last but not least:


It has everything, so why not

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Originally posted by DeSylva:

Multi-Platform Integrated Simulator



Ah, but that implies that it's for multiple systems, like Win, Mac, PS2, XBox, etc.

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Simplest thing is that there is no genre that BCM can be squeezed into.

It is unique among games.

People can only say about other games that they fit into the BCM style of game, and not the other way around.

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