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Ideas for "What is BCM's genre" quandary.

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Originally posted by Luc:

t also means that in order to spell MIPS, it would have to be;

Multi Integrated Platform Simulator....which doesn't make much sense really.


I stand corrected...*grin*. MPIS

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Derek's autograph must be worth alot - but before you get too excited SC, maybe for some of them it's just the thought of a free game?

I of course don't care about getting the game for free... your autograph would be worth tons... hehe I do want it.

lol - It's a Sci-fi Roleplaying Simulation

sure FPS and whatnot is integrated there, but I think that Science Fiction Roleplaying Simulation , while general, pretty much could sum it up.

That's my final answer Regis.

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Guest Macon De'Witt


With industry software hype being all garbage

Why it should habitually be about gaming

Besides BCM is nothing more than a bag of wishes Derek put to code.

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Looks to me like Billy Bob and Wolferz got it right, IT IS A GENRE OF IT's OWN!!!

It is Battlecruiser Millenium, A Derek Smart Simulation, End of story... It is all genres, yet none of them, it is a Derek Smart Simulation.... It is THE Simulation, it is the ultimate game, it is the lose sleep, lose weight and watch your eyes bug out as you play for hours and hours on end!!

Battlecruiser is indeed a genre unto itself, there is NO other game that is close, and therefore, putting it under any single "Genre" would be an insult!!!

[ 08-27-2001: Message edited by: Jaguar ]

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My turn (who didn't see this coming?).

OK, here goes.

BCM has space and planetary regions, therefore it is not just a space sim.

The player can select from multiple career types, races, and castes. In the Commander career, your crew's performance improves with experience, you can buy upgrades for your ship, and you can command a fleet once you achieve a certain rank. These features are a giant leap forward from Battlecruiser's ancestors (Elite et al).

However, the game does not really have any true RPG elements, because the alter-ego's abilities and characteristics don't change (the AI level doesn't count because it's only used when you're not controlling the character). Some examples of potential RPG elements in a game such as this would be that as you swim, run, and exercise more over time, you start moving faster and able to carry more items (up to a certain threshold, of course).

The Fleet Command and Tacops features provide the elements of Real Time Strategy, First Person introduces the FPS features, and the Elite style gameworld provides Combat and Trade.

When one encounters a game of this complexity, identifying the genre(s) requires that one examine the roots of the genre tree and work upwards.

1. The Five Root Genres

Action (Yes), Adventure (No), RPG (No), Sim (Yes), Strategy (Yes).

In the action tree, BCM is an FPS. In the Sim tree, BCM is a Combat and Trade Simulation. In the Strategy tree, BCM is an RTS.

Since BCM is a three-way hybrid, the final step is to examine each separate genre and identify the commonalities, thus enabling a combination of terms (I'm confusing myself too ).

An FPS is combat-oriented, so the FP and Combat/Trade terms can be combined. The RTS, FPS, and Combat Sim games are all inherently real time games, so the 'real time' term can be dropped without a loss of definition.

After a long and messy analysis, it is my opinion that Battlecruiser Millennium is a Strategic First Person Combat and Trade Simulation.

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Good point. Since only part of the game is in First Person and both FPS and the Combat/Trade Sims are combat-oriented, the 'First Person' term can be dropped.

Therefore, in my revised opinion (hehe), Battlecruiser Millennium is a...

Strategic Combat and Trade Simulation.

[ 08-31-2001: Message edited by: Menchise ]

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Hmm...it's possible that one could assume it's land-based just because it doesn't specifically refer to space (force of habit). On the other hand, it could be counter-effective to specify every type of region in BCM. Doing that would just be a description of the game itself instead of a genre definition.

By excluding any specific references to such regions, the genre definition is broad enough to comprehend the game while keeping the terms as compact as possible. It's also more consistent with the method I'm using to determine genres (from the roots up).

Here is an example:

1. Strategic Combat and Trade Simulation

-----------branches off to--------------

2a. Planet-based 2b. Space-based

BCM incorporates every small branch, both of which are part of the big branch. Therefore, using the big branch as the definition covers the entire scope of the game.

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