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Count-Down to Release!!!


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Well, now that BCM is gold. (Way to go SC, and the team) I figure we startup a topic anticipating BCM's actual Release...

18 Days and Counting!!!

Damn, 18 days, I can't even believe I am saying this....

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Didn't see where it said October 2, but the 3000ad.com sales page has it at October 15 so I cannot argue.

Well, this thread scares me... more waiting at the Computer for hours at a time waiting for a new post... ahhhhh

I think I'm gonna disconnect my computer and go for a walk, climb some trees...

midget comes in and slaps $iLk

Oh thanks... what was I thinking?

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Gonegold has had that for a week or so. Never really updated it when Ebgames changed it to Oct 15th. Might be optimistic thinking but I doubt it.

SC said a few days ago, I forgot which thread, that Ebgames finally had a clue on the release date, which was Oct 15th.

Hey, what ever if Oct 15 is the magic date, a few days won't kill us.

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These countdowns are driving me insane... I'm glued to the computer and am pulling out my hair every time an unexpected turn occurs... I can't sleep and I glow when the lights turn out from too much CRT radiation...

I go from here to VE to CNN to Newsmax to Boortz to Limbaugh to SA then back to here all day.

Sometimes I visit fileplanet, and sometimes I actually use my internet to "surf".

Actually I'm not that bad but that's basically what happens while I am at work

The luxury of being a computer SMARTEY MAN I can "work" and get paid for sitting at a computer and typing... of course they are URL's I am typing but at least I am typing.

Ah well... I don't want to count but... can't ... resist.... arghh.... 12 days now?

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