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Music... (OK, any mod-trackers or mod-lovers out there?)

LizardKing's "Age of Legends." Already converted the XM file to MP3 and have it ready to go.

As for color: I thought the rule was anyone who knew the requisite HTML and didn't go berserk with needless, useless, confusing and/or inappropriate color usage could use it. I agree that in general, there's no need and admin/mods are the usual color users. I can think of instances though where a smidge of color is appropriate. In the past I've used it sparingly to provide simple clarity to those few posts that otherwise would have been difficult (if not impossible) to readably format otherwise. Just my 2 cents.

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Originally posted by Jigoku San:

One thing that i would think would be a good addition/patch is more in-game control for the music.

not just the Prev. Next trak buttons.

custom playlists for example. you could have all your fav BCM traks in on list and your other favs in another.

I mean a State-Of-The-Art Battlecruiser should have a hot stereo.

[ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: Jigoku San ]

Err the BCM-winamp fusion?

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Just a couple of tunes for my BCM enjoyment:

Scorpions - Hurricane 2000

This tune has a nice mix of Rock and Classical music. Try it if you can.

Bush - The Little Things

This tune is a must if you are a Fighter pilot.

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Some stuff that hasn't been recommended yet...

I HIGHLY recommend Parc by Tangerine Dream (track 6 from the album Le Parc). It was also the theme used to an old 80's show called Street Hawk. Alot of other Tangerine Dream tracks will work well also. Same (but to a lesser degree) with Vangelis.

Instrumentals from Bill Leab's Front Line Assembly, Pro>Tech and Delerium.

If you play fantasy RPG's try his Synthesasia CD's.

I also have some Christopher Lawrence and Underworld in the folder.

If I hadn't already heard it 100 times to many in my lifetime Joe Satrioni's Flying in a Blue Dream would be on the list.

Jane's Addiction <-- one of the best bands ever =)

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Actually, here are some the things I ripped into BCM:

1) Fallout: The Soundtrack - Nothing like lonely wasteland music to beat in the endlessness of space.

2) Delerium - Just because I love 'em! The non-lyrical songs work the best... most of the time.

3) Enya - Orinoco Flow while playing BCM.

IMHO, Fallout is the best music for BCM.

[ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Scrivener ]

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