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Well well it seems as though there is a little fog or shadow problem concerning GF3 and 4FSAA

How do I know this well im not a BCM expert but im a GF3 expert and I know when my card works with 98% of the games I have with 4xFSAA

And 2% dont display images properly in 4xFSAA mode I think or assume its the Fog table implementation but not certian

But its deff on SC's end since (%98) of my game work with 4xFSAA (sneeze)

However BCM's graphics are so well done that I dont need 4x Ill stick with Quinux for now untill its addresed

[ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: AlbietheOne ]

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I've never tried it on 4xFSAA. And I can't be bothered by it either. FSAA is a driver dependent issue - nothing - to do with the game itself because its not something we [developers] program. Its handled entirely by the driver.

And the fact that BCM also uses TnL, just makes it that much fuzzier. Have you tried it with TnL disabled in CONFIG.

Anyway, this is not a tech support issue, so I'm moving the thread.

And next time you post, you might just want to post more details. You know, stuff like video card make/model, driver version etc. You know, usefull stuff.

[ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]

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