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Originally posted by Blades:

do you mean
dont count? Wadda ya mean
we all know that
?!? Sheesh, a guy shows some inititive and gets it hand delivered to him by special (thanks mummy) courier, and what does he get?

I dont have to take this kind of abuse ... I can get this kind of abuse anywhere. And whats this? I'm getting abuse from a lowly
the shame, the infimy!
Whats a guy gotta do to get some respect around here ... ?


I'll see you in MP ... and I got
over you ...

Thanks Blades, haven't laughed so much in ages.

All that punctured pride!! ;-)

I don't mind being a lowly lurker if that means I'm one of those guys who only post if they have something important to say ;-)

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I'TS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All is forgiven Blades, my copy came this morning, I am just about to register and update my profile.

I feel slightly sorry for you, my order was a pre-order and so comes with a splendid full colour Galaxy map!


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The next jackass to create a thread when one already exists, is getting BANNED. And I don't care if every member of your family, including that anorexic cat, has a copy of the game.

This is the FINAL warning that I will post about this. If disappearing posts and threads aren't already a clue of this NO-NONSENSE policy, perhaps finding yourself unable to post or outright banned from the site (once it is closed to the public), will be a wakeup clue.

That is all.

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Its here YYYYYiiiiiippppppppeeeeeeee.

Got home last night to find a nice package from BMT sitting on my mat behind the door. The big star map is KEWL....

I spent three hours (56k dial up) downloading the RC6 patch plus Direct X 8.1 and the Nvidia 23.11 drivers so didn't get to play much last night(I work late so shoot me) but I will remedy that over the next few days.

"I'm so happy, I'm so happy"

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Got mine this morning but there's a problem...EXAMS on FRIDAY.

I'll just play this game for a couple of hours and then maybe I'll study.

[ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Fendi ]

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Oo, got mine today (having asked the missus 'Any post today' and getting a 'Nothing special' reply, promptly found the package on my desk). Will install and dl patch accordingly.

Trying to register, but CD serial number not accepted, see post in relevant forum.

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Originally posted by Unknown_Enemy:

Some here made something similar, how long did you have to wait to get an answer from BTM ?

The first time I e-mailed them they didn't answer for a week. SC had to ask them for me (cc problems...long story) back in August or something. But recently it takes barely a few days so relax for now like me. Oh wait I've got my game already.

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I emailed BMT last friday (1st??) but didn't get any reply until I mailed them again last wednesday (5th). Then Jen repliedsaying they kicked mine out the door on 27-11. She said they didn't send out confirmation email as that would cause further delays.

I don't know when exactly it arrived in my mail, as I wasn't at home the last week. But I was pleasantly surprised yesterday. One downside was that it didn't came with the box. Appearantly I was too late for that.

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After emailing BMT bout my order, they replied with "shipped on 29/11". So hopefully, within the next 5 business days, I'm gonna be sitting up in bed at 4.20am trying to digest that sweet manual I'm hearing about (ahhh.....remembers Microprose manuals in the old days).

Then I might actually try playing the game ;p

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