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game time?


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Originally posted by Barron Morris:

Pardon if this has been coverd...

Is there any way to set the game time or game start time in BCM. For example 2 ppl wanted to sync up there time for role playing or multiplayer?

Quick answer, no.

Long answer, no and in MP since the players would be starting out together anyway there is no need for such things. IF players can join an MP game in progress they would of course be bumped up to the current date time (note that is a big IF).

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BCM isn't an MMORPG, so joining games in progress won't be a good idea either

But the BC Series can be played for hours and hours, so there is yet another question: Will it be possible for players to rejoin a session they have previously participated in ? Or if that is not possible, will the AI take control of their ship ?

Because it wouldnt be so good if 3 Stormcarriers fight a Warmonger and one or two of em just explode due to a system overheat or ISP-Failure

Anyway, if EB doesnt ship my BCM Copy soon I might go Postal ))

My fingers are itching, I want to get me dirty hands on it *G*

Thx for all the great work again, SC !

btw, the EB Online-Store says: usually ships within 24 hours. Does that mean they still have copies left ? Because, if they lost my order (that ALWAYS happens to me *G*) I could buy another copy ...



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