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A Blast From The Past

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Guest malbore

I think this is something to do with my bro! My bro bought the BC3K game when it first came out I think it was 1994 and printing the manual of the version 2.9, and I remember helping him to print those manual.

I also remember the ads that made my bro buy that, (the girl holding that golden box) hehehehe she's pretty and might have a wrinkles now a days!

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Originally posted by malbore:

I also remember the ads that made my bro buy that, (the girl holding that golden box) hehehehe she's pretty and might have a wrinkles now a days!

LOL!!!! I remember that Take 2 ad very well. That was in fact the very first BC3K title. The original.

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=> Wow! I didn't realize the series had such a huge community! Makes me wish I'd registered earlier.

.. oh swell, i dw/l-ed bcm last week, to say, what the heck.. let'see it. and got infected

..which reminds me of my old cpc464 and of course ElITe. cmdr. jameson reporting:) 4offDuty:P

now, 4all of you (there is something -) outhere. big thnx 4 enthusiasm like i ever seen only for janes fa18, which iam

-as 4SC, 1st things 1st, i'd say i have an idea..

could it be renamed, so far as it is abandonware for some time, to BET4cruiser.. bwahahah

i'm sorry but i had to, feelin emotional empty 'cause it works and then again it doesn't..

- BUT eye must admit, i've never seen so far more complex & you know - big sona.... of a game -

it's obvious that that derek it is smart, ya know

anyway, hope that noone will hunt me i'd never reged the game neither buy it (but payin phone bills:), and maybe'll check out UC.. think its worth of it at all

hope no such bugs, bugs...

just got curious wtf is that bug which cause planet full slowdown, let' say earth? , moon and other planets are all ok, but earth drops to -1 fps, heck, so i left it (damn) alone, there are plenty of other planets to play with:) , but anyway feelin little, i dunno, dissapointed cause i couldnt "clean it" right, you know what i mean ..

anyone can turn me in the right direction?

i checked all (i cant be sure) i could find, but nothing explains and solves this, this.. BUG, in detail...

(cant see units in support menu, nor ttd's around them and so f----- on, all regarding that perticulary game in progress and it's saves, new training games all work fine, but didnt check new cmpgn. "earth" ones, have time to do it yet)

was seeing some posts regarding that but anyway it's not supported anymore, and if someone is still paying a visit, and/or playin with it i would appreciate some backgroud info

whoa, sorry this is little offtopic, and iam new to this., so far this is my 1st post, not in life:)

well, we'll want to take time to little chit/chat bout weather but not now.. have to sleep, as little as i can get..

back to training, cant wait my uc unregged:) copy arrives to see is it worth playin/buyin/trading whatever, just please, no more bugs, this is not windoze, this is much much better and more likely worth of expressin emotions on some ter/ins aestorm - you're FATAL mthr**** ;0)

names like elite glows in the ultimate darkness

till forever

ai ai....... sir

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pardon my language,... sir, but may i speak freely

- first, sir, i do have to inform you that i came from a poor family and then we didn't have credits for expensive, new type of hardware & software

- we live in a box with a net i/o but anyway we're all playin in the same sandbox which is pIV3200ht,2x512kingmax400,120-80-40gbs,gf4ti4200agp4x ,thrustmaster afterburner2, microsoft optical usb,audigy4pro,nec3520regionfree...

and elite flyssssss on it)

but it's not my fault that bcm dont flys,..

oh, it kicks ass, and it looks 2, and feels like..

but when after a few turns of doin' (it is a battle cruiser after all) mayhem on the ground, i can't see my mining droids and sc's in the middle of nowhere (just doin' half blinded deploy/extract) it turns me down a little, an then one right-wrong turn only and overwritten save after trillions of km's and xp's and planet map loadin almost freeze 3200mhz porc, then its something worng with it, wouldnt you agree?

anyway, thats why i am here, sir, to seek little proffessional help, from ones that were then like me now, in dillema...

=>southpark: it's cute, but is wrong

got this game few days ago and i could already compare it with/... windows, then, only one difference is that windows dont ctd because kernel IS dos type

commander, you know, elite didn't ctd, even on personal computer b4 alienwareZ and then what it's wrong with it, its *full of stars* anyway

- i say quality, but yes, give it a try

it's helluva like, in the middle of some insurgents wolfpack, madamme Tactical.officer. says mildely - shields failed because of programin' error, captain, there was a memory leek in the mother captain

oh sure, reload )

why do i have to remind a senior officer that life is a be2ch, and if you dont swim, dont go into the water, there are sharks lurkin'

i dont wanna loose such a nice toy, even i got it 4free from "older brother", will do my best to use it in best possible way

anyway, that SOS, it is still on...


just close your eyes, it will take a minute and i won't lie, it hurts like, he11 yeah

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God.... not even *I*, whos learning to be an english teacher, can fix those grammar, sentence, punctuation problems.... god.... my poor defensive less eyes

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=> These are the people who will be administering Social Security in a few years.

And writing our income tax pamphlets. And other stuff.

- as fore back as i could remember i was always want to be a - pilot /grin/

(yeah, you can't rid of the stick, it's allright, i got ya)

-join the army, see the world, they say...

-from my point of view, world look just nice from a sattelite, well, maybe a little 2D, but that's just nice though

-and, i am a trained tel.tehnician, fyi, and in any way not concentrated on anythin social (even taxes), well maybe IRS, but what do you know, we'll see about this, a little n(m)ailing didn't harm anyone

=> God.... not even *I*, whos learning to be an english teacher, can fix those grammar, sentence, punctuation problems.... god.... my poor defensive less eyes

- good 4u, keep up Maybe when you'll be able to work it out, you will become teacher some day, so what is it pays?

-look at it as a practice

It's have been years since i discussed things with the true US folks in english. Little too rusty. But it will come back after some, let's see, few thousands posts

Actually, i admit you may have certain dificulties to even figure out what the heck do i want.

It is my fault, not speaking right to you in your language. I'm not that stupid not realizing that.

I'll try keep an eye on "that" *grammar* when i'll be able to.

I write from croatia, (that may meen that i'm Croatian) or from my proxy, but ip talks for me in that way.

And i studied english for 4yrs in elementary school, as seen on tv. The rest i figured out myself, not quite right, duh,

Great, maybe i should start saving for some english lessons after al(o)l, but i assure you that the CREATOR have nothing to do with it.

Thats the main problem with you, (mainly in english talks) folks and every single other simmilar person on this planet.

*that's so called cursing, right?

For the any of the current matter going on, your first reaction is: "Oh my ...G/ Supreme Cmdr)".

Well just to inform you that have read the holy book, the CREATOR is maybe not even concerned with someone's english f* grammar. ?em uoy od daer

You see, maybe all of you who are doing that (acting concerned with things that don't have to be, or even making the CREATOR to be concerned with) in a such a way are very wrong to call HIM/HER/ITs NAME for ANY s* going on but not required.

But when do you acctually require the CREATORS help?...

4example =>

In this case, especially english teachers who's work is just that, to decipher badly spoken/written language and correcting it, you certainly have to stay on your chosen path or you don't do it at all, leave it for someone who cares for instance. Stop concerning things you don't obvious want to be concerned and stop making HIM/HER/IT concerning your things you are acting you are unable to be concerned with.

Or... Don't be concerned, it will be allright. You're sick puppy and i'll just put you to sleep now.

You think this is sick... Go around and play Fallout 1/2 for a while, and you shure dont want to miss credits, but hold [sHIFT] or [CTRL] when clicking on it. Man you have to be..., er.., little sick. It's fun, alot, but is also ...

Or, remember Carmageddon 1, huh, lol

It was, ahem, cute..., but wrong

You see, year or two after playing, (far far beyond), i came out with that, that characters owning cars in the game were acctually named by the lsd's (but in acronyms). (eg. chr.Fat Caddy's Cat => Fat Freddy's Cat, the lsd blotter,... oh there are more, but i am unfamilliar with it, hopefully )

And you have the nerve to call this sick? Yes i am

THE ONE may have some better(?) plans for the world.

... than teaching everyone of us/them some metaphorically speakin', 2nd class world wide language.. - so f* simple that anyone should use it in its daily speach. It will identify the quality of your life almost imidiatelly.

It's in a way a commercial, and i saw it, feel it and of course need it just to have it? Right? Yes.

Wrong! It's in the end - an utopia.

For some of you i didnot travel so far here to become a 2nd class officer comedian.

And am i the only one who is missin' the point here..


Well this topic is the only one open for bcm experiences, isn't it?

Well, this is whole new experience for me. Bwahahah.. sorry

I know, i act sometimes like ... its a drat, but folks i was just asking for some of your's, in a matter of fact, help with "the game".

Anyway, since it came again to the ground zero.

I will try to put this in the correct form.

Sir, Supreme Commander, sir, please, join my table for a sec , would you care for only one question which you replied several times, and, (from posts that i saw some things were mentioned) for the record, YOU even silenced/deleted few posts, keeping it *clean* as it could be.

It is ok (silencing) in someways to the ppl talkin rubbish, but i can prove that is not the issue.

Will keep it, allready 2long, short.

Is there a way to correcting the forementioned "problem" (oh yes it is a bug, but this is unofficial anyway) in bcm, of *hiding* units and units ttd's in planetary map and names in support menu, and planetary map and/or operations graphics slowdown?

In more garammatically simple form.

Can this toy be repaired?

Just asking you for a total max complex answer as it could be , maybe someone still have the juice.

over and out

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Ok I'm getting rather tired of this kid making puns and jokes out of what we say.... espically when this is NOT THE PROPER FORUM FOR IT!!!!

*Opens the air lock* PLEASE let me throw him out the air lock SC! This kids misspelling and eratic sentence's are driving me INSANE!!!

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=> Ok I'm getting rather tired of this kid making puns and jokes out of what we say.... espically when this is NOT THE PROPER FORUM FOR IT!!!!

- espically - first correct (yeah, right, siddown)

- kid, this is your 1st yellow card and it doesn't matter that you are absolutely right, anyway, please enter your airlock yorself ... rtfm kid

o.k. that does it,

finnaly after a looong nap, got to this conclusion

there is only one way 2do things around, by yourself

because this game IS abandonware, i realize that i'll never get some general support from the author (maybe he would be more friendly though), nor from this s* forum that just loves watchin' man's f* grammatic errors then providing some usefull answers

if you ask me you're just a bunch of perverts, and thats really cool (my as*) no matter what you say, you don't worth a a black universe of one cell organisms under a nail (as a human being)

i'm sorry just one thing. (you too for sure)

and that is i joined this ugl*f* forum and *payed* a visit here

no matter what will you say

goodbye america wherever you are


...and only one robot, named marvin, survived total anihilation of a mankind and managed to open the door(S) of space/time continuum and then he played loud

/*this is the end*

/then neo came after the noise, stared at marvin, then looked left and right, sign of a question mark blinked above his head... /

finnaly he opened his mouth, and said: are you alone..., why didn't you knock?, letting' him out of this space, thus sparing his life among other survivors

/man, you really can make ppl, suffer/

then neo deleted the door

/this forum and anything in range of 4000 miles stared, frozen like a picture of a planetary map on -1 fps/

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