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It all started when.....


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It all started when i was doing a search for old games or free demos, or shareware etc,(back in 2000) which i tend to do when im really bored. Well as i was searching, i stumbled across a game called 3000AD, i started playing it, was really overwhelmed at the difficulty, but enjoyed it due to so much freedom.

Did a search to see where i could buy this game, but no one in sydney seemed to have it.

Fast forward to 2002, stumbled across release dates of a new game, called BCM, i decided when australia finally gets it im gona buy it, now 2003, i wander into EB games, and what do you know, BCM for $20 bucks inside with all these old games. Grabed it and here i am present day, signed up to this great forum, enjoying the game more and more and i even get to see the head honcho himself, known as the SC.

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