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Some BCM praise


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OMG this game kicks some serious a**!. I've piddled around with the BC series since BC3K, but could never get beyond the learning curve and some er...um "other" issues.

I picked up BCMG and WOW!, once you get past the learning curve (which as it turns out seems a LOT more daunting then it really is) the depth of this game is just astounding. So many things to see, do and experiment with.

This is one of those games where I think "I'll fire up BC and play for an hour..." many hours later after having blasted numerous enemy ships and fighters, exploring some distant regions, mangaging my crew, repairing and or replacing ships and systems, checking out planets, getting the crap scared out of me etc... I'm shocked at how much time has gone by, it's 4AM!.

Elite?...whats that?. BCMG should go down in history as the be-all end-all of massive space sims. Derek deserves every ounce of praise he has gotten. As far as I'm concerned, any of the negative reviews/opinions about this game are totally unwarranted because when you peel back the facade and peer inside, oh my what a Universe he has created.

One of my favorite moments so far was when I was in a heated battle, ships kept coming out of nowhere. I was doing very well, when all of the sudden I take a few big hits, Bridge destroyed, Flight deck destroyed, other minor systems damaged (maybe some of my shots hit that friendly station and they hit back). I cloaked and ran like a chicken to find the nearest planet to land on for some repairs. I soon realized I had no control over the ship since the Bridge had been destroyed and auto-pilot was locked on. It was too late, I was commited to planetfall and could only pray that the auto landing would work and I wouldn't crash into the surface in a ball of fire. It worked and I eventually got a shuttle deployed and was able to jump in for a run to get repair materials (that in itself was a challenge since the ship was so badly damaged). I only wish I hadn't been sitting on the surface when I ordered my fighters to return to base, apparently they don't know how to avoid crashing into the ground when trying to dock.

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