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Question about the V1.01.00 VCF... Typo?


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Perhaps it means that attempting to lower shields that are already lowered will disengage the tractor beam. Where the intention is for the game to ignore a request to lower shields already lowered and thus NOT drop the tractor beam. Just a guess.

If it said RAISING like you suggest, then it would work as designed and not be in the VCF to begin with.

The "HJ transit" part may add a wrinkle. I don't have enough experience with tractor beams to know how they are suppose to behave during HJing. I'm overanalyzing this, I'll siddown.

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Originally posted by Kasey Chang:

The first green line says:

"It is possible to drop the tractor beam during an HJ transit by lowering the shields"

Uh... shouldn't that be RAISING the shields, since you can't have shields with tractor beam active?

Here is how it was reproduced during one of our recent (myself and the beta testes) mp testing sessions.

  1. Join server
  2. Send AE to shuttle
  3. Launch shuttle
  4. Have shuttle tow CC
  5. Jump to distant target
  6. Drop TB during HJ transition

I was also able to reproduce another variant of this with shields.

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