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Ways 2 make money


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Its no suprise that when you start a new game you desperatly need money for radine. lots of it. First thing i did was deploy mining drones and start fighting... i destroyed and captured a few ships, destroyed some CCs and captured some shuttles. Actually i dont think i got a whole lot of money out of that... it all came from the miners 3 hours later

(btw i managed to drag a fleeing shuttle right out of hyperspace, hehe i was pretty pleased with myself about that, it reappeared out of hyperspace 30 secs afterwards on the end of my tractor)

Anyway peoples, list the tactics you use to get money, and some planets that are good to mine on. I noticed that you can check the mineral type of planets but not moons. since moons are sometimes more rich than planets i just guessed.

Phobos, one of mars's moons is pretty damn good to ghet resources from. only problem is finding the things again hehe

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i dunno if i agree with that... its never hard to find enemy ships but you dont seem to get a lot of cash for taking em out... of course the cargo is sometimes good... how about this unbeatable combination then

Finding and killing enemy ships... while your drones are mining

If anyone is looking for places to mine, scratch phobos, go to Jupiter and mine from EUROPA. Its an icy moon, and it also has a fair amount of diamonds.

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Trade route

Try that trade route. Very easy and i made a killing, i could buy whatever upgrades i needed or whatever i felt like buying. If your too lazy, here's the info right here in detail.

Jascatar wrote:

ok, I have tested the plan more deeper. Here are the details :

at the start of your first mission :

- Before choosing the first mission, go into tradcom (time does not pass)

- unload all what you have into your shuttle (mk1 is the best). Unload drone and craft to make place on your shuttle.

unload all your analog missiles

unload all your medicines

unload all your probes

unload all your spare parts

unload all your mines

unload flight craft missiles

unload OC missiles (radix)

unload repair minerals

unload all all all

only keep :

- fuel

- 10 nutripak

- 10 vacpak

- 10 medpak

And buy all radines you can at GalcomHQ befor logging off.

That all. When your shuttle is heavy loaded, go to tactical, and send YOU to SC1. Choose the first mission. Go to navitron, and select MAJORA destination. Log Off. The AP will redirect you to the jump portal.

After HJ, lauch the shuttle where you are now in. Drive now to MAJORA with the navitron of your shuttle.

Your space craft will now drive automaticaly to MAJORA without you and YOU are now into your shuttle.

When arrived to MAJORA, dock to station MAJORIS. Sell all your cargo. Log off and drive now to SARIEN. Dock to station SARON. (best is lock the supply station near the starstation, you will save time)


Flight to MAJORA at starstation MAJORIS.

Sell All. Flght back to SARON and retry (3,5 minute for a simple travel).

Right before the 15 minutes of the end of the first mission, stop your trade. You now have something like 84 Millions of money. Buy all what you have selled the first time. Load 2000 units of radine, 1000 units of iridium (for cloaking) 1500 units of plutonium (for your shield) and so on ...

You must make a second travel to buy VAGRANT missiles and medpak, 200 radiation contol units, nutripak, vacpak, and so on ....

At the end of your first mission (diplomat don't need to be escorted) you must have something like 76 Million of money after fillhaving filled the space craft

If you continue at the second mission (diplomat don't need to be escorted too), you will have 240 Million of money if all goes well

Always load your cargo in this order :

- First buy Hull repair units

- Secondly buy Reactor repair kit if you have space

- Finaly buy TRELLIS

That's the way to become rich in your firsts missions (useless of lauching mining drone, it is for the poor that )

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Hi there.

If you fear to leave your ship alone in the hands of your high cualified crew,(no joke here ) then simply park it near a friendly and I mean a friendly station of your own race/caste,and then give the halt order or the escort "station" order.That way your crew will stick near the station and it will kill any hostiles that hypers to your CC while you are away.

Or simply do a planetfall and park it with the halt order and the engine in the off position.

I forgot... there is only one problem, intruders.Do the following:

1-Leave the CC parked near the station with the halt order.

2-Exit the CC with the asset you chose, and park it near your CC.

3-Exit the asset and enter your CC again leaving the asset parked there.

4-At logistixs turn the launch power off,and exit your CC again.

5-Enter your asset and fly away with it.

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