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Wow! at last!

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Wow!! Ive Finally Got BCM Gold! I have bin after this game for a very long time!! Woo... and what a great job 3000AD made to improve the original series!! I am not a n00b to BC3000ad but i am too BCM!! and there are just a few questions that i just need to ask to make me stop trying at the task am trying to do! at the mo it looks like you can't but......Is there any way of switching to say a FC or SH even tho my AE is still on the bridge. You use to be able to in bc3000ad. The answers prob no! And i don't class my self a cheater its just that i like to explore the game really quikly nd no its ins and outs and differances between BC3K and BCM Gold! How do you get the artifacts and AI to 100% via the cheating way! Ne way this is geting long so al shut up now!

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