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Hi All

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hey Everybody, Got my copy of bcmg a few days ago and been wrestling with it ever since, i have both the 1.0 and 2.0 of the original Bc but after trying to dl and play v 2.0 from the underdogs sit while at my mums for a holiday i learned about the newest incarnations of the game series, i was over joyed to see Derek had mad not 1 but 2 totally new versions Need a new GFX card for UC but will have that soon enough.

Just a few things i learned for all the other bcmg N00bs out there.

1. Get the indeo codec, the game was crashing every 5 mins until i installed this, dunno why it caused it but it did.

2. get the patches but dont make the STUPID mistake i did of repeatedly trying to install a Bcm patch instead of bcmg, Yes i do feel Dumb.

Anywho this was just a quick hello that has turned into an essay

Happy Hunting

Keldon Out

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1) Unless I'm mistaken, Indeo codec is necessary to properly display explosions and such things... As a matter of fact, without Indeo drivers, after a few shots the game used to crash (right when there was the explosion). Guess what? As soon as I installed 'em, everything went allright.

If i remember correctly, there should be some topics about them in the Tech Support forums... at least, some months ago there were... you may wanna do a SEARCH about them

Try here

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