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System Damage (for no reason)


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Originally posted by dreadx:


Originally posted by Bandus:

Are you all seriously still trying to find a reason for the problem that the SC has told you all numerous times doesn't exist?


Sometimes it's more fun to study a problem than to fix it.

LOL!!! Reminds me of those scientists and the light bulb
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This thread has been inactive for ages but i'll try and help.

i dont have the patience to investigate and replicate it so i'll just state the facts.

the Supreme commander is right, it does not affect the gameplay or your ship, so we can deal with it.

That said, i'll state what i have learnt from my version of the problem, and from all the wonderful-wonderful posts in this message.

I am recieving damage to my bridge. to fifty percent. my CE reports the damage, and he automatically sends engineers to repair it.


This happened after docking at syganstar or pixan, i cannot remember which. Does this ring a bell to anyone or not?

(my straight facts)

-My engineers repair the damage, kendrick

assigns them. However, they do not use any

resources to repair the damage.

-I am on my third day, artifacts are available.

-I havent found any artifacts yet. (DOH!)

-crew are at a respectable ai level, about 45-50.

-occured soon after docking at either syganstar or

pixan station. perhaps it had already occured

during the dock(?)

-Several systems are highlighted in orange, at 98- 99-100% and can not be repaired.

-No known volatile materials on board, unless

large amounts of... PLUTONIUM? is that it??!! or

is plutonium safe without something else...

(Gathered from this thread)

-It occurs using playmod.

-It occurs without using playmod

-volatile materials cause damage but the damage

occurs without any being on board. or any KNOWN

volatile materials on board. Unless we are all

forgetting what PLUTONIUM is used for today...

-It does not just affect the bridge, it may affect

some of the other subsystems up there.

-It does not occur without a fairly experienced


-Whether repaired at a station or while out in

space, after coming to 100% the bridge goes back

to 50%.


-Playmod is a factor but is not the cause.

-Needs an experienced crew.

-no KNOWN volatile materials. we should check.

remember what PLUTONIUM is used for.

-Damage to bridge does not affect your ship or

anyone on board. Therfore, it is just a letter

on your screen.

-Never, EVER entrust your life savings to a


(off topic)


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I started getting this weirdness too. First, it was bridge, main comp and pers quarters 1 being damaged (at 100% that is) and being fixed automatically. Then the Navcomp starts taking 50% damage, getting fixed, and immediatly damaged again.

This started when CE hit AI 35.

I'm a Fleet Commander when he was ai 33, so FC isn't applicable.

Going to try unloading EVERYTHING (even fuel) and try that.

If that fails, will buy new nav comp and replace old one when its damaged.

Will get back on this.

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Ok, discovered what may have caused my problem.

Turns out, during one of my shuttles previous and numerous forays to collect a cargo container, one picked up a Numega engine.

Now normally I don't look at the names of things they bring back (sometimes too busy fending off low AI NPC's), so I never noticed this.

The item had to have been picked up before the CE hit AI 35, because I hadn't left the stations vacinity for quite awhile, and was having the SE's fix things. Also, no damage/repair cycles occured either.

The having the engine in the cargo seems to have become an issue only after the CE's AI hit 35%. Thats when the damage/repair strangeness started.

After I noticed the engine, I yanked it and stuffed it in one of the shuttles in the hangar, then watched the results. After telling SE's to fix the 'perceived' damage, the strangeness stopped.

Can't say if this is a bug or not, but it was definately annoying.

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There are certain items that are considered hazardous and some extremely hazardous when stored together with others. The SC was quite devious in this application of stored materials and what they will do to your ship.

So now you know that you have dangers other than cloaked Gammulans to worry about and it's not a bug.

Sorry I told on you SC

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I understand the dangers, but I hadn't picked anything up in 2 game hours, and I always unloaded my shuttles when they docked. It was only after the CE's AI hit 35 this started.

Maybe Ken saw an upgrade and was trying to tell me something?

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Ooookay, here we go again.

Thought this was solved, but just got a new wrinkle.

I made a mistake of hitting a disabled fighter with a missile as it was flying toward me. It impacted while exploding and caused all kinds of ugly.

Of course, I set all 20 engies to fixing the reactor problems first, then let the CE try some.

Bridge viewer kept taking damage, reading 100%, and CE kept assigning most the engies to fix it.

Thinking to nip this one in the bud, I packed everything into shuttles and launched them. All I had was fuel onboard. No spare parts, no repair mins, no non-fuel normal mins, etc. Even took the missiles out. Damage still showed up with CE on duty.

No this goes beyond the 'there's something onboard causing the damage' excuse.

I need a hint here. Whatever it is, it's starting to annoy the hell out of me, since it's stealing engies the CE assignes to it from more important things.

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I serious, Ive fixed every thing, to 100% everywhere, and it still shows up. with all support craft (including the oc's) out of the ship.

Before, it'd show up with something unstable aboard, but this smacks of an unstable PERSON (maybe my AE is taking pot shots at the screen with the wrist laser, who knows).

I'm sorry SC, but this is one of those stumpers that drives me nuts. But tell me, do intruders have personal cloak fields?

Time to remove all but the AE, CE and 5 engies.

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SC, I found something that may be relavent.

I am able to get the CE to stop his repair insanity on occasion, but when fighters with 'unrepairable' damage docks, he starts again.

During one of the lulls, I docked at a station for resupply. While looking through the Spare Parts, the following anomalys showed up:

Droids 2/10

Machinery 2/5

Tools 1/10

Now, EVERY system on the CC is at 100%, Green, and the CE is quiecent. Is it possible there's a bridge item flaged for needing parts?

I haven't tried Playmod yet, as I don't really trust cheat programs much. But I might try damaging the bridge items that usually catch phantom repairs to see what happenes.

What do you think? Do I have a bug in my data files?

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