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nVidia Drivers

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For those who like to screw up their machines with beta drivers...

The 42.01 beta drivers are available on www.guru3d.com and have been working well for me for the past couple of days. No more missing menu options.

The current release drivers on Nvidia's page don't work for squat with BCM. Either use the older ones or risk the beta.

And for the love of god don't anyone tell the SC I recommended you use beta drivers. You can always use the older ones. I don't like airlocks and have managed to stay out of one so far.

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Broke down and bought a GEforce 4 MX440 with 64Meg of ram.

Newest driver is 43.45, downloading now, haven't tried BCM on it yet, but thought that I would throw the new driver number in here. Date released is March 23rd 2003.

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