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How to packup & distribute saved game profiles

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This will probably come in useful if you are passing files amongst yourselves.

The BC games use several files which identify the current player game profile.

The game profile in use, corresponds to the profile you selected in SNG. e.g. if you selected the first slot in roster, that is profile 0. If you selected the last one, it is profile 9.

Similarly, in the save game screen, the saved game profiles for the current profile are numbered 0 to 9. e.g. if you were playing profile 0 and you saved it to the last slot in the save game screen, then it will become saved game profile 9.

ALL data are stored and extracted in a single file playerA.sgB, where :

A is the game profile

B is the saved game profile

e.g player0.sg3 is the 3rd saved game profile for player 0 game profile.

Also the playerA.sgd file is the default profile for player profile A

e.g player0.sgd is the default profile for player 0

Default here means that whenever you exit the game, or select RESUME button, then

you're automatically saved/restored from this profile. It has the same structure

as file playerA.sgB

You cannot save IA/TA scenarios, so no saved game profiles exist for them.

When you want to send a file to someone, it is important to know which profile you were playing and which saved game profile of it you want to send. Once you have this info, you would then go to the SAVE folder where the game is installed and using Explorer, identify the files in question as follows:

e.g. you were playing with game profile 0 (the first slot) and you saved it to saved game profile 2 (the third slot). You would then select the following files, zip them up and send to the person.



The receipient would then copy these files to the SAVE folder (overwriting any versions already there). This allows the receipient to

1. Resume the game (since the .SGD default file is present)

2. Restore the game (since the .SG2 file is present)

In actuality, you can get away with sending only the .SGD file but most times you don't want to do that. Especially if you want the person to see the description of the saved game. In which case, they would go to the Restore screen, see the description and load it from there. Using the default file means going directly into the game using Resume, thereby bypassing the Restore screen and any game description you want the person to see.

WARNING: No matter how many saved games you are sending, you MUST include the .SGD file otherwise it will NOT be possible to restore it.

e.g. if you are sending PLAYER0.SG2, PLAYER0.SG4, PLAYER0.SG6 and you don't send the PLAYER0.SGD file, NONE of those saved games can be restored.

This is because the details of all the player's saved games, is stored in that .SGD file, regardless of whether you have one or more saved games.

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When sending saved games to [email protected] , the following rules apply. Miss a step and the files WILL be deleted and the email discarded. Also, our email system is protected by ChoiceMail One. So if you fail to respond to the challenge/response email which you are sent, your email will not get through and will be deleted.

  1. Describe the problem in the email - even if you already posted it here
  2. Zip up the saved game files (described above)
  3. Only send saved game files pertaining to the problem
  4. The ZIP file name should be preceeded with profile_ followed by a short description of the problem. e.g. profile_damagefx.zip or profile_navitron_ctd.zip


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