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Supreme Cmdr

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well i feel humiliated

i had spent about 2 hours trading between genesis and galcom and had earned me 100+ million credits, and then gotten all the upgrades, and all the fuel/iridium/plutonium that i could ever need. i saved and then for the 2nd time ever, i left the earth system. i headed to lennen, accidentaly destroyed the station there, and had to save and quit in the mittle of a skermish with some fighters there. when i came back on later and tied to load it up, it kept crashing half way through the load up process. i loaded up the save from right before leaving earth and that one worked fine. being a bit angry, i decided i needed a target for my rage. my choice was the neutral scientest station above pluto. it didnt put up much of a fight since it only launched 2 fighters. i got it to sos and captured it. i decided to take all the quasar and vagrant missiles they had, and then launched. as im flying out, i see yellow balls of flame passing me up, so as soon as i could, i turned around. the station was gone, the 2 scientist fighters had gone and blown their own station up, and now one of them was coming after me while the other was guarding the rebuilding station (which looked kind of odd as TER/MIL) the fighter tore between my pta shots, ripped out my shields, and testroyed most of my systems before i could think to do anything. it then left me sitting there, un able to do anything. the only sysem i could still use was periscan, and i discovered that none of my people were dead. in fact, none was below 70% health. also, i still had all of my shuttles and fighters, although i couldnt launch them.i couldnt call a tow ship, probably because i no longer had a comlink computer, and so my only option was to scuttle, since my reactor was leaking everywhere. that must have been a MAD scientist hehe.

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Stupid is as stupid does. Unable to wait for final delivery on my new hardware and unable to load BCM on old Betsy , I covertly smuggle my game to work and load it on my Compaq s710. Being

a business PC there was apparently no way to connect a joystick so I made sure I was up to speed on keyboard commands. Finally I start my career as Ter/Mil Commander of GCV-Valiant Victorious. A shakedown cruise to Mars to begin a minor mining operation was first on tap. Checked Logistx and adjusted settings to the VV's standard settings. Hypered on over Mars when I recieved a " BC aquired" message. Checked Tacops and saw a Raven fighter and as it closed my PTA scorched it. As I launched my shuttle I got another alert , Nothing on Tacops and then Boom!

even with shields set at 50% the three CLOAKED!

Gammulan stormcarriers took out my primary systems

with thier first salvo. No computers weapons or engines. Total gametime 9 minutes 17 seconds. Am now starting my next career as Commander Forrest Gump

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Guest Fox__Trot

Rescently I wanted to give my pilots some combat training so I figure what better way to train them then to tell them to attack me so i raised sheilds to full and armed my weapons sytem well It was going rather well and my pta wasnt relly harming my fighters so I got up and left the computer to get some water well when I came back...

I heard The reactor is overheating "Oh damn" I thought. So then I decided to order the fighters to RTB and I tryed to assess what had been damnged. To tell the truth nothing looked bad except the cooling system was down too 10%. So I alligned myself with the star and turned the reactor off as I did this I saw a ripple of static on the screen and knew I was in for it I decided to see If i could get combat ready W/O the reactor well I did and I manged to beat off a Sunflash with the reactor turned off unfortanitly my coolant systems now totaly destroyed time to risk turning on the reactor and running for the lv103 starbase *cygani I think*

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I had a little fun today.

I took my Sunflash out orbital bombing Insurgent bases, (my hobby), and was looking at two bases on the map...and I realized they were pretty close together.

So I clicked between them, and scoped it out a little. Yup, pretty close.

Dropped a bugnor right there between them.

Boom! 2 bases gone, almost 12,000 exp right there. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself. Maximum return for my investment.

"You now have Fleet Command and Control"



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I hate intruders.

I am in this huge fight. 3 intruders onboard, power to launch controll off so nothing gets stolen, everything looking good. Then one of my fighters get's damaged and I have to dock it because just a little more and it's going to blow. Well, I finish off the oposition in a minute and now have a choice of turning on launch control and risking a stolen asset or watch my pilots die in that fighter. So I take a look at perscan, the intruders are close to some of the launchbays but not quite there, and I decide to go for it. I save the game , turn on lauch control and dock my fighter. Right as it docks, #11 launches. @#%$%@!#$ <-- "My thoughts". Then as I target the stolen fighter, it flies to about 10clicks from me and stops. --> "my thoughts -- Is he taunting me?" I give it an order to return, it just sits there, so I guess the intruder hasn't changed alegiance, but he is still just sitting there. I get my tractor beam ready and go in to retreat the stolen fighter. Right as I lock on, BAAAM, it blows up, and since the shields were down for the tracktor beam I now have damage like you wouldn't believe. Damn terrorists.

Conclusion: Like I said above, I hate intruders.

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

Sounds like an intruder with a very high AI level. Those are the only types that sabotage ships if they can't get away and you try to tractor them. The same kind who booby trap cargo pods.

Ugh...I hate those PhD toting marines!

They radiated my whole crew once by sabotaging my reactor. I'd never been so surprised!


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Now I'm afraid to head to Gammulan space. (Haven't made it that far to date!).

Grayfox: Heheh, I think I posted once where an intruder stole my spare 'fighter asset', and put it into a shuttle.

Still trying to imagine that intruder hauling a complete fighter through the halls of my old Megaron. (Worse still, not one of my marines stopped him to ask what he was up to).

Marine: 'Do I know you?'

Intruder lugging fighter asset: 'Uhh....yeah.'

Marine: 'Oh, okay. Lemme give you a hand with that.'

I still think Resnig's in league with my enemies.


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Guest Grayfox

ya i can just picture an intruder trying to shoehorn a fighter into a shuttle... and resnig standing behind him with this puzzled look on his face


Resnig: ummm excuse me... but what the HELL do you think youre doing?

Intruder: Ummm im taking this fighter down to the forest moon of... endor...ya... for repairs and refitting.

Resnig: very well... carry on!


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I, for one,would like to initiate a few new SOP's on board my ship.

Ter/Ins Marine running through the corridor towards the shuttlebay duffelbag thrown over his shoulder,rounds the corner and-------



GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Place your duffelbag on the conveyer any other contraband in the tray and step through the detector !

TER/INS MARINE: HEY! What is this?I come this way ALL THE TIME and this was never here!

GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: New orders.just do what I told ya!....oh yeah..has anybody but you had access to your bag today,sir?

TER/INS MARINE: uhhhh..... No

GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL: Well,Then let's take a look at that bag(zip..zip)Well now, what have we here, a PAD device?....Sir I'm gonna have to ask you to step outta that line and answer a few questions....Have you got a reciept for this device?

TER/INS Marine: HEY!!(starts backing up) That ain't mine...I don't know where that came from.I didn't put that in there.

GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:HEY BOY!! are you trying to get smart with me....HUH!!!...WHAT"S YER AI BOY?

TER/INS MARINE:..uhhhh...uhhhhh....19.

GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL:19 !!!!.....19 !!!!......really?

The GALCOM MARINE CORPORAL looks over at RESNIG's blank face.....back at the bunny marine....RESNIGS blank face...bunny marine.


> <

If only it was that easy

[ 03-09-2002, 13:51: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]

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I only have a minor war story but a great experience. I purchased this awesome game a week ago Friday. Played around with it till Sunday night. My wife went to bed and I let her know I would be along shortly as I just wanted to get a few things done on the computer (ha!). She started snoring and my computer locked up. I rebooted and it errored and then died, beeping a horrible death. Seems my stick of 256 Meg memory decided to suicide. I spent the rest of the week doing a few hours of BC:M at work (after hours!) still learning. This last Friday I got the latest patch and brought my work computer home (no $$ for new memory yet). So I am playing, the first thing I noticed is that the crew will not go off of station as ordered. The bastards just loved working I guess. Then one of them got radiated. I don't know how that happened. At this point in the game, I still figured you had to take each shuttle out and load up its drone and then fly the ship to the spacestation to sell the minerals. Of course, I used cloaking the whole time to prevent the intruders. Anyway the radiated crew member refused to go to Medibay and subsequently infected the whole crew (I did not see any leaking reactors or anything). So, I deleted the game, reloaded it and patch six. Now the crew does what it is told. I parked my Battlecruiser (the Heavy Hammer 23) on earth and proceeded to mine. I quickly discovered that I could grab those drones unload them on the shuttle and send them right back out. Cool. I started making money selling minerals to Galcom. Then eventually sold all the Cloning Modules they had to Genesis. I made several million and started buying extra fuel and upgrades for the ship. Saved the game when I had 30 million. While waiting around, I decided to check out some other places and ended up in the Alpha Centauri system at Tramis and noticed that Aleri Station had an inflation rate of 30%. I quickly went back to my ship and got all the stuff I could and sold it and went to Genesis and started buying their Cloning Modules (Galcom was out) and making 1.3 Million per module. When I made about 49 million I saved the game (smart ehh?) and when I resumed, I found out that Aleri's inflation rate had dropped to -1% and I stood to lose 7 Million. I reloaded the game when I had 30 million and by chance looked at the price of Bugnors and realized that I could make 3 million per bugnor and I could cart 20 of them at a time ($60 million a trip) and Galcom had 910 of those babies in stock. I did this and made 500 million from 1 PM to 11 PM (game time) in the next hour I made another 500 million. I now had a billion dollars so I went on a few more runs so that I could take 20 bugnors home with me. At this point I have 1 Billion, 62 million dollars and 20 bugnors on board with almost all of my crew ai above 20. I saved my game as it was late and then decided to try out the nuclear weapons that I just bought. Went into orbit around earth and nuked several insurgent bases. Very nice. I started getting experience points. A fighter attacked me (a fighter??) and my Ralix missles and something called FATAL seriously hurt that fighter. It was stranded in space doing the SOS thing and I targeted another missle and one of my crew says they are getting a friendly response (I bet and smiled as I blew him up) Then, I got intruders on board but they didn't get anything but dead and then ---- my freakin computer went dead...talk about major deja vu! It was just a power outage though so no biggie. The only downside I can see to this game is that I have an addictive personality and this game is better than a drug. My wife is so understanding too...when I was *****ing about the crew she reminded me that with such low AI numbers that they were like a bunch of retards so I should go easy on them.

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Well X welcome to our Nightmare

I just knew this was gonna happen. Ok, X we've been trying to keep these posts on how to make "mad cash" down to a minimum since every time we post one the SC (That's Supreme Commander,AKA Mr Derek Smart ,in all his magnificent glory) promptly tries to "plug it up" !

Luckily the "Creator" ( the aforementioned SC ) has wrought a wonderous thing in the BCM dynamic universe and attempts thus far to stem the capitalist binges of the economically agressive commanders have just been a test to find exactly how the universe would react to the tweak and exploiting the new business opportunities.

Then you gotta come and start rocking the shuttle

We'll be workin' up a skin for your ship come MP.....it'll be the one with the big "bullseye" on it

*sigh* Oh well, who wants to be a billionaire anyway?

Anyway, Glad to have you here. When you get a chance you might start thinkin' about joining a Fleet. If so, Come see us over at WRAITH HQ.

[ 03-11-2002, 08:33: Message edited by: Stormshadow ]

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I almost forgot - I launched a sr probe while sitting on earth. It was great. It took off and flew around...then it stopped and crashed. It layed there in the dirt for a while...then it jumped up and flew just above the ground to the top of a mountain where it launched itself. It kept gaining altitude slowly....at 50K feet it nosed over and rocketed back towards the ground. I jumped in a SC, flew to it to tractor it and pull it up to orbit but the tractor beam blew the probe to smithereens. (ok, I'm a BC:M billionaire...I can afford to waste a probe for my amusement.)

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Oh, one other thing and then I will quit posting... Playing this game has frightened me for the second time in my game playing life (the first one was playing DOOM in the dark) and that is when I was explaining to my wife that the game is played in real time and my AE was 35 years old and he gets (if he makes it) 65 years and she says, "so you'll be playing this for the next 65 years, right?" and thats when I said, "Thanks a lot Derek Smart!!!"

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