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Signs you've been playing BCM too much...


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I know the game's only just out, but I find that 6 nights of being up long after midnight playing BCM is starting to get to me. Especially since I have to get up at 7am each morning...

Anyway, you know it's time to take a break from BCM when:

You start seeing ship damage FX before your eyes at work.

You think that it might be nice to take a vacation in the jungles of Actis IV.

You begin thinking that the Terran/Colonist ship which has been following you through the last 3 jump points may contain Insurgent spies.

When taking out the trash, you look up to see if you can spot GalCom HQ

You don't know what the real date is, but you know to the minute when your last saved game was in game time.

You beam down to a planet to practice with your wristlaser, so that its accuracy will improve

You're surprised when you look in a mirror that you look nothing like the MCommander or FCommander Model/Image

You begin referring to your car as "OC1"

You begin calling bags of chips "nutripacks"

I'm sure you guys can do better. Have at Ye! (God I need sleep!)

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You start looking for the logistix, tactical, etc. under your start menu.

You point your watch at annoying people thinking you have a wristlaser on.

the reactor core breaches and you run for a shuttle(in real life).

You start thinking your signifgant other sounds alot like the computer voice/bridge officer/warning klaxon.

(might get in trouble for this one) YOu start staying home on sundays wishing to worship SC instead of your religious figure.

You stare blankly at the screen for hours...waiting for the mining drones to finish mining...even if the game crashes.

You try to activate your jetpack at school, not realizing it's just an ordinary backpack.

You start calling terrorists insurgents.

You dream in tacops(I've actually done this)

your hand is permanantly shaped to your mouse/keyboard/joystick...

Your starting to run out of hair from all the crashes/deaths/radiation.

You order the pilot of your plane flight to fly you to centris, so you can mine some radine...

you order your pets to start repairs on critical systems.

You have a full uniform/working spacesuit

You carry your manual with you all the time along with a printed version of the appendix, the current VCF, the current faq, and the EULA.

You start to hear encoded messages from your standard issue galcom nural node.

You wonder why the doctor doesn't check you out for Gammulan Fever.

geez..I could go on forever...ok one more

you threaten to RANDOM a prisoner's homeworld if he/she doesn't tell you the secret location of the Insurgent base.

well, thats all, I might make up some more

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You know you are playing to much BCM when:

You start to order theatre ushers to remove the obnoxious Insurgent and have him transported to Galcom HQ for interrogation.

You hit the deck screaming "REACTOR CRITICAL" when the popcorn popper comes to boil.

Heh thats all I can think of at the momment...

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You know youve been playing too much BCM when:

*You insist your wife referrs to you as the Supreme Commander

*You put out ranks in the family (eg: man of the house = SC, wife = Tacops cmdr oldest son = fleet cmdr daughter = cmdr)

*You replace the critical stop sound in windows with the BCM warning kalaxon thingamawatcha

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"You start looking for the logistix, tactical, etc. under your start menu"

Im guilty of that. You had no idea how disoriented I was after that.

Opening the fridge was an experience..I kept looking for the buy/sell arrows.


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Signs that you're playing WAY too much BCM:

You shut off the power to launch control by removing the spark plug from your car.

Your cell phone is calling out "Urgent message received" as it rings.

You assign the pot plants to search duty.

You watch a rerun of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and you're surprised to discover that the Terrans are getting along with the Credians.

When your ship's reactor takes heavy damage, you call the electricity company and demand more power.

You start compiling a table of your family members' locations in the house and their fatigue factors.

[ 11-28-2001: Message edited by: Menchise ]

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You keep reporting a bug to the maker of your car that the HUD doesn't appear when you get in it.

Everytime you open the garage door you can't help but feel naked since you aren't wearing a space suit in the vehicle launch bay for your CC.

You refer to driving on the freeway as Hyperjumping.

You pull up to the gas station and notice the price of Radine has gone down.

Just a few....

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You know youve been playing too much BCM when:

You fill out the military experience area on a job applications as Cptn Underpants of the Ter/Mil Super Happy Sunshine

You're sitting in traffic and start cussing the FE's for not charging your weapons.

You try to jetpack down to the parking lot from your 20th floor office.

You find yourself telling your computer "These are not the droids you're looking for" when Galcom HQ catches you with contraband.

You start eyeballing your coworkers wondering if you ought to send them to the brig.

You start looking for a cargo pod to hide in when your boss catches you playing BCM at work. (Doesn't he realize how much more lucrative mining radine is?)

You park your car and wonder where Alt-E is.

Your CC takes a direct hit on the nose, and you look behind your monitor to assess the damage.


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Originally posted by WetWare:

...You try to jetpack down to the parking lot from your 20th floor office...

Ok, remember people; if you're gonna fly, take off from the ground, ok?

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you come home from work satisfied that your AI went up a few points...

you ask your grocer where you can find the nutripacks...

you look in your medicine cabinet for medipacks, cant find any, and ask your wife why she didn't tell you...

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