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Signs you've been playing BCM too much...


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You have a large round red dent in your forehead from banging you head against the top hat of your joystick every time you get blown out of space...

you intiate intimate relations with your signifcant other with the phrase "Hey honey, Ive got a couple of hours to kill while my mining drones fill up... wink .. wink"

you go to get up from your computer chair and find it has molded to your a** ... and need your wife and daughter to come pull it off...

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...when you keep your girlfriend 6000 miles from you, and don't mind cause it's only a short shuttleflight

...you don't like people entering your house, because you got it organized like the bridge and they could be intruders


Wouter Dijkslag

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Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason:

you start to believe your car is a fighter and the cars driving in front of you enemy ships.......

I tried that. Had some fun. Getting into the fighter, straping in. Firing the engines.

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I get in my truck and think its a shuttle, nothing like towing somthing behind you, or dropping of a mining drone(mom at the grocery store) for some well needed supplies. And manual docking...(in the garage)Sweet!...hehe...I have a good time, especially dodging the laser fire on emptey spaceways(dodging bugs on country roads)...oh and watch out for the mines(potholes)...god, I have too much fun driving my truck...I did actually try to fire at the car in front of me, using the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel...hehe...

Blake, Out!

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1) When you think that your boss darn good at picking annoying times to call you out for a game of golf.

2) When you look up and discover that the sun is on the horizon begin to orientate your ship [body] to get more solar power.

3) When you start swearing at the TO for not warning you when a car cuts in your lane.

4) When you wonder what the heck is Resnig doing when your in laws visit you

5) When you discover that your shuttle (car) mechanic is on the same AI level as your Sysengs.

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More signs that you're playing WAY too much BCM:

Resnig becomes competent.

You send an e-mail to the SC warning him that GalcomHQ is under attack and he should evacuate immediately.

You get annoyed by the ancient techno music in the background.

You send a letter to the Flat Earth Society telling them to "give up, already! The galaxy is flat, not the Earth!".

You try to create a hoax of the Second Coming with a Cloning Module.

You try to insult a Droidan by calling him a Sega Saturn.

You search the bridge wondering if there's a big red button that nobody is supposed to push.

You leave the house wondering if you left the cloaking system on.

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