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Datatron Computer

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Hi all,

Just a quick note. I am hard at work on a new project. I call it the datatron computer. It is going to be a complete map of the universe, with clickable planets, moons, stations, and bases. It will also contain a wealth of other usefull info. I have just completed gathering screen shots of every planet and moon in the universe. Yep thats right, me or a probe have been to every planet and moon. At least I think I got them all. From the probe on Obsidia to the mysterious Stargazer, through the hole in New America to the moons of Midae I have traveled the stars far and wide. Watch this topic for more info.

[ 12-23-2001: Message edited by: Barron Morris ]

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Wraith HQ FleetOps has something like that in FLASH in the works. Maybe we can do it together if you're flashing it as well.

Send me an e-mail.

This has nothing to do with GBS, maybe move this to BCM Fun Stuff?

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