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The Resnig Quest

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I decided to do something other than flying around hiding in craters all day. I wanted to do a quest.

MY PLAN: I would send Resnig down to the planet (earth in to a TER/INS base) then I would wait untill he was cornered. Then me (and my 15 marine escort ) will attempt to rescue Resnig and defend him until the shuttle arrives in 5 min.

OUTCOME: I beamed down Resnig and 2 marines. They chased down 1 of the 2 marines. So it was just Resnig and Marine#2. Then that marine scouted the area while Resnig waited. there was an enemy marine right near Resnig. Resnig managed to kill him (though Resnig was standing IN the launch pad and it wasnt a fair fight). Once Marine#2 died i decided the rescue should take place. I beamed down the rescue party and estlablished a perimiter search. I started to search for Resnig. (I didn't know how to use the radar in first person last night so i used tacops) I found him on the other side of town. me and 5 men ran to his location. i had him in sight when he was shot 10 times and killed. i was in an alley between 2 buildings when 6 marines came out (3 on each end) and 2 more flew over. by then i could see that they must have called for reinforcements. i backed into a diffrent section while 3 of my marines were killed. Then i paniced. But then on the horizon like a star in the sky was the shuttle. Untill a SAM missle launcher took it down . I called the perimiter guards to help us. But then 8 marines surrounded me and my 2 marines and mows us down to nothing.


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Originally posted by TheBunny:

But then on the horizon like a star in the sky was the shuttle. Untill a SAM missle launcher took it down .

Something you might try is fly the shuttle in yourself. In Tacops, set some waypoints about 100 kilometers or so away from Resnig and the base, then get a 3rd near Resnig. At about 50 or so kilometers, slow down, and get real low, like around 60 or 70 feet. if the place isn't flat, then you would have to go fairly slow, and I recomend a decent joystick for flying the shuttyle. You will be able to avoid the SAMs, and if you beam down like 10 marines to guard resnig, you can land next to him and try to get him and the marines to the shuttle. Be sure to beam him a little ways out, where they should notice him, but he has a moment to get ready...or beam Resnig and 9 marines down at the same area.

I know that you can fly higher than 100 feet to avoid SAMs, but I say go as low as you can, so when you get right on top of him, you can hit the VTOL/FTOL button and squish him . Either that or land right next to him. If you have a carrier, send down your fighters and get them to waste the SAMs and strafe infantry. Or you could beam them in an unocupied part of the base, where its most empty, and let the enemy marines come to him.

But it seems like a fun Idea, so I might try it. Another Idea is to try it in a friendly area, getting a decent time with some practice, so it goes fairly smoothly.

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