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Universal Combat: After Action Reports:

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Didn't know where to put it but guess this is the best place.

At the DC site there where talking about naval combat so i thought i'll test something. Placed a STAGNER_SUB and a NAVAL_CARRIER near land. Pretty cool haven't done anything big though. With many vessels etc. Guess they'll be exchanging lotsa missiles. He're a some shot.

Here some shots:

I feel like Ramius from the Red October

Missile away

The carrier is hit it will sink soon

But the cool stuff was i can let a gunship land and deploy troops (scripted). So i just wait , while from a carrier a marauder takes off and lands (basicly)next to me and deploys squad of marines and they are assigned to escort me. I was playing around with some ideas like a beachlanding or something like that so i put in in an LCAC that would also deploy a marine (just for the fun of it).

Created two enemy marines (named SPETNATZ) and phantom gunship. So i thought how hard can this be. Oh, and the gunship was coming for me once the had reinforments landed.

Ok so here i am knowing a gunship was coming for me. I thought i'm an assault marine with heavy firepower this is gonna be a walk in the park. Well.. not exactly. So the 1st try i hear "incoming" i dive behind the marauder but it got blown away so i try to run for cover run for cover but it was in vain.

2nd time : i'm not gonna take any changes i'm out in the open i'm gonna run to the hills and take cover there. Well somehow missiles where heading my way, he fired his lasers but ...i'm still alive! he found another target. But huh? i can't stand up 8% huh? my legs? ok now i had to crawl for the supply station and i finally made it. The gunship had lost interest in me but the where still to "spetnatzs" out there. Meanwhile the base has launched a bunch of marines so it's two vs many how dangerous can that be? So i have the bad guy in my sights and shoot but i get hit?! but not by him. I shoot again. I die huh, what the.. great the dude with the big gun kills me! Great blue on blue.

3rd time: Ok, now this ain't funny i'm gonna kick his "you know what" and it'll be over. Got myself a good position (so i thought) and have myself an LR-12 launcher and i gonna blow him right out if the sky. Not , didn't fire a missile i'm dead.

4th time: Okay i can't handle his anymore, i changed some missiles on the ACM mobile SAM

and he's finished this time.

So this doesn't seems fair but i lock him up before he's even in the air. Even tried to fire a missile in advance but i slammed into a hill (why does it work for him). So he took off i fired a coupla missiles, but did the same and started firing his lasers! I thought i was gonna lose again! but finally he 's going down.

I was testing for newbies how you should engage gunships but now you know "DONT DO IT" maybe if you can takecover behind a mayhem tank you'll be safe. Best thing is, find something that's between you and a missile (or the lasers).

I have to find a way though.

btw: it was a shadow gunship not a phantom.

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LMAO!!! Man, that narrative was hilarious and I can just picture it now.

btw, once the visible character models bug is fixed (its pretty elusive that one - and it used to work before), you will be able to see the marines you put in that LCAC

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My new AAR:

Commander Sloan sit in his personal fighter, a fully outfitted Raven, and waited for his remaining Fighter pilots to ready themselves for the patrol. The rest of his fighter pilots were prepping in their respective bays, in total there were five fighters going out today. Sloan in his Raven and the rest piloting Zenstars.

When the others were ready, Sloan gave the launch orders and the fighters zipped nimbly out of the Thor's Hammer, a Firestorm class Carrier that was Sloan's pride and joy.

"Okay, ladies and gents, this is a routine patrol. Scorpion and Hellraiser cover my six, you other two cover theirs." Sloan said as they pulled away from the Thor's Hammer.

Sloan was right this was a routine patrol that would take the group away from the Thor's Hammer stationed above one of Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. Their carrier had been stationed there for the past couple of days while mining drones on the moon's surface gathered valuable minerals from the surface. Truthfully, Sloan would not normally be going on one of these patrols, but he was feeling pretty antsy from sitting at the bridge with nothing to do but read periodic status reports.

"Ok, guys lets set our Nav points toward Earth and see what is going on at Galcom!" Sloan said into his helmet mike as he sit his own ship toward the Earth's jumpgate.

A flick of a switch and he was in Hyper Space, speeding toward the jump point. Sitting back he looked over his flight instrumentation. Everything checked out okay so he settled down in Tac-Ops to see if there was anything interesting in the immediate area.

A quick scan of Tac-Ops told him exactly what he knew it would, nothing in the vicinty but the Thor's Hammer and the small shipping and merchant cruisers that they have been seeing the past few days.

Before he knew it, the Raven slowed down and entered normal space just a few klicks from the jump-gate. "Ok, guys..see you on the other side!". He hit the throttle and steered toward the entrance of the huge jump-gate and suddenly he found himself in on the other side, within easy jump distance of Earth.

Sloan again went through his instrumentation, when suddenly he saw a red dot come up on his TRS. A quick scan of the object showed it as a Gammulan Questar.

"Ok, guys, we got a Gammulan Cruiser in the area picking on some unarmed transports! Set course there and let's show these guys they can't mess around in our neck of the woods!". Sloan veered his craft in that direction and, after allowing his hyper-jump system to recharge, bolted toward it. He was followed closely by his other fighters.

As they came out of hyper space, each sit up in a attack perimeter with each watching the others tail and accelerated toward the Questar.

"ok, this is a bad boy and he will pick us apart at range, so get in close to him!" Sloan yelled as he did just that, firing the Raven powerful guns at the Questar at the same time.

"Aye-aye sir!" Pilot Hellraiser said. He sit up a postion above and behind Sloan and began his strafing run.

The Questar took immediate action, maneuvering around so that it could bring more guns to bear and firing its turrets at the incoming fighters. It was no use, however, the Questar could not target the fleet fighters and it took massive damage in the first run.

"I wonder what this Questar is doing all alone this close to Earth? Surely it has to know that it will be severly outclassed and outgunned?" Shadow said, has he fired three quick bursts at the rear engines of the Questar. He smile as they impacted solidly, causing electrical sparks across the body of the Questar.

"Sir, we have a friendly Cruiser coming in...a Solnar class. This fight is going to be over before it begins!" another Zenstar pilot, Lace, yelled triumphantly.

Before the words were out of her mouth, there was a flash from behind and above the Questar as a Gammulan Heavy Carrier ucloaked. "Oh shit! We have a Stormcarrier coming in! Its launching fighters!" Sloan yelled as he twisted his Raven to face the new foe. Looking at his TRS in dismay he saw that another Gammulan cruiser had just arrive on seen as well. "We have another Questar hypering here as well!"

The Galcom Solnar arrived at the battle with all turrets blasting at the crippled Questar that was the first Gammulan vessel on scene. "Okay, leave the crippled one for the Solnar, everyone concentrate on the fighters leaving that Stormcarrier!" Sloan yelled as he got on the six of a Gammulan Corsair.

Sloan's Raven was faster and more maneuverable than the Corsair so he had no problem establishing a position on its tail and waiting for a missile lock. "Come on damnit, get a lock!" he yelled desperately. As soon as the lock was established he fired off two of his Questor missiles and followed with a quick burst from his main gun. The first missile whizzed harmlessly by the Corsair but the second impacted on the rear of the fighter and with a quick flash the Corsair was no more.

Turning his fighter back toward the fight he saw that his group was handling the fighters quite well, but the Solnar was being battered by the Gammulan Stormcarrier. "Well, let's see if I can help this guy out.", he muttered to him self as he throttled up his fighter and swooped into the battle from behind the Gammulan carrier.

Again he waited for the missile lock and as soon as it was established he fired two missiles. Both reached the Stormcarrier at the same time as a missile from the friendly Solnar, and the blast was fantastic. The Carrier seemed to implode on itself, coming apart from the middle in a blinding flash of light. "Yeah!! Take that ya Gammulan bastards!" Sloan screamed.

Looking around Sloan saw that his fellow pilots had disabled the last of the enemy fighters and were zooming around as escort to the Solnar cruiser.

"Okay, guys, great work. Let's get this cruiser home to Galcom Headquarters and then head back to the THor's Hammer! The beer's are on me!"

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Okay, I'll have to pull this from memory, but I can manage.

My first foray into the Wonderful Universe of the Combative Persuasion.

(and since Resnig is so wonderful, I give him an important role in this)

Cmdr. Dracoth Aidendale had just left GalCom, excited about his first assignment.

The TacOps Officer chimed in instantly.

"So, what's our first order, boss?"

"A simple one, really. We must...uh...gimme a minute."

*five minutes pass in which Drac returns to GalCom, bugs his superiors for his orders again, and returns to the same spot*

"Yeah, we have to...aww, forget it! I wanna kill something!"

But Drac changed his mind in less than a second, wanting to see Alpha Centauri.

*later on*

"Okay people, we are now on Centris. I'm gonna take a walk."

*the crew was deciding whether or not to stage a mutiny*

But when the beloved Commander returned, all was well, and he just wanted to get off this planet.

Drac boosted to about 10000 feet when Resnig came to him looking a bit worried.

"I wouldn't tell you how to do your job, but please, for the love of all things holy...TURN ON THE ENGINES!"

Drac checked the altitude indicator...200 feet.


But he did get the engines on, much to the relief of all.

The rest of the stay on Centris was a day (real-time) of trying to break the planet's gravity.

"This planet is SO randomed!"

Eventually, Drac decided to take two marines with him and get to space with a shuttle, hoping he could utilize Helios(what I call the ship's computer and wrist-mounted interface) to have the Draconia(yeah, the Megaron looks like a Dragon...I love it) break orbit.

He programmed the coordinates and just waited.

He got tired of that and decided to go for a space walk.

*5 minutes later*

Still no CC, so Drac ordered the shuttle to go to him.

"Why's it coming straight toward me?"

Drac glanced at the Helios CommandBand (wrist-mounted TacOps interface) and noticed he had not ordered the ship to pick him up, just fly to his current position.

In about 5 seconds, the shuttle would be painted red.

Suddenly, the CC seemingly materialized in front of Drac. The shuttle bounced off it, buying time for him to order it to dock with Draconia.

So, Drac wanted to head back to GalCom...the crew REALLY wanted to head back to GalCom (and get off that death trap).

As the Draconia approached the jumpgate back to Sol, one of his officers spoke up.

"Um, something's odd here, almost as i-"

The "something odd" made itself known as five armed intruders beamed aboard. Resnig quickly assessed the situation and --with the skill of a 30 year vet-- began the hunt.

Drac was about to watch PerScan(favorite show on T.V.!), but that plan was halted by lasers lancing out of...well, nowhere. It was the source of the intruders, a cloaked ship.

Drac got his ship out of range and waited. Another Megaron decloaked right in front of the gate.

"About time! Explosionsssss.......we needs them!"

Drac used his main gun...and ended up with 50% shields. So he ordered that the top of ship be exposed to the enemy. The crew wondered what fit of madness this was, but carried it out, regardless (they had written their wills on Centris, anyway).

The turret lasers lanced through the enemy and destroyed it in relatively good time. Morale was restored...sort of.

Drac then checked PerScan; two prisoners were taken, the other three were making a break for the shuttle bay.

Drac cut the power to the shuttle bay and chuckled over the surprise that awaited them.

But the viewscreen displayed MALFUNCTION everywhere!

Drac checked logistix again. He had cut power to the reactor, a mistake he quickly rectified.

So two intruders each had hopped in a shuttle by then. The instant the cockpits were open, the escape attempt was met with two marines in the backseat. One to go.

The last one, in foresight, had gone to a fighter bay. But Resnig had some foresight of his own, a marine awaited the intruding fool.

The worst battle a single marine had ever seen raged on around FC1.

Meanwhile, inside FC1...

...the pilots were filing their nails.

The intruder jumped on the cockpit and was about to blast the pilots to oblivion when a plasma bolt promptly removed his head.


...the pilots were coloring their helmets.

Heh...I'll post my first major combat tomorrow. Trust me, you don't want to miss this...you thought Resnig was bad? My tale of eternal shame goes on...

(Let's just say it involves MANY ships, ramming, me almost getting everyone killed...several times, and the accidental destruction of a friendly...or five...)

But that stint of combat showed me a bit of what this game can do: ambushes, great tactics, blocking my escape, etc., etc., ad infinitum...

That's only the tip of the iceberg...

Mmm...space ice...*drools*

By the way, every bit of this (except for the conversations I obviously made up) is TRUE!

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On the Prime Fleet forum we have decided to start a kind of joint game of UC.

The way it works each participant creates a profile and then carrys out mission orders which are posted on the forum once they complete the current mission they post an AAR detailing any experience gained. Once everyone has posted a high score table of experience can be created and whoever's at number one posts the next mission which continues where the previous one left off.

Here is my AAR for the current mission hope you find it interesting.

Mission 1 Commander: Patrik Vanda

Craft: GCV Starlight (Megaron Heavy Carrier)

21:01 Launched from Galcom HQ and prepared all marines for possible intruder incursions. Opened up TACOPS and monitored region so far no hostile activity.

21:07 All marines ready for deployment ordered my best 4 to the shuttles everyone else was put on station. Suddenly the klaxon goes and 2 CRE/MIL Vandals have entered the region and targetted Galcom HQ decided to monitor enemy craft. Confident the station will be able to take care of 2 fighter craft.

21:09 Both Vandals destroyed by Galcom's defences they didn't stand a chance. It seems like they where only recon as a CRE/MIL Quester appears and makes a bee line for the station. Again Galcom makes short work of the threat. This is going well a nice steady patrol.

21:10 Spoke too soon an intruder has beamed aboard into Cargo Bay 1 not sure where from as there are no visible hostiles in the region.

21:13 Whilst monitoring the local traffic I notice a TER/INS Sentry had sneaked in and decided to take out a TER/MIL MRT-15. Gave orders to arm all weapon systems and configured jump coordinates to give assistance. Also noticed a TER/MIL Spacestar with the same idea the insurgent has no chance.

21:14 TER/MIL Starmonk enters from the Saturn region also targetting the insurgent now it's definately in trouble.

21:15 Insurgent destroyed surprise surprise and we where responsible for the decisive shot. Also intruder neutralised with only minor injuries. 15 mins into patrol and so far no major problems to report. Ship systems functioning normally and crew healthy and in high spirits.

21:17 Decided to check TACOPS and get an idea of the current status of the region noticed two hostiles one VAL/MIL Aestrom and one GAM/MIL Battlecruiser MK3. The Aestrom was targetting Galcom but the Battlecruiser was heading my way. After consultation with my officers it was decided to play a waiting game and target the

Battlecruiser as it emerges from the jump. 3 Starflash missiles where set to FATAL. Also noticed a TER/MIL Aestrom targetting the Battlecruiser.

21:19 As the Battlecruiser emerged from the jump all 3 Starflash missiles were launched. The target brought it's EMD online so we moved closer and armed all weapon systems. The Aestrom also began to close. The Battlecruiser was raked by laser fire from both sides and the shield quickly floundered with the hull closely following until finally it was obliterated. A lone shuttle screeched away but wasn't worth my time.

21:24 A few minutes to gather our thoughts and the klaxon goes again this time a KAN/RAI Battlecruiser MK1 with Galcom HQ in it's sights and a TER/INS Mantis targeting a TER/MIL Vandal.

After considering the options decided to head towards the Mantis.

21:26 As we moved into range it became apparent that the Mantis was in a bad way. The Vandal opened fire and it exploded in a ball of flame. By this time the Battlecruiser was also spacedust.

21:31 All seems quiet now just the normal intra-system traffic milling about. Certainly no hostiles detectable. Then without warning an intruder shows up on PERSCAN marines are called into action and begin searching the decks. Also at this moment a TER/INS Violon enters from Venus. After checking TACOPS we proceed to engage.

21:32 After another quick check of TACOPS a change of plan was decided sensors showed a hostile Starmonk had entered from Mercury and was targetting a DRO/DIP. Decided to give rushed orders to move into a defensive position close to the diplomat. There was no need to worry as Galcom took care of the Starmonk and we escorted the diplomat to a safe berth onboard Galcom HQ.

21:33 Decided to check Perscan and noticed 4 marines had taken heavy damage. This was one tough intruder ordered all injured personnel to Medbay. Intruder had now reached one of the fighter bays and caused considerable damage this was slowly getting out of hand.

21:35 we now have 5 intruders onboard and 1 marine in a critical state also to add to the confusion we have been acquired by a KAN/CRI Starcruiser. After another check of Perscan it is with regret that I have to confirm the loss of one of our marines. Gave orders to head towards Starcruiser.

21:43 Had no problem taking out the Starcruiser using 3 carefully placed Starflash missiles it never knew what hit it. Checked status of the ongoing battle 1 prisoner taken but 2 intruders

still evading capture. FC Bay 3 sabotaged gave engineering the order to carry out repairs.

21:47 Finally!!! only 1 intruder left but 8 marines in a bad way. Total of 12 marines assigned to Medbay.

21:51 Remaining intruder cornered and put to death the crew breathed a sigh of relief for a short period things had looked bad. Noticed on scanners a cargo pod floating close by. Shuttle 2


21:52 Nearly time to head towards the Pluto region one last check of systems showed interference possibly from a cloaked ship. No hostiles showing on TACOPS.

21:54 Heading towards jump gate to Pluto region clear of all visible hostiles.

21:58 Jumping to Pluto region.

22:03 Entered Pluto region. All quiet set course for Gazer 1.Just before we entered jump 2 hostiles showed up. 1 VAL/CRI Garid and 1 GAM/RAI Interceptor Mk 2. Decided to monitor the Garid. My officers also informed me that we had intruders onboard. A quick check of Perscan showed only 1. Removed all power from launch control and ordered marines to prepare for combat. Still noticing localised interference.

22:06 TER/MIL Spacestar entered through flux and proceeded to engage the Garid. Made decision to dock as soon as possible as Radine and Plutonium was running low.

22:08 Garid destroyed but the Spacestar was caught in the blast and didn't make it. Range from Gazer 42 Klicks and closing.

22:09 Intruder terminated just before docking with Gazer 1. Checked carrier for damage and refueled all systems. Didn't have time to complete repairs on FC Bay 3 purchased required components and made a note to complete repairs once launched.

22:15 Launched from Gazer 1 set repair crews to FC Bay 3 and checked Medbay for status of all injured personnel. 2 marines where ready for release. Then set course for Charon.

22:20 Region clear of hostiles as we approched Charon. Assigned marines to the shuttles and entered orbit. Opened up TACOPS and processed waypoints for mining drone insertion.

22:23 All waypoints set just about to launch shuttles when the klaxon sounds we have been acquired by 2 GAM/CRI S-Fighters. Applied power to the PTA system and moved closer the tactical computer processed the data and destroyed them in seconds.

22:29 All quiet again. All shuttles launched.

22:34 Mining drones deployed sucessfully all shuttles back onboard. Setting course for Alpha Centauri all systems repaired and everything quiet at the moment.

22:38 Entered Centris region and gave orders to fly to Orion station. The crew are ready for some shore leave.

22:41 In hyper towards Orion. Acquired by FAL/RAI Firestorm. 2 neutral ships in vicinity 1 VAL/MER Zenstar and 1 EMP/MIL Starmonk both target the Firestorm.

22:42 Set 3 Vagrants on Firestorm using FATAL no need to launch Firestorm was destroyed by Orion station as it emerged from the jump.

22:45 Did a quick scan of local area and noticed a SYR/DIP on final approach. Checked with external camera and noticed something seemed to be firing at it no hostiles in region. Moved

in closer and gave orders to defend but just before docking the craft exploded on checking could see no reason why.

22:49 Docked at Orion station. Mission accomplished

One of the things about UC is the fact that all players will have there own experience within the mission parameters. No other game allows so much freedom.

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Here is the second AAR for Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight.

Mission 2 "Patrol Of Alpha Centauri System"

Commander Patrik Vanda

Craft GCV Starlight (Megaron Heavy Carrier)

Date: 04/04/3030 Location Centris Region (Alpha Centauri)

2252 No rest. Orders received to carry out a patrol of the Alpha Centauri system and maintain a prescence in each region for 30 minutes. On leaving Orion station we decided to have a quick check of TACOPS all seemed quiet. Gave orders to target the Nevuela jump gate and set course. A known insurgent outpost this should be fun.

22:59 All weapon systems brought online entering gate.

23:00 Entered Nevuela region patrol required for 30 mins. Monitoring region through TACOPS all quiet so far.

23:03 TER/TRA MRT-15 entered region and was immediately targetted by two VAL/CRI Zodiacs gave orders to defend trader. As we moved closer the Zodiacs decided to target us and both entered hyperjump. Decided to stand ground and wait.

23:06 As the first Zodiac emerged gave orders to attack, moved ahead at full speed with all weapons bearing down. First Zodiac disappeared into a cloud of spacedust. Second Zodiac had slipped to our rear but the PTA system was causing massive damage it didn't take long to disable the craft. Heard klaxon and noticed a MAN/RAI Battlecruiser MK2 moving to engage the trader.

23:09 Battlecruiser destroyed by two neutral fighter craft that had entered the region.

23:13 Region clear keeping a safe distance from Destiny starstation don't want to stir up a hornets nest. Orders are to patrol but not create any undue tension.

23:20 10 mins to go before the next patrol region. Crew are getting restless at the current inactivity.

23:23 Gave orders to move closer to the Varan jump gate.

23:25 Still quiet 5 mins to go space really can be big and empty.

Location Varan Region (Alpha Centauri)

23:30 Arrived in Varan no other craft visible. 30 minute patrol commenced.

23:32 FAL/MIL Vandal entered from Cronus on it's way to Galcom HQ hailed and gave update on status of known regions.

23:33 Two hostiles entered region one ZEL/CRI Defender and one EMP/CRI Sentry decided to target the Sentry. Both craft began moving closer and our systems showed we where been tracked. Without warning we had incoming missiles. Activated the EMD and quickly moved out of harms way then backtracked and managed to get behind the Sentry. At this point we had no idea what had happened to the Defender. Sent two missiles towards the Sentry which turned and began bombarding us with laser fire we just kept a straight course and increased main laser intensity to 100% to do maximum damage. The Sentry soon exploded. Now it was time to find the missing Defender. TACOPS showed it was 30 Klicks away but closing fast moved into position so the PTA system could acquire the target and watched as the shields then the hull were reduced to zero.

23:37 No sooner had we recovered when the scanner showed a CRE/RAI Warmonger targetting a ZEL/WOR LRT-10. We set course to defend. The Warmonger didn't seem register our position and we managed to get into a good firing position but before we could finish the job the Warmonger cloaked.

23:50 Checked local vicinity and noticed a cargo pod close by. Sent Shuttle 1 to retrieve but pod self destructed before we could take it on board. No sign of Warmonger or any other hostiles.

23:54 Moving towards Cronus jump gate the patrol of Varan almost complete. Need to refuel fairly quickly. Watching the clock tick down. The last few minutes of a patrol are always the worst.

05/04/3030 Location Cronus (Alpha Centauri)

00:00 Entered Cronus region and set course for EMP/MIL Centauri station to refuel. Sensors show no craft in the region.

00:04 Intruders onboard not sure how many no visible hostiles. Checked PERSCAN showed three intruders went to TACTICAL and deployed marines.

00:06 Status update medic has been caught in the crossfire and injured also two marines are in a bad way. All medical personnel put on high alert.

00:08 Radine and Plutonium both low will need to sell spare parts to increase cash if we want to have enough to continue the patrol. Good news only one intruder left and the marines have him cornered shouldn't be too long now. Also noticing interference possibly from a cloaked ship in the region wonder if it's our old friend the Warmonger?

00:10 Intruder in a bad way trying to make it too Medibay not a good move the place is teeming with marines. Another intruder has boarded and beamed straight into the Medibay guess our friend must have got a message out.

00:11 One intruder taken prisoner the other one still at loose. All squads given orders to shoot on sight.

00:13 Second intruder taken prisoner. Finally managed to dock at Centauri.

00:14 Damn illegal goods onboard received a violation need to make sure i'm clean in future. Not too sure how illegal goods got onboard though could it have been the intruders?

00:18 Refueled and launched from Centauri.

00:20 Still receiving messages about a possible cloaked ship nothing showing on TACOPS.

00:26 Two SYR/RAI Zenstar fighter craft have emerged from Varan and targetted a DRO/TOU LRT-10 proceeding to give assistance. Decided to send two fighter craft on intercept missions it's about time they had some fun.

00:29 Both Zenstars have decided to make a run for it and have left region via the Treas jump gate. Heading towards jump gate to follow gave fighters order to defend.

Location Treas (Alpha Centauri)

00:32 Entered Treas region no sign of Zenstars although there is a FAL/RAI X22 Aurora targetting a ZEL/MIL Corsair. Moving to give assistance.

00:33 Just as hyper kicked in a FAL/CRI Sunflash decided to enter the fray. X22 destroyed by both interceptors which are now targetting the Sunflash. Gave orders to recall interceptors due to a DRO/RAI Megaron heading our way.

00:35 Interceptor 1 destroyed by Sunflash Interceptor 2 has managed to make it back onboard it was a close thing though.Both Sunflash and Megaron closing fast set two FATALS on each craft and turned to face the Megaron. The missiles streaked towards there target and we followed on behind all the while lowering there shields opening the soft underbelly which was no match for a third and final missile. Now it was the turn of the Sunflash we needed to avenge interceptor 1.

00:36 Used the tried and tested strategy of targetting the jump exit point. As the Sunflash emerged we all took great pleasure in the firework display.

00:39 All quiet now ZEL/MIL Corsair is disabled moving to protect will tow to safety later.

00:40 Klaxon sounded and message that we have been acquired received. No hostiles on scanners. Still 20 minutes to go in this patrol zone. Need to check if there's a station in Tramis.

00:43 Despatched Shuttle 1 to tow Corsair and jump to Tramis. Suddenly from nowhere a Battlecruiser MK2 appeared we took evasive action and managed to survive. Then it was our chance to turn the tables but before we could cause any serious damage the Battlecruiser cloaked.

00:46 Just checked status of Shuttle 1 pilot has been killed and shuttle is floating in space still trying to tow the Corsair. Will have to keep an eye on the situation but need to clear area of hostiles first.

00:47 First things first we have a VAL/DIP disabled by a FAL/MER moving to defend. Damn too late diplomat destroyed and now we've been acquired by the mercenery and a FAL/RAI Starmonk. Starmonk not in range yet so lets sort the merc out first. Getting good at this took out the merc without a single retaliatory shot it just seemed to curl up and die. Wasn't quite so lucky with the Starmonk due to a second one showing up to escort still managed to survive the skirmish and both Starmonks were destroyed.

00:55 Area now clear of hostiles. Sent Shuttle 2 out to collect cargo pods on checking the scanner realised there where six in the area. Thats not a bad salvage well worth the battle.

00:57 Turned attention to Shuttle 1 gave order to RTB and to my surprise it responded on checking status after docking it was in a bad way needed to get spare parts.

00:58 Not long left all feels quiet too quiet. Then intruder alert and interference picked up from a cloaked ship in the vicinity which started decloaking and taking potshots then cloaking again. Carried out evasive maneouvers. Then we saw it a VAL/MIL Starstorm straight ahead it had made a fatal mistake. Checked PERSCAN five intruders onboard.

01:00 Headed for the Tramis jumpgate taking out a Firestorm on the way still five intruders onboard. Checked crew status two marines dead including the one killed in Shuttle 1. Only four intruders left still 43 Klicks from jumpgate. Seven marines in Medibay.

Location Tramis (Alpha Centauri)

01:06 Arrived in Tramis three intruders still onboard one has been taken prisoner. No hostiles thank god!!!. Decided to dock with Aleri and get some spare parts for Shuttle 1.

01:08 All three remaining intruders are in Shuttle 1.

01:10 Only one intruder left. Closing on Aleri Shuttle 2 in escort due to launch control been powered down. Acquired by CRE/MIL Aestrom taken out without any problems only 10 Klicks from Aleri.

01:17 Finally docked at Aleri six marines still in the Medibay. All systems onboard Starlight repaired. Grabbed the spare parts required and refueled.

01:24 All engineers assigned to repair duty on Shuttle 1 and marines that are able put on station. Entering the final leg of quite an eventful patrol.

01:32 Heading towards Centris jumpgate all onboard looking forward to a well earned rest.

Location Centris Region (Alpha Centauri)

01:34 Entered Centris region and gave orders to dock with Orion.

01:41 Docked at Orion station carried out repairs and recruited two marines. Shuttle 1 fully repaired.

To be continued who knows what will happen next!!!

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That was one of my main objectives to show just how individual the game experience can be using the same basic game parameters i.e. same launch base, same patrol route etc

Each player would have there own individual experiences and also there own ways of dealing with whatever the game throws at you. My bigger aim is to create a kind of pseudo rpg using the UC game. Heres how I think it might work.

One player is a kind of gamemaster who keeps track of where each player is via reports from each individual commander and from these reports the next set of orders can be created taking into account each individuals current status. I'm at the stage of designing a form which will allow players to inform the game master of the current status.

Any ideas or encouragement would be appreciated.

Also keep checking for the next thrilling installment from Commander Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight

Who knows whats going to happen next...

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Patrik, it might be a good idea to also include members of the Insurgent Fleet. This has two benefits: 1) The Insurgent Fleet get involved and 2) The story becomes more realistic in relation to the UC world. The gamemaster would then be some sort of "all seeing eye" (maybe if he wants to play you can assign a new gamemaster from time to time) and let's a story unfold

Nice, count me in then!

I mean we have good guys and bad guys. Maybe the newly created Raider Caste wants to take part also and this would very well be THE prelude to MP kickoff!

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*Captain's Log- BCMk3 ICV Starlight Vengeance- begin transmission*

Our current location is somewhere in Nevuela...not sure exactly where. Engineering tells me the computer systems should be functional within the hour, but until then we're flying blind. I am currently rotating shuttle and fighter patrols to spot for the command ship, at least until the sensors come back online.

What a disaster. Just getting around the bridge is trouble enough with all the broken equipment lying around. Medical is having trouble keeping up with all the patients. I can't even access the lowest of ship functions to see how well the hull is holding; It's a miracle we even got the engines back. Guesswork and duct tape is pretty much all that's keeping us alive right now.

I'm having serious second thoughts about allowing our prisoners to continue breathing- since the last attack a few hours ago, the detention security system has been on the fritz and the marines I assigned as guards are weary from combat.

We'll be tight on resources for a while, that's for sure- if, that is, we make it back to Destiny station. This old girl took one hell of a beating... had I been assigned any other ship or any other crew, I would be nothing more than space dust right now.

And command called this a "routine patrol." Funny how after years in the navy and then serving the insurgents I still trust the intel division. You would think I'd have learned by now.

Naturally, it started out just fine. We took on a full load of fuel before launching- that alone tanked a week's pay and took some creative deal-making to pull off. We had just arrived in lunar orbit when I got the first CAS alert. Just a few fighters, no biggie. Didn't even need the cloak; the PTA turrets nailed the little suckers as they came out of hyperspace. Of course, just as I was wondering where they'd come from, Resnig decided it was time to report the intruders that had somehow gotten on board...don't know why I keep the moron around; the intruders got to shuttle 3 before I could power down launch control.

Scratch a tank and a shuttle. Go figure. Note to self: have the marines patrolling shuttlebay assigned to latrine detail. They're issued automatic weaponry to kill things, not to sit there playing cards while a bunch of chumps make off with a mark three and my armor support.

Naturally, that's when the supercarrier decloaks off the port bow. I never had any great desire to meet a Firestorm with it's business end pointed at my command, and those feelings have definitely gotten stronger. We lost solar panel two and number four fighter bay before I got the cloak engaged and the ship oriented to respond. We got a few good volleys in to bloody the thing before it cloaked and jumped out.

I decided that planetfall was not a prudent move with the damage the ship had sustained, so I took a shuttle and two marines down for a mining run to the lunar surface. Drone deployed, got its load, and returned to the shuttle without incident. Lifted off at around 0800 and set course for orbit.

The Starlight Vengeance was right where I expected it to be, in parking orbit 300 clicks from the moon. I set the shuttle autopilot on a return course and sat back for a drink. The marines were busy checking over the mining drone to make sure everything was in order. A few seconds later, the HUD lit up like someone had stuck a cattle prod in it. A carrier and two cruisers incoming, fast.

The first two were headed for my CC. It would have been no contest on any other day, but with the battle damage and without me at the helm, this was something to be very worried about. I gave her new orders in the hopes that my bridge crew could handle it without me there. I winced and made a grab for my wallet as I saw a large missile strike the starboard engine. The cruiser had the misfortune of crossing the main gun arc; its captain must have been wetting his pants just before his ship was cut to pieces. I took some major pleasure out of watching that happen.

Well, at least until the second cruiser arrived. Then I found out it wasn't headed for my CC, but for my shuttle. Without EMD or any other defensive system, the tin can was something of a sitting duck. A pair of missiles reaming my shield generator re-enforced this point. Naturally, I did the only thing that I could think of in my self-preservationist, cowardly little mind- abandon ship.

Too bad I didn't assign SF marines to the shuttle. Too bad I had a full damn load of ore in that drone...marines, shuttle, and drone went up in one hell of a fireball. Well, at least I still had a spacesuit. I thrusted as hard as the gimpy little rockets on it could boost me heading for my CC. Fortunately, the cruiser lost interest after destroying my shuttle. Or maybe not so fortunately, since I was still well over 180 clicks from the CC and I dared not risk ordering her to me in the middle of a battle.

Stupid, stupid me. The Starlight Vengeance handled herself admirably, I'm pleased to say...if admirably can be expressed in a hull that now somewhat closely resembles a barfed up chunk of swiss cheese. I'll be lucky if Insurgent Command doesn't space me for this.

Either way, I made it back to the CC after a while letting the crew drive it around me in drunken circles. I must remember to not trust the autopilot when the computers are so messed up. Next the ship will be thinking it can fly every time someone short-circuits a light bulb on the sub-deck or something.

Maybe with a few months worth of pay and some favor call-ins I'll have the ship spaceworthy in the next few centuries...

*end of log- transmission terminated*

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  • 2 weeks later...

Captain's Log - Sol, Moon Jumpgate to Earth, 00:17.

After a small engagement between FC1-4 and an earth ins MRT15, I've recalled the FC's for rearming and reload. All seems quiet though, a little quiet.

*Klaxon Klaxon* rang through the hull of my brand new Firestorm. Well brand new minus the new reactor/engine/shield/armor upgrade plus 55mil in galcred.

"Alert, we have intruders onboard." Quickly, I took a glance at the radar. I didn't expect the enemy carrier to uncloak right now, but I checked anyways. Nothing. Pressing a few buttons, I switched over to PERSCAN to locate the annoying pesks onboard my ship. No sooner had I done that, the chief engineer reported, "Warning FC1 charger has been damaged." Dammit, they transported right into my flight deck!

First things first, shut down power to launch contorl. "Resnig, get those damn marines to the flight deck. If any of my crafts or engineers get hurt, I'll push you outta the airlock myself. Nav officer, set a course for Earthstar, we don't the parts necessary to fix that charger."

As I watched, the boarders tried to leave deck 3 but was getting pushed back by the marines. Good. Then the pilot sitting inside FC8 started to lose his LF. Damn, the last intruder boarded the FC but couldn't get off the ship because launch control was disabled. "Get that pilot to medbay immediately! Resnig - "

*Klaxon Klaxon* Great, I checked on my radar screen and lo and behold, there was a GAM/MIL Violon holding position at the Earth Jumpgate, exactly where I had been 30s ago. With no fighters, that would have been a bad engagement.

There was nothing I could do now, I would revert back to real space in two minutes and with that boarder in my FC8, I couldn't dare turn launch control back on. "Resnig, I want that a$$hole off my ship right now!"

Two minutes later, and with 2 more limping marines to the medbay, the flight engineers began scraping the remains of the baddie off the inside of FC8. "Alright flyboys, let's see what you got. Launch FC4-6, engage the violon at will."

The fighters departed quickly, and being their new commander, I wanted to see what they were really capable of. After watching the engagement with awe, (they destroyed the violon in 3 passes with minimal damage to one fighter) I recalled the fighter to a holding position near the EarthStar station while I docked and purchased additional supplies.

When I undocked, I found an enemy StarWarrior was taking potshots at the ODS. The ODS was almost disabled, so it didn't really matter how fast I got there. Excellent. Time to plan my attack accordingly. I ordered my NAV officer to HJ to the StarWarrior and began to assign 4 STS-FireStar to FATAL. But I had forgotten about my gung-ho FC4-6. They of course HJ at the same time I did, but being smaller, their HJ transit time would be far shorter than mine. Just like their lifespan would be too. I set orders for them to retreat, hopefully, they would back off as soon as they transitioned to normal space. I would not get my wish.

"Sir, FC6 reports medium damage to most control systems and main gun."

"Get him outta there now! FC5 and FC7, take potshot runs at the enemy ship and get FC6 clear!"

I was still 2 minutes away. While I love the firestorm for it's big guns and big fighters, it was slow to do anything. Sigh. There was nothing to do but wait. This is the worst part as I checked and rechecked every system on the ship. The enemy commander, had of course acquired me as soon as my fighters backed off but I hadn't cloaked. Besides, I was wanted get a test run of those new shields my CE put in. There was nothing like combat to test out new systems.

As I was nearing my transit position, the 4 firestars cleared from my weapons pod and flew straight at the enemy ship. All was fair in love and war, and whoever got off the first shot would have the upperhand. As luck would have it, the enemy commander didn't find my unshield ship dropping out of hyperspace in front of him, but instead found 4 big missiles coming straight at him. All 4 missiles found a new home in his shields. The enemy shields buckled but held, barely. At 300 points, their shields were good as gone.

"Get FC5 and FC7 back in the engagement, tell FC6 to dock at his convenience. Set a head on engagement with the enemy ship." I set 4 more firestars on FATAL. I didn't honestly think this missiles would work, but any distraction from him launching missiles would work to my advantage too.

As the range closed, the commander let loose with everything from his IOD. Time to put those PTA turrets to good use. I manuevered my ship up and around, knowing that my firestorm had a huge cone of fire. I could basically rake him at any angle and use his large forward speed against him as he tried to manuever to keep his front guns on me. He would not get his wish. Within moments, it was all over, my shields fell to 15% but charged back up to 100% in less than a minute. The StarWarrior was drifting away, while his SOS beacon was ringing through every radio frequency possible.

At the corner of my eye, I saw FC7 streak by, making the final run on the doomed ship. It exploded spectaculary in front of me. Bastard, he stole my kill!

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The AI has started showing its true colors once again...

I'm wandering around Midae4 in a brand shiny new Firestorm when I get jumped by a pair of cruisers and get a bit charred around the edges. A moment later I've retrieved my fighters and jumped back towards base.

As I enter hyperspace, Tac informs me that we're being targeted...but there's nothing showing on the screens. The bridge MFDs, showing a sense of the dramatic, chose that moment to flicker with static. Clearly there was something lurking around the system...but it was too late to abort the jump, even if that were the right thing to do.

Three minutes later, I'm meshing back into realspace, watching the simulated external view as usual...which meant that I had a perfect view of what happened next. An enemy Stormcarrier rippled into visibility right next to ship - as in, I could have hit it by throwing rocks out the airlock - and tore into me with its turrets.

Fortunately, homebase sortied a wing of fighters to help me, and between them and my fast reflexes I was able to get out alive and limp back to base. I spent a lot of time in drydock after that adventure.

As a side note, I saw something rather odd just before that. I was tracking a Warmonger and a Spacestar that had gotten into a skirmish, with the Warmonger lying in wait as the Spacestar approached it in hyper. With the Spacestar still ten seconds or so away from emerging from hyper, the Warmonger opened fire on it - and hit! It took away half the Spacestar's shields before it even started meshing back in. Despite this, the eventual victor was the Spacestar, aftera short bout of turret tag.


I now have a note pinned to my command console, reading "DO NOT LET MARINES PILOT SHUTTLES".

Having finally made planetfall on Centris without slamming my Nightstar into the surface at lethal speed, I prepared to deploy drones. Taking up station 7km above a desolate area of the planet, I ordered four marines to the shuttles, gave them drone deployment waypoints, and launched them.

That was when it started to go horribly wrong.

Shuttles 1, 2, and 4 deployed normally, although they seemed to spend more time than normal circling my carrier. SC-3, however, promptly shot up to 16km, blatantly violating the accel tolerances of the ship.

I suppose what happened next should have come as no suprise; at the g that ship had to pull to climb so fast, the pilot had surely blacked out. SC-3 tipped over, and even faster, it seemed, plummeted into the planet surface and immolated itself in a giant fireball.

Perhaps the fate of their comrade instilled a greater than normal sense of caution in the other three marines, for they spent far longer than normal circling the landing sites, darting in for a landing before changing their minds and pulling up, and suchlike...but eventually, all three of the remaining shuttles had landed and deployed their mining drones. In the meantime, I had shed 6km of altitude, in the hopes that if one of them screwed up while landing on the carrier, the shorter fall would increase everyone's chances of survival.

SC-1 and SC-2 made it back intact. I have no idea what happened to SC-4, but the comms uplink registered a sudden increase in engine power, then nothing. I can only surmise that, made overconfident by his successful landing, the pilot gunned the engines for takeoff and promptly embedded his craft in a rock at 700mps.

I suspect that the marines' flight training, if indeed they have had any, involved extended sessions with Lt. Jim Beam.

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Hmm, not sure if this goes here but...

Misadventures in multiplayer:

Well, saturday June 12th I entered server 3. Jamotto and Khan were in attendance. All was going pretty well took out some NPC's more showed up and I sent my fighters out. Well after the first battle (of the four fighters) FC-1 blew up and lost communication with another FC-4. So, I located FC-4 and hypered to the craft. The fighter crew was dead but the ship was intact with fire spewing out of the bottom of it. Instead of ordering a shuttle craft to go and tow the fighter back, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I left my CC (GVC-The Pride of Resnig) and merrily entered the Fighter. Well that was a mistake. Most of the systems were destroyed and I could not exit the craft or even move. After much thought, I ordered my CC to tow the fighter with me in it to the procon starbase.

The others met up with me there. I disengaged the tractor so the others could help. However, I could not even issue an SOS. Jamotto decides to leave his CC and try and push me. The fighter's hull finaly gave out and I went boom. Thus ending this embarrasment.

Here are the highlights:

Jamotto External View

Fighter On Fire

Jamotto Photo Op

Jamotto EVA You have to rename this to jamotto_eva.RAR. It contains the full pics of jamotto's EVA including a self running slide show. (sorry for posting this link late I was having trouble getting it to my site. for some reason it was transfering the RAR file in ascii mode. I haven't used WS_FTP in a while so I just renamed the RAR file to a ZIP which automatically transfers in binary.)


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Originally posted by LostInSpace:

I left my CC (GVC-The Pride of Resnig)

OK, that ain't right


Jamotto decides to leave his CC and try and push me.


Remember, you cannot ALT+E from a fighter in space, only on a planet and while landed in TAXI state.

And why didn't you just use Tacops to order your CC to stop, then target it and ALT+D to dock the fighter?

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


Originally posted by LostInSpace:

I left my CC (GVC-The Pride of Resnig)

OK, that ain't right


Jamotto decides to leave his CC and try and push me.


Remember, you cannot ALT+E from a fighter in space, only on a planet and while landed in TAXI state.

And why didn't you just use Tacops to order your CC to stop, then target it and ALT+D to dock the fighter?

As for the ship name you know it's been taking a while for people to pay attention to the name. I've been using it for a week or so all of a sudden out of a clear blue sky I get a message in the chat about it.

I forgot about that exit business. I went into the fighter with a space suit and thought I could exit the same way (since I didn't just have a flight suit). Ah, so I just blamed it on the melting hull. Also, no one else was able to see my ship on fire. That's the reason why I took the screen shot to show em.

I was using the Tacops alot during this but dang it if I can't remember if I tried that. Me and the others tried just about everything else just to see if we can.

BTW: I added a link to the previous post you might want to check out.

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

And why didn't you just use Tacops to order your CC to stop, then target it and ALT+D to dock the fighter?

I suggested that to Lost he said it didn't work.

Those where great shots you took.

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