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Universal Combat: After Action Reports:

Supreme Cmdr

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Originally posted by jamotto:


Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

And why didn't you just use Tacops to order your CC to stop, then target it and ALT+D to dock the fighter?

1:I suggested that to Lost he said it didn't work.

2:Those where great shots you took.

1: I thought you did but I tried so many things I just couldn't remember.

2: Thanks

Also, thanks DREADA and SC for the FTP program listings I will check them out.

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Here is the latest AAR from Commander Patrik Vanda and the crew of the GCV Starlight as the adventure continues.

Mission 3 Commander: Patrik Vanda

Craft: GCV Starlight (Megaron Heavy Carrier)

Location: Centris Region


01:51 Orders received to proceed to Galcom HQ decided to go via Pluto and pick up mining drones deployed on Charon. On checking TACOPS noticed one hostile a GAM/RAI Firestorm decide to clear region then head for Pluto. All weapon systems armed and coordinates of Firestorm entered into Navigation computer.

01:53 Closing fast and Firestorm seems oblivious until it's too late and nothing more exists. Sent Shuttle 2 to retrieve cargo pod then headed towards the Sol wormhole.

Location: Pluto Region

01:58 Entered Pluto region proceeding to orbit Charon.

02:02 TER/DIP LRT-10 entered system and has been targetted by two VAL/MER Templon's. Readied two fighters and gave them intercept orders on the Templons hoping to keep the mercs busy while Shuttle 1 attempts to tow the diplomat to Gazer 1.

02:08 Diplomat has docked sucessfully and on merc destroyed the other has decided to make a run for it. Recalling fighters and preparing to retrieve drones.

02:10 Gave orders for repairs to be carried out on fighters 2 and 3 due to minor damage from the engaement with the mercenarys.

02:14 In orbit around Charon and all shuttles launched and proceeding to retrieve drones. Just received message that we have intruders onboard gave orders to shut down launch control.

02:15 Its not good five intruders and three hostiles in the region. Proceeding to engage TER/INS Battlecruiser MK3 as it is the greatest threat at the moment.

02:19 Battlecruiser destroyed still four intruders onboard. One marine dead and seven badly injured just received message that Shuttles 1 and 2 have recovered there drones. Gave them orders to halt while we get on top of the intruder problem.

02:21 Another marine dead three intruders still loose. Nearly all marines in a bad way decided to send the critically injured ones to Medibay for treatment there no good to me dead.

02:24 Only two marines in fighting condition and still two intruders this should be interesting.

02:26 Need fuel desperately gave orders to head towards Gazer 1.

02:29 Acquired by TER/INS S Fighter this better be quick. Stayed close to Gazer 1 and let the station defenses protect me.

02:30 Still two intruders and Medibay is been pushed to the limits and now we've got a GAM/RAI Battlecruiser MK1 closing fast.

02:32 Battlecruiser disabled as soon as it came within range of Gazer 1. Only one intruder left.

Status: 2 System Engineers badly injured, 2 Flight Engineers badly injured only 3 marines able to carry out normal duties and Radine down to 319.

02:33 Finally clear of all intruders and all shuttles have extracted there drones time to dock and refuel then proceed to Galcom.

02:52 Launched from Gazer 1 with two new marines and a shiny new fighter set course for Earth.

Location: Earth Region

03:01 Arrived in Earth Region to the message intruders onboard. No hostiles visible in region. Checked PERSCAN only one this time thank god. Orders received to dock at Galcom and await further communication.

03:07 Intruder terminated with only minor casualties. Galcom is 42 Klicks away.

03:09 Docked at Galcom HQ and received orders to deliver a Top Secret cargo to the Velari Starstation in the Polaris-2 region. Orders stated that we must proceed straight there and only engage hostiles if they pose a direct threat to ourselves. Also if we are acquired the hostile must be destroyed so that any possible scan information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. This includes all escape shuttles.

03:11 Opened up Navitron and calculated flight path to Polaris-2. First jump region is Jupiter.

Location: Jupiter Region

03:17 No problems so far Jupiter clear of hostiles just a GAM/TRA passing through moving towards the Sirius Wormhole.

03:18 GAM/RAI Viper entered system as per orders proceeded towards the Wormhole.

Location: Lyrius

03:22 Entered Lyrius region. Viper has been destroyed by TER/MIL Starfighter and a new threat has appeared a ZEL/CRI X22 Aurora which is targetting the Gammulan Trader.

03:25 TER/INS Alininx has been engaged by a GAM/ASS Infiltrator right next to our next jump gate. This could be tricky.

03:27 Seem to have slipped by unnoticed only 44 Klicks to the jump gate.

Location: Lennen

03:30 Entered Lennen. What a lovely system will try to keep clear of Pixan it's a known raiders hang out. All seems quiet so far but systems show we are been tracked.

03:31 Knew someone would show up and take an interest. DRO/RAI S Fighter shouldn't be too much trouble and guess what intruders as well only one we should be ok.

03:33 S Fighter disabled but two ZEL/CRI Infiltrators also want a piece of me.

03:36 Intruder still loose seems to be giving my marines a bit of a run around. We have now been acquired by a TER/INS Interceptor 1.

03:37 Interceptor destroyed by PTA.

03:39 Intruder has manged to get into Shuttle 1 but the three marines already onboard are making short work of him.

03:41 Intruder taken prisoner again with only minor casualties. Launch control is back online and two fighters have been launched. One Infiltrator disabled by PTA the other destroyed by Fighter 2.

03:42 No targets engaging hyper to Polaris wormhole.

03:44 Acquired by GAM/MIL X22 Auror whilst in hyper best be careful when exiting hyper thats when the craft is at it's most vulnerable.

03:46 X22 destroyed by two FATAL missiles proceed full speed to Polaris wormhole it's time to move on.

03:47 SYR/CRI Starwarrior closing fast although a scan of the craft shows both hull and shield are badly damaged PTA should take care of it. Theres no way we'll make it to the wormhole in time. There all after me know DRO/CRI Quester also moving to my position current range 120 Klicks. We have decided to stand and fight.

03:48 Starwarrior destroyed as it exited jump Quester now 87 Klicks and closing fast. Two FATALS engaged.

03:51 Quester also taken out but diplomat destroyed while I was busy command won't be impressed.

Location: Polaris-2

03:53 Entered Polaris-2 region heading towards Velari to deliver cargo. Waiting for jump engines to recharge.

04:00 43 Klicks from Velari and we have five intruders beamed into the shuttle launch bay. Time to get the marines out of bed.

04:02 One marine dead and four in a bad way. Five still preparing for combat. One intruder killed still four to go.

04:04 This must be a joke four more intruders have beamed aboard straight into Medibay. One medic has already been killed. Made the decision to dock at Velari and let the station marines help out I could lose alot of crew otherwise.

Hope you enjoy this will post further adventures soon including a covert night recon of a hostile base.

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Tried Mission 2 again last night this involves a patrol of the Alpha Centauri system starting with a 30 min patrol of Nevuela.

All started well I was keeping well away from Destiny and monitoring my local space for hostiles. About 5 mins into the patrol a few neutral craft attacked the starstation which launched about 6 fighters in response. They made short work of the attackers then once the station was safe. I got multiple acquired messages and all 6 fighter craft headed my way. No problem I thought and got weapon systems online and set FATALS on all 6 fighters. They moved into range and all seemed to be going well until I got a message "there's something out there".

Suddenly a Firestorm uncloaked and bombarded me with fire and at the same time all the fighter craft seemed to coordinate there attacks. I have never taken any serious damage since buying UC but this attack ripped through my shields and the computer started reading damage messages like no tomorrow.

I targetted the Centris gate and jumped by this time my PTA had taken out half the fighter craft and managed to slow down the Firestorm. On exiting hyper I raced to the gate with 3 fighters still chasing. At this point I checked TACOPS and noticed the station had launched more fighters which were heading my direction.

Somehow I managed to survive but the challenge and experience was incredible I now realise why the upgrades are available.

So if anyone wants a challenge try sitting for half an hour in a hostile system with a vanilla command craft and see how long you last.

The new patch has brought a new lease of life to UC but from now on life is going to get harder much harder.

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Here's a fun story from UC SP

I can't remember the details exactly because this happened last night and I was pretty drunk(ok, very drunk), but it was by far the most exciting UC experiance I've ever had.

(Keep in mind I'm a raider flying a Starwarrior)

Quick summary:

I notice 2 carriers and 1 heavy cruiser are headed my way via hyperspace.

I could easily jump away and escape but I figure, what the heck, I'm drunk and I want to rumble.

I can handle this...

I decide not to use missiles and to just take down the carriers with my main guns(fun but not smart).

I killed'em... but wasted lots of time.

While I was showing off and blasting away at the carriers I didn't pay attention to my radar...

Suddenly 3 red dots turned into 7 red dots.

Very much alarmed I scanned my radar for friendlies. I recruited the help of a Syr/Ass Starwarrior, 2 Mul/Rai S-Fighter, and a couple other scummy criminals. I'm a Raider with Fleet C&C. It's good to have friends in low places.

So, good news is that I get backup ASAP.

Bad news is that my new backup attracted even more unwanted attention.

7 red dots quickly turned into about 12-15(red dots ALL over my radar). Damn that enemy space station...

So, my computer starts to get bogged down, the EMD static is getting on my nerves, and just then my shields hit 0%

No critical system failures but damage all over the place...

Three marines got radiated, ick. I also realize there are 6 intruders on board as well.

And did I hear correctly that something got destroyed???

I bring up my Tactical display to determain what got blown away...

Oh no...

My #1Cargo Bay is...GONE!!!

I could write an entire narrative on how pissed I was when I lost my entire cargo hold. All my nutripacks(all 1500 of them lol), all my pirated goods, all my repair kits... history. Millions of credits lost...

And I'm a raider for crying out loud!

The rest of the fight was spent in a furious rage. I just remember lots of explosions, lots of red dots and lots of gray dots.

Well... in the end when all was said and done only two ships remained. My Starwarrior and the original Syrion/Assasin in his Starwarrior that I recruited earlier.

My AE was at 3hp and almost everyone on the bridge got ripped apart and was at 50% hp or less. The medical officer stayed on duty throughout the fight and throughout the aftermath with 43hp and 75FF(she deserves a medal). As for the Syrion Assasin, I gave him the order to RTB.

I survived...

and it was fun,

but did they have to target and destroy my cargo hold?!? *groan*

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GCV Kamedake II

CAPT: Seina Yamada...

Patrol is patrol, there's no getting around it. Most people think the local earth area patrol is a walk in the park, but it gets boring monitering the spacelanes around Earth and Luna. Don't get me wrong, things do happen from time to time, and they tend to be the worst things. I'm in command of a Terran Megaron heavy carrier. Normally galactic police aren't privy to military craft. But they considered that the police needed at least one carrier for a local system. Some say I have bad luck though. Most commanders in the police force never see action their entire carreers. However, almost every patrol I go on seems to turn into a firefight. This one was no different... in fact, it was the craziest battle I've ever been in.

It was a single red blip on the scope, a Terran Raider just couldn't ressist going after a long range transport out near the pluto jumpgate. We jumped to intercept it so it wouldn't destroy the poor ship. We got there just in time, and the PTAs were already opening up on the Sunflash. It seemed routine... but this is where my bad luck likes to kick in. A flash from the jumpgate, and subsiquent alarms alert me to the newly arrived presence of a Warmonger and an escorting Garrid. Both Terran Insurgent. My eyes nearly bugged out at the sight of a the two cruisers, bearing straight down on me. Scrambling for the general quarters button, I shout an order to break off the assault. Unfortunately, the Hyperjump is only fifty percent charged. Then I remembered that I was now in a CARRIER, not a cruiser... so I snapped open the comm and ordered a scramble of the fighters. They deployed immediately, and started to tango with the two insurgent ships... The sunflash limped away, but a stray PTA bolt lanced across its engines, and dissabled it.

The fighters weaved in and out of PTA and missile fire as they made strafing runs on the cruisers. However they would get chewed up by the PTAs before long if I didn't recall them, and I myself was running, with my hyperdrive nearing ninty. I tried to raise Galcom HQ on the far side of earth, but found that subspace comm lines had been jammed by someone. And with GHQ on the far side of earth, they obviously didn't see the battle going on. I almost missed a flash of static across my screen... which always meant one thing. I bit my lower lip as I watched the hyperjump gauge nearing 95. But that moment, Two Aestroms and a Battlecruiser Mk II decloaked directly in front of me. I could only stare...

'WARNING AQUIRED' jumped me back to reality as well as the beeping of the inbound warning alarm.

I slammed my fist down on the manual override and pitched our nose into the verticle and slammed my other hand on the EMD jammer button. Kicking us to full thottle, I punched straight up from the local battle level, narrowly avoiding the swarm of missiles that were locked on. Despite that, two still managed to find their mark, and slammed into the underside of my vessel. The shields protested agnrily as they strained to maintain under the hits. I looked at my radar, fearing to see what was coming next. Surely enough, both Aestroms had launched their fighter compliments, and the BCMKII was launching its fighter compliment. I had to do something, and Hyperjumping now wouldn't get me out of the fray, since stopping for just that long would leave me open to their fire. I pitched the nose around and came to bear on the first thing that lined up in my sights, the Battlecruiser Mk II. At this range, it would be hard to miss, I noted this even as the PTA's from the three ships nearest me started lancing past. I powered the forward guns to full, decoupled them, and locked every launch ready missile on the ship in front of me. Then opened fire with everything at my disposal. The missile barrage slammed into the ship, followed by a salvo from my main guns as I dove at it full throttle. The ammount of firepower that slammed into it all at once was effective at completely vaporizing it. I was glad of that as my ship catapulted through the fireball. This sent me diving between the two Aestroms, right into their PTA crossfire, which were effective at buckling my shields. The ship rocked violently as white hot particle beams lanced across the hull. Interestingly enough, they managed to signifiantly weaken each other's shields with the shots that missed me, and my own PTAs lanced out and struck them as I passed. Several more inbound klaxons alerted me to the fighters, which I had nearly forgotten. Six were putting missiles on my tail. I rolled the ship and pulled out of my course, as several more missiles shot past. Luckly, none of these hit my ship, and my rolling put the PTAs onboard into lineup with the fighter craft. Two went up in fireballs before the rest scrambled out of range to set up for another pass. At this moment, my comms officer reported that subspace comm lines were no longer jammed. The battlecruiser Mk II must have been the one jamming them. I snapped open the commline directly to GHQ.

"This is Captain Seina Yamada! I need backup out near the Pluto jumpgate!"

The station operator regretted to inform me that there were no launch ready cruisers or carriers at this time. This had to be some kind of NIGHTMARE! What kind of major station has NO ready craft? I nearly chewed off the operators head, but he informed me he was dispatching some fighters to my position.

A flash across the nose of my craft alerted me to the cruisers, who hadn't exactly dissappeared, and the Garrid was trying to get a firing solution with its main guns. A Megaron was no fighter, but I made it pull a High Yo Yo up and over the Garrid, and pitched the nose around, guns decoupled, and fired my main guns into it, bringing its shields down before it slipped out of my firing cone. It's PTA's all the while, making hit and miss strikes on me.

About this time, reinforcements from GHQ arrived. Eight Aurora fighters. Only eight? The station didn't dispatch more? I guess I couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The fighters joined mine and started dogfighting with the Insurgent fighters. Although outnumbered, the GHQ fighter squadron was fully loaded and ready to go. Four enemy fighter went up in the first thirty seconds. This reminded me to check on my own craft... My fighters were in tact, although one had its shields down, and another had taken light damage. They were weaving in and out of the Warmonger's fire, and trying to avoid the enemy fighters at the same time, while making strafing runs past it from time to time to keep it from locking onto me.

Returning to my own problems, I noted the two Aestroms bringing their heavy forward batteries to bear on my position, my shields had regenerated slightly, but that wouldn't last long. Seeing nothing else to do, I pitched the ship straight down as they opened fire, and began tracking with decoupled cannons. Doing so brought the Garrid cruiser between myself and their firepower, allowing it to get pummeled by the fire. A tremendous explosion punched into its forward disruptor array, rendering its main weapons system useles before the Aestroms ceased fire. However, the Garrid's PTAs were still very much active, and they punished my ship for using them as a shield. A report came across that cargo bay two had taken a particularly nasty hit, an armor breach reported.

The fighters were now to busy with each other to pay us big ships any mind, even if PTAs lanced at them every few seconds. But those two Aestroms seemed determined to get a fix on me. Deciding fancy moves weren't going to help us, I ordered everyone to brace for an assault, and pitched the nose to face the nearest Aestrom, we were gonna go head to head. I really do regret firing all my missiles on that first ship. I punched the ship to full power even as my nav officer looked at me as if I were insane. The Aestrom seemed to think the same thing, it seemed to hesitate firing on me as my ship barreled at it at top speed. After burner to full, guns to full, shields... screw the shields, they were all but gone from the start. Lets kill us a supercarrier. I barely registered a flash of static on my screen, but dismissed it as battle damage. I opened fire on the Aestrom and used the decoupled guns to rake back and forth, which had the effect of slightly pitching our course around, keeping the Aestrom's return fire from scoring direct hits. Suddenly, a loud voice blaired onto my comm system.

"Kamedake II, bear one five seven and pitch up, DO IT NOW!"

Seeing nothing better to do, I followed the voice's instructions and performed the manuever to a T. Behind and below, a hailstorm of missiles erupted from an empty pocket of space, and a single large beam of energy lanced out at the leading Aestrom. A second later, another cluster of missiles and regular main gun fire erupted from the decloaking Stormcarrier and lanced into the other Aestrom. The first one went up in a fireball, and the second one's shields dropped in an instant. Where the first pocket of fire came from, a single Aestrom class carrier decloaked, turning to bear on the second Aestrom before the beam of light lanced out across space. I watched in disbelief as the beam cut the ship neatly in half, slicing through the hull with untold ease. It went up in a fireball a second later. The Stormcarrier was busy engaging the Warmonger, and another barrage of missiles ended that ships tour of duty with a shockwave and a fireball. Out matched and out numbered, the Garrid, still moving, ran for it, making back across the pluto jumpgate as the two supercarriers sent fire after it. The fighters that were left quickly followed suite as the Aestrom and Stormcarrier launched their own fighter squadrons.

I sat back in my chair, realizing I was breathing heavily... then turned to Kendric.

"Damage report," I stated.

As it would turn out, the Aestrom that came to my aid was the GCV GALAXIUS, commanded by Commander Tigerclaw. Which was the voice who had ordered my manuever.

They had been tailing an insurgent strike force that was making its way to Earth VIA the pluto jumpgate. From what I was told, he and an escort came through the jumpgate to see a nasty battle going on, and saw my ship turning to engage the Aestroms. He admitted he used my ship as a cover to keep him undetected so he and his escort could get in close enough to fire an unavoidable barrage at the Insurgent ships. The damage to my own vessel wasn't as bad as I had feared. Asside from the destruction of cargo bay two, which was repaired quickly, my ship only maintained light to moderate damage despite the odds I was up against. The Police Grand Marshal awarded me and my crew a nice long vacation in Hawaii (Three months) for our effort, as we even managed to tow the raider that started it all back to base when we were finished. Galactic Command military officials were quite pleased with my performance, and even offered me a few spots in the actual fleet, and a larger ship. Of course, I turned them down, I'm an Officer, not a soldier. Kamedake II was back in action the moment we ended our vacation. And no sooner did we dispatch then did a group of Raiders enter the system, after a long period of nothing.

Why do I always attract the action? Must be my luck.


CAPT: Seina Yamada

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Originally posted by Admiral Tigerclaw:

By the way, I like that Icon in your sig, the way the Alpha just kinda' *THUMP!*s down...

Thanks, that was just the effect I wanna create when I made the logo.

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*Chuckles.* You'll get around to it. You want me to break the paragraphs up a bit for easier reading? The formatting I had for it in Wordpad kinda got lost in the copy & paste process. I find the song FIRE AT WILL actually fits the battle quite well, even though when I wrote it I was listening to Rob Dougan's Chateau from Matrix Reloaded (OVER AND OVER)...

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

My post meant, "...no way in hell am I reading that"

I was pretty close... don't I...?

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Here's one that'll demonstrate how unpredictible and smart (was that a joke?) the UC AI can be:

I had just restarted a new roam scenario, and was sailing the GCV Rainier (Warmonger) back to GalCom HQ to sell nutripacs and make some HQ-Wraith runs and build up capital, when two reds, an Aestrom and a Garid(I think, still sorting out the dif ships) show up. I abort docking and make ready to intercept the Aestrom, when I notice the cruiser is heading for a friendly LRT-10. Change of plans. I swing about, activate my weapons, marines, and de-activate launch control and arm a few missles in FATAL, and jumped my Cruiser to intercept the Garid.

It was all a ploy. As I jump out of hyperspace, not only do I see the Garid (now targeting ME, not the trans), but SEVEN enemy fighters, all of which are aiming at me! I figured I was going to be swimming in vacuum soon, but I accelerated to attack speed and brought my guns to bear on the cruiser, lighting it up like a christmas tree, while activating a few more missles in fatal against the fighters.

The Garid, rather obligingly, vanishes in a pleasing fireball, and my PTA's are lighting up the fighters, but there's seven of them, and only one of me. Missle locks start appearing everywhere, while my shields start taking a pounding, and I go into evasive maneuvers while intermittantly activating the jammers. I take out a fighter or two, but I know I'm not going to last. I target earth and wait for my HD to recharge, fighting like mad. I make it -intact- but jump with only 5% shields. Whew.

I know it's not over. THREE carriers have now materialized. Two are over by GalCom (which eventually eats them alive), and another one is waiting for me at earth with it's fighters, PLUS the fighters that were engaging me are waiting too. I think the original Aestrom is responsible for the ones behind me. Dunno. I begin to think Cmdr Black's career is going to be rather brief. I use the time to recharge my shields and assign a LOT of targets in FATAL, focusing mainly on the new (intact) carrier and fighters. When I come out of hyperspace, my ship spews a hellstorm of missles and PTA fire. Three of the new fighters go up in flames, and lucky for me, a friendly Dro/Mil cruiser jumps into the fray (maybe it was already there, dunno, was kinda busy ) The battle is long and difficult, but it ends up with me completely intact,and all enemies destroyed or disabled. I can't believe I'm still standing. I order my shuttles to deliver some disabled ships, and I tow the now burning Dro/Mil back to HQ.

Thats when that first Aestrom decides to bushwhack me. Cmdr Black, by this time, is gettying kind of annoyed, having missed breakfast, and really doesn't want to fight ANOTHER battle with 8 or so fighters, so he wisely arms seven sts missles in FATAL, charges up the mains, and cheerfully blows the offending Aestrom into sub-atomic glue before it's fighters can even launch.

And all that happened 2 minutes into the first shakedown cruise, and somehow, I got off without so much as a scratch. The lesson? Never EVER let your guard down in this game, and never assume the AI works like it does in other games. It's devil's magic, I tell you

In UC, anything goes.

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*The following is how my computer interperets what I read alloud in the post above.*

I know it's normal for three years and now materialize to forward by downtown redevelopment somebody and another one is waiting for the average this fighter's plus the fires that were engaged in the army to add the viewers will answer was responsible for was behind the audience in the ten blacks. So rather read and use the time to turn/a... I'm a lot of hard sing a song focusing mainly on the intact carrier and wonders why come out hyperspace missions to settle storm of missiles NTT a fire raven your fighters to open please enough information from the journey military prison jumps into the right. And so do their venom was time to visit the violence along with America and the we had an abortion is destroying for this able to keep away from still standing by owner Mike Shuster those were some of the same object and add to the morning when you very active in to

*That was the paragraph starting with 'I know it's not over.' You think I need to train my computer's voice regocnition just a bit more?*


Enemy forces detected the approach of your craft and redesignated their priorities to assess your threat. Engagement by multiple fighters is dangerous but the PTA system has a way to handle said threat. Use of the W key for continuous afterburning combined with knowing the correct manuever can drop hits taken dramaticly. Once you locate the PTA's killzone, you learn to keep fighters in that general area, and you must focus on taking one enemy at a time. Implimentation of a good voice command program can increase combat flexibility, enabling you to occupy your hands with flight manuevers, and using your voice to access critical combat systems, could prove useful. (I took out a Station's entire compliment of fightercraft in less than ten minutes.)

Intermittant jamming is quite effective, but I noted I can drop the jamming, get a solid lock, fire, and re-jam so they can't return fire.

Further annalysis shows you could have engaged your opponents head on instead of running and come out on top. Fighters make wide sweeping runs on large ships. and thussly the most dangerous part of the attack run is the closing manuever, when they train their guns on you. Data shows that tight perpendicular weaving (If they're above or below, you YAW back and forth while afterburning, if they're on the sides, you pitch up and down.) throws off enemy attacks. This erratic manuevering throws off the target leading tracker so wildly that most opponents can't get a clean shot. Rolling during manuevers means you have to watch and adjust the weave but you roll to put them inside the PTA killzone. There's also dogfighting... seems insane in a Warmonger, but you put your nose at them in a dogfight, and they close too fast with you to go into 'Gundown' mode. And normally you can get a brief moment of missile lock with a target. But only when they've engaged you at close range already. Normally, if you're doing a head to head closing manuever, a batch of Fatals with your jammer on until you close in real nice like can be their ruination. (Jammer on, fatals don't lock, won't fire at the edge of maximum lock range, instead, you can drop in to point blank and drop the jamming, thus you unleash: THE SWARM!!!!)

Annalysis of the second part of your battle AFTER jumping to earth cannot be completed due to lack of data.

Congradulations commander... although flawed, you survived a nightmarish situation for most new captains... Fighter assault.

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Haha. Retrained? I think you need to get your voice recognition software out of the liquor cabinet and over to an AA meeting

Thanks for the advice too. The jammer/FATAL tip sounds very useful, as did the evasive maneuvering tip. I was doing that for the first half of the initial engagement (totaly by accident, of course ), and when I tried something else was when I started to get hammered.

I've been observing my pta's via f10 and I'm getting better at aiming them. Nothing quite like seeing a poor gammy fighter getting torched by a storm of plama.

I have had good luck with jamming when I hear the 'incomming' warning, and then a quick course change, followed by deactivation of the jammers and missles.

I've found shooting brief bursts with my guns at any fighters that happen to fly past my forward arc caused them to veer off at times, so I did that occasionally too.

I haven't had this much fun with a space game since Star Control II (I'd almost given up on finding a good one again). Freelancer irritated me (someone should sue them for that 'free' in the name), and X2 induced coma but the battles in UC are about as intense as anything I've come across in years, and it's HUGE. Thanks again for the tips, Admiral, and taking the time to type all that up. For all the bad press these boards got elsewhere, I've found them very friendly. See you around, it's been a pleasure meetin' ya!

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Tigerclaw combat report.

MISSION: Engage and destroy all forces in the Lennen Region, then capture Pixan.

04/05/3030 03:12


Orders recieved. probe launched from Lyrius region.


Pilots assigned to fighters and preperation begun... Estimated launch readiness 3:27


Acquired by enemies enrout to jump point... Someone blabbed our plan


Intercepting fighters destroyed. Proceding to jump point.


In the Lennen region.


In rout to Pyron ODS in lennen, to draw ships out of the station.


Arrived from hyperjump cloaked.


Pyron destroyed.


Engaged by two Zodiacs... both destroyed in eight seconds.


Fighters on standby.


Acquired by Firestorm Engagement certain .


Firestorm Jumping... ETA 3 minutes.



3:32 Raven destroyed


Firestorm arriving


Firestorm launching fighters... engagement short. Firestorm's shields were damaged ahead of time. Cross the T with Firestorm, Firestorm eats main gun fire and goes up in a fireball. Never hit by Firestorm main cannon fire.


It's quiet... still near the Pyron's last position.


Pixan dispatches fighters to handle LRT, launching own fighters to intercept, also preparing to launch shuttle to capture cargo pod in the area.


Enemy fighters destroyed.


Two cargo pods collected, shuttle returning to ship.


Fighters ordered to close escort of Titan.


Station appears not to be dispatching ships... prepairing to attack directly.

Fighters recalled.


Cloaking and prepairing to jump...

CLOAK called off, fighters that were returning to Pixan now turning and engaging CC.

Fighters destroyed... continuing plan...


Arriving at Pixan Cloaked, closing and engaging with main weapons.


Pixan taking heavy damage... going to turrets only to pound the station


Cloaking nearing dangerous radiation levels, attack continuing.


Station emitting SOS signal.




Reporting mission success to GALCOM HQ.

Rout between Actis IV and earth secured.

Pixan was not well defended, the station's ODS being attacked did not signal more craft to engage. Even when sitting a mere two thousand kilometers from the station, no reinforcements were dispatched to engage the TITAN. The station fell with no losses to my crew or any damage to my ship. However one fighter did finally manage to take out the probe. Many raiders were arrested upon the capture of the station.

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*Captain's Log, Aestrom class supercarrier ICV Calypso- begin transmission*

Well, they've finally done it. "We'll throw you out the airlock," they said. "Better pay and rations or mutiny," they said. The fools have finally gone and done it; here I am sitting a few dozen meters off the bow of my own ship shooting the hangar bay doors with my sidearm while my crew sits inside fermenting in their own stupidity.

Ok, so they didn't actually throw me out of an airlock. I had put the CC down on the moon of Nevuela to hide her from several capital ships that were after our blood. Full shutdown; everything but the solar reactor, launch control and life support. Having nothing else to do, I stuffed two grunts into a shuttle and took it out for a spin around the area. Picked up a load of raw materials off one of the mining drones and made a deal on some additional fuel for the Calypso.

We had only been gone about two hours, the last few minutes spent running away from a Credian Megaron...how is it that the enemies only want to show up one-on-one when you aren't armed? I finally RTB'd the shuttle and took a nap while it made its way back in.

Several minutes later, I woke up in the shuttle cockpit hovering a few meters away from the sealed hangar. Forward thinker that I thought I was, I had confined all of the senior officers but one to their quarters- you don't stay captain very long in this business unless you're willing to stomp on a few idiots along the way. Of course, someone had to make sure the ship didn't blow up while I was out (had that happen once, HQ was pissed beyond belief when I reported back in a MK2 shuttle with no cruiser attached), so I left Flight Ops on the bridge to keep house.

Note to all Insurgent commanders- don't trust anyone who has control over the garage door openers. It's just asking for trouble.

Hangar doors locked. I try the old routine, jump out of the shuttle and hoof it over to the CC. Apparently, someone was very busy while I was off at the gas station; not a single hatch would open. I tried all of them, even the escape pod covers. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. You know those warm, fuzzy feelings you get inside when you do something really well (for example, a particularly satisfying OTS barrage arranged to lay out fireballs in the shape of a happy face)? I think my warm fuzzies called in sick today, because all I had was a profound gut feeling that had only one thing to say to me: "Oh, s***."

Of course, I began picking up moderately sized stones and pegging them at the viewports, but that didn't do too much. I had the pleasure of watching Resnig, with a six pack of beer in his hand, spin around in my captain's chair, get sick, throw up, and ruin the nice laeather cushion that cost me last month's leftover wages. I swear I gave serious thought to landing the shuttle on the hull, unloading the tank, and blasting the grin off that retard's face. Then again, I like my ship too much to stain its bridge with his blood and guts. That, and it would take a helluva lot of duct tape to cover the hole that would put in the viewport.

So I sat there, helpless, for a few hours on the lunar surface. At one point I had half expected the crew to lift off and burn me with the main drives, but I soon realized that operating the ship was quite beyond their capabilities. Odds are that fool at Flight Ops only sealed the bay by lobbing a grenade at the console, knowing this bunch.

So I waited to see if they would ever be able to bring the reactor back online. They eventually did, but I don't know- and never want to know- how they accomplished this. Flush toilets and light switches are hard enough for most of 'em. Anyway, the moment the ship was powered up, I jumped back in the shuttle (taking great care to execute the two marines before they got similar ideas), lifted off, and activated the tractor beam. Suckers. So now I had one fully operational (if a little messy) shuttle mk.2, one fully operational (if a bit useless) tank, and one barely functional supercarrier tied to the trailer hitch.

I made tracks back to Destiny station, hoping to not catch any heat along the way- my one stroke of good luck, and I eman my ONLY stroke of good luck. Once I arrived, I planted the CC and departed the shuttle, leaving the tractor beam engaged.

Apparently, I didn't have to. See, those idiot mutineers had somehow managed to dump most of the fuel while in transit, leaving them with the solar panels. Everything useful was out, including weapons, drives...everything. And I had the only fuel supply available, 143 units of pure Radine. At the moment I heard their pitiful cry for mercy, I think I broke out in laughter. I certainly broke out of something, since I found myself drifting a few minutes later on the other side of the station. I thrusted back over and resumed laughing, shooting the hangar doors for the hell of it.

That brings me to the present. Since the CC's fuel reserves are gone, and only solar backup is operational, my crew is screwed. Destiny won't send help; I made a deal with the station CO to donate my assault tank if he'd just let them rot. Who's gonna refuse a shiny new, fully loaded Wildcat tank for a bunch of stupid mutinous carrier crewmen?

The sun will set in a few hours; after that I can call in a salvage team to drag that bastard in to dock and crack those doors open. It'll smell a bit foul with all those bodies, I'm sure...I kinda hope the fighter jocks live; they were the only useful crewmen I had. Likely, since they were on alert in their ships when the whole thing wen't down. Oh well. On the plus side of all of this, I might just be able to mount Resnig's head on the wall of my quarters as a trophy once I get back aboard...

*End log- transmission terminated*

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ive had an idea for a report, but i wouldnt hve the time to write it.

a blockade stopping supplies reaching gamulian sectors with feet c&c.

admiral tigerclaw, your reports are great especially the police one:)

perhaps somone could simulate it and then write it, only a suggestion though.

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Originally posted by Imploder101:

ive had an idea for a report, but i wouldnt hve the time to write it.

a blockade stopping supplies reaching gamulian sectors with feet c&c.

admiral tigerclaw, your reports are great especially the police one:)

perhaps somone could simulate it and then write it, only a suggestion though.

These are meant to be real report of real playing time.....

There is another forum section for ROLE PLAY....

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I only moved this because you put a lot of work into it. Next time, post in the relevant thread topics or risk losing the contents of your newly created thread topics.


Originally posted by MedicatedWorlds:

When I was a terran I used to leave my Battle Cruiser Mark III defending a friendly station. I would have my full complement of fighters defending the battle cruiser. Then I would launch myself in a shuttle and start trading. Nothing would ever happen to my battle cruiser, nore any of my fighters.

Well, I started out as a Gammulan the other day. I tried using the aforementioned strategy. This is the damage report from when I came back from my 3rd trade run.

*Three Fighters Destroyed

*One Fighter Disabled

*Intruders Onboard

*Various systems Damaged do to Sabatuer

*One marine Dead

*12 Marines Injured

*Cloaked Enemy ships in system

So I immediately entered my battle cruiser. First thing I did was check Perscan. There was 8 intruders on board and most of my men were low on health. I then switched to tacops and saw a short red blip on top of my disabled fighter. I figured theres was an upgraded enemy Garid sitting there.

Well I ran away from the fight and landed on the surface of the planet. I let my marines take care of the intruders and they did a great job. I decided I would send out an SC with me on it to get neccessary upgrades to my brand new Battle cruiser mark 3. The previous trade runs afforded me these luxurious upgrades, Numega, Linear spec IV, Trellis, and Titanium level 5. As I started doing the upgrades I noticed my tractor beam had been knocked out. Probably Sabotage from the intruders. All other systems were in near perfect condition. This made it difficult to go back for the FC. After the upgrades were done I headed back for space. I made it to the space station I had previously been defending. Got the replacement tractor beam, and left as soon as I could. I had my own engineers install it. Mean time the Garid that had been clocked noticed the upgrades to my ship and decided it would go and attack the space station. It was destroyed as soon as it came out of warp.

The AI in theis game is great. Using my own disabled fighter craft as bait. Using intruders to disable my tractor beam. So even If I did go to recover my fighter, I wouldnt be able to. And then get blown away by the cloaked Garid while my sheilds were down to tractor the Disabled fighter.

The AI could tell that my ship was stronger then it after the upgrades, and Went to the next target in the list.

Well I think I learned my lesson. I think I will just leave my CC on a planet instead of guarding a space station.

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*moved from MP thread*


Originally posted by bikertaz:

Talk about a rough day...

I was headed back through the Alpha Centauri system in my Megaron after a nice leisurely tour to Obsidia. I had decided to head back to GALCOM HQ to get some cheap fuel and finish repairs on my moderately damaged fighters 1 and 2. I had just come out of the Arima to Treas gate when I see a Firestorm headed right at me. I think, "well, I'll just sit here and own him as he come out of hyperspace". No problem, he comes right in to me and I start nailing him with PTA fire from long range. All the sudden, a whole fleet of about 3-4 cap ships decloaks and spits out 8 or so fighters to engage some of the locals about 100 km away. The Firestorm manages to make the gate before I can finish him off (due to my distraction with counting red dots) so I decide it would be fun to head in towards the melee. I launch my two remaining fighters and dive in. Within about a minute, there are about 10 disabled ships floating about (mostly fighters and shuttles). I order my fighters to RTB, but they aren't moving. Ugh! Both fighters are damaged, with both pilots in #4 dead!!! Bummer. At least I can tractor them in. While I'm at it, I launch all 4 shuttles with 2 marines in each, and pick out 4 disabled ships to tow.

Now my marines still aren't real smart you see. I head my CC toward Tramis (where I had earlier captured the station) and tell my shuttles to escort me through the gate so we can dump all these captured ships. Well, I gate through to Tramis only to notice that 3 of my shuttles are still wandering around back in Treas instead of following me. So I send the smart one on to the station to deliver its towed ship and head back to Treas to knock some heads.

After jumping back through, two of the shuttles suddenly decide they will follow orders after all. They jump on through to Tramis while I send my recently returned shuttle out to tow this last guy that refuses to budge. Finally, my shuttle towing my shuttle towing a captured shuttle are headed toward my CC and follow me through the gate to Tramis. But wait! Why are my other two shuttles just sitting there on the other side of the gate? What happened to the ships they were towing?!? Why are all of the marines onboard dead and both shuttles damaged to about 50 percent??!?!! Argh! Escape!

So, I end up with 2 pilots and 4 marines KIA, all 4 fighters and 2 shuttles are now damaged. I think it is time to park in orbit around a nice safe station and make some repairs....

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We had just survied an attack and the crew was busying themselves making repairs to try and bring our assets back to full functionality.

Figuring they could handle things on their own and not wanting to get in the way, I took one of the fighters out for a spin and went planetside to buzz a naval carrier group.

I landed on the carrier and hopped out to check things out, accidentally falling into the water in the process and ending up at the bottom of the ocean. Since it seemed to be a long swim back to the top and there was no way I'd make it in time (since I'd have to walk away from the computer at some point), I used the transporter to EVAC myself.

I ignored the looks from the crew members as I materialized, soaking wet in the transporter. After having changed I used the transporter to again send myself to the carrier deck again ignoring the looks from several other crew members and was finally back on the deck.

After chatting with the crew on the carrier about the lack of guard rails and how important safety is, I hopped back in the fighter and did some low flying, buzzing the carrier. Somehow (must be a computer malfunction, as opposed to pilot error) this resulted in my fighter doing an unintentional water landing.

With the fighter bobbing on the surface, I jumped out into the water and used the transporter to EVAC myself. I again ignored the looks from the crew as I materialized for a second time soaking wet in the transporter. They were starting to think something was up, but didn't say anything.

After changing, and since the repairs were pretty well completed, I had the notion of taking the CC planetside and using the tractor beam to pull the fighter out of the water. Somehow in doing this I got a bit too low and the entire CC did a water landing (once again another computer malfunction which I mentioned to the engineering staff).

At this point, I left the craft and used the jet pack to make it to one of the ships in the carrier group, and grabbed one of their gunships. Figuring the CC might be a lost cause, I went for a spin in the gunship, this time accidentally (thats the story for the record anyway) letting a few rounds off at the CC which was now sinking fast.

In response, the carrier group started attacking me. They clearly didn't know who I was or they failed to realize that the ship was already sinking anyway. It was all over after that.

I exited UCAWA to go do something else and the strangest thing happened. Later in the evening a couple men in suits showed up at my door and announced they were from GC and that, due to my horrible performance, I was officially on probation/monitored performance/etc and would not be given command of another ship for some time.

They're sooooo touchy over there at GC!

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