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Ramming speed!!! (w/pics)


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Well, I was patrolling in the Centauri system in my Megaron when some Insurgent cruisers showed up and started to act all big and bad. So I launched all my fighters and engaged the closest cruiser. While all this was going on, a Raider Megaron decloaked, and an Empirian Battlecruiser MkII engaged him. Well, I finished blowing the cruisers out of the sky, and took a look to see how the Empirian was doing against the Megaron. Come to find out, the Empirian had decided to ram him, and somehow they both survived!

take that!

Well, after being greatly astounded and amused by this, I decided to give my ally a hand and hit the hyperdrive. About halfway there, the empirian somehow managed to unimpale himself from the Megaron, and the two of them started shooting at each other in earnest. Then, the empirian rammed him again!


Well, this was just stupid. I was forced to start major surgery on the two ships...scalpel, please!


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