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How to survive against overwhelming odds.

Guest Shingen

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Guest Shingen

Against my better judgement, and mostly because Derek wanted to read the account, here is my tale of woe.

I just had DLed the new UC patch, installed and started a new game (as it has been my habit to start fresh with a new patch since BCM 1.03).

I went with the default BC3K sets (Galcom/BC-MK3), launched and went into AI/AP HALT just outside of GalComHQ...kicked my marines in the a$$, and sent them all to prep.

During that time I think I sent my fighters to engage a few targets and raise their kill numbers, and I remember collecting a few cargo pods...(one being worth close to 7 mil galcreds).

Anyway, I decide to head on to Genesis and set my virgin crew onto the Moon's surface. I generally do this so I can trade in a shuttle and not have to worry about my CC being destroyed in open space.

I HJ to the moon jumpgate and transit thru, no problems. Upon entering, I get a klaxon alert, hit TacOps, and find a Megaron, an Aestrom, and a Stormcarrier all with my new BC as their target!

The Stormcarrier was on the otherside of the system, but the Megaron and Aestrom were right up my tailpipe. Before I even have time to react I get an intruder alert (15 intruders had just beamed near my nuclear reactor, weapons pod and life support...marines were deployed, but I was scared sh*tless)!

OK, I'm in a brand new BC, my crew is fresh outta boot camp, and now I have 15 intruders razing my systems, a Megaron, Aestrom, and Stormcarrier dead on my a$$, and HJ engines depleted because of the jumpgate. No escape. I'm going to have to fight or die (damn I love this game)!

First thing I do is turn off my AP/AI (virgin crew,) reactivate my PTAs (to reset target acquisition)and engage evasive maneuvers. I launch all 4 fighters and 2 shuttles, then set launch control off.

I fatal every enemy fighter, set 2 fighters on the Megaron and 2 on the Aestrom, and 1 shuttle on each carrier ( with TOW orders). I then target the Stormcarrier and reduce it to cargopods with my main-guns.

About 6-8 enemy fighters were eating my shields for lunch, so I go into tactical, arm 10 mines and start deploying them in a circle (as best as I can envision one). The mines start going off one after the other, but that's no good, because one of them just took out my shuttle! 3 fighters gone, no missiles left and 65% hull integrity!

Re-evaluate the situation! By this time HJ is charged, so I target Genesis, order every asset to RTB and I got the hell outta dodge!

I may have ran like a scared dog, but they lost and I lived.. so sue me.

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Guest Shingen

I'm curious, Derek. Under those circumstances, what would you have done differently?

You, being the master, and I being the student (hypothetically, in regards to BC).

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If I didn't want to be distracted, I would simply have found the most distant anomaly in the region and jumped to it once the klaxxon sounded. This would cause the other ships to do the same. Of course, if they weren't already commited to a jump when you did it, they will track your jump target and jump to it - and if they are faster than you are, they'll be there waiting for you.

During my jump transition to the farthest anomaly, I'd FATAL all the crafts within close proximity. Without fiddling with the target cycling keys, I'd just move the mouse into the TRS and clicked on any Red cluster, pick one, lock it up and do the same - regardless of whether they are in range or not.

With PTA and FATAL systems armed, I'd launch all my available fighters with Intercept [sTS] profile. Post launch, I'd give them all the defend order, this way, they don't go pissing off and getting themselves killed.

This is where I cloak, then tell all my pilots to shut the hell up (its in the TLM orders menu).

THEN I'd go shutdown power to launch control and leave Resnig and his band of merry men to deal with the intruders.

Depending on how the skirmish is going, I'd come to a complete stop (VTOL), then launch a mine ahead. Then yaw to repeat the same at 90, 180 and 270 bearing on my existing plane. If I have time, I'd pitch forward at 90 degrees, do the same and keep pitching at that AOA and repeat with three other mines. I would HIGHLY recommend against using Crab mines for this!!!

If I have Fleet C&C and the region has a station, I'd then go to Tacops, select the station and commission two cruisers, then give them defend order as well.

Feeling really brave, I'd monitor the most threatening ship and then lock a missile (preferably an STS-Vagrant) on the nearest mine - and when it gets close, I'd detonate the mine. The splash damage from the missile and mine, are good for a few hits. Or you could just give the CC the halt order, activate the A/P, then exit the craft and manually detonate the mine by firing at it, while trying to put your an object (preferably the CC) between you and the resulting prox damage. The fragments from the mine are too large to cause you (a small person) any damage.

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