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What's Your Playlist?


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For those of you who have gone to the trouble of ripping mp3s (from your private CD collections of course ) that will work in UC, what is in your in game playlist (other than the original game music)?

Here is mine:

The entire Dune Original Score (the longer soundtrack from the 1984 movie, some of Toto's best stuff, a hard CD to find too)

Pink Floyd: Learning to fly, Time, Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Led Zeppelin: Communications Breakdown, The Immigrant Song, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Dazed and Confused

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Prophet's Song

Sting: Every Breath You Take (hilarious to hear while watching shuttles drop off drones in tacops)

ZZTOP: LaGrange

Kansas: Point of No Return

Some selected songs from all three LOTR soundtracks

The Last Samurai soundtrack

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Sammy Hagar: (Heavy Metal), spark's memory of scene from the movie where this song kicks in :-)

(I Can't Drive 55),good when in a HJ with enemy bogie's chasing after you :-)

Rush: 2112, Working man, The Trees

Guns n' Roses: Welcome To The Jungle

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

Joan Jett and The Black Hearts: Bad Reputation, I love Rock N Roll

Tantric: Breakdown

U.P.O.: Godless

The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony

Whitesnake: Here I Go Again

Steppenwolf: The Pusher, Born To Be Wild, Magic Carpet Ride

Dire Straits: So Far Away, Money For Nothing

Megadeth: Crush' em, Trust

R.E.M.: It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Black Sabbath: Electric Funeral

Boston: Smokin', Foreplay/Longtime

Cherry Poppin Daddies: Here Comes the Snake, Zoot Suit Riot

Blue Oyster Cult: Cities On Flame, (Don't Fear) The Reaper

AC/DC: Hells Bells

Robert Plant: Ship of fools

and a few big band songs that date back to the 40's

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Guest Shingen

Black Sabbath -(Ozzy and Dio)

Rush -(Rush, Fly by Night, 2112 [complete CDs])

BCM tracks

Morrowind tracks

Slayer (various)

Iron Maiden (various)

Yngwie Malmsteen (various)

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EDIT: Complete revamp with more USEFUL info, and added some more music that is, in my opinon, JUST AWESOME.

Everyone go look this guy up as just about every Movie composer EVER ripped this guy off.


The Planets by Holst

Mars, The Bring of War

Themes of this can be heard in Star Wars, Gladiator and more than a few other films. Probably the most recognized piece.

Venus, the Bringer of Peace

Very soft and almost ballet like. You can hear a few love themes from movies ripped from this as well.

Mercury, The Winged Messenger

Also ballet like but a little more upbeat and dabbles around a bit. I think there are some parts of the Abyss that were taken from this. Also a few Disney films.

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

Used in a film by Disney about a boy that's stranded on an Island that finds pirate treasure and has a fun time till said Pirates show up. Also recognizeable.

Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

Alien. Pure and simple. A lot of the thematic devices were used almost verbatim for Alien. Very soft and spooky in some places, very loud and big in others.

Uranus, the Magician

Jokes about the name aside, also very Star Warsish in some places for some of the larger battle scenes. Some other themes reminicient of stuff you'd find on Turner Classic Movies. Insert cheesy trailers here. Filmed in PANAVISION!

Neptune, the Mystic

More Alienesque type themes. Reminicent of sci-fi/fantasy movies where the characters "find something"



BUY THIS SOUNDTRACK! BUY THE MOVIE! The DVD has a play soundtrack only option, and you can get the CD if you're on the go! This movie is absolutely incredible as a lot of previously classified and unknown footage of atomic tests can finally be seen. If you really want an understanding of what "100 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb" actually means, then watch this movie. Narrated by William Shattner none the less!

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To my UC I've added:

Underwater Sunlight - Tangerine Dream

Original tracks from BCMG

I'm inspired by CedricB and Shingen to try The Planets and Morrowind, both of which I have and should mood-set perfectly.

The little biography on Holst is interesting. If you want to follow a chain of English composers (linked by their personal influence upon each other) go from Holst to Vaughan Williams and thence to Herbert Howells. The latter was, IMHO, the greatest composer of the 20th century, although I don't think his music would work in BC. Having said that though, I'll give it try!

I must say (as I said once before in another thread) that the original music in UC is top notch.

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Originally posted by Mrxknown:

Um, I tried replacing the original game mp3s with my own (I replace the name of my songs so they were the same as the orig). However when I do the game doesn't play any music at all.

What software encoder are you using? The mp3's have got to be encoded using constant bit rate, not variable bit rate. The dBpowerAMP Music Converter seems to work well Link or if you have the cd burning software from Nero there should be a program called "Nero Wave Editor" that can convert wav's to mp3's that has worked well for me also.

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