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I was recently deployed in Cyrian sector with my CC. We were out patroling around, looking for insurgents and the occasional Gammulan capital ship.

All of a sudden the intruder alarms started blaring across the ship...5 intruders. It took almost an hour to get rid of them, and in the end I had to write 3 of these letters:

Dear [Name of next of kin],

It is my sad duty to inform you of the untimely demise of your [son/husband]. He died bravely defending our Command Craft from hostile intruders. He fought well, at least wounding one of the enemy, but, due to the incompetence of my Combat Officer, he was left alone amongst a large group of intruders.

While in the middle of a firefight, said officer told all the the surronding Marines to flee to the Medibay from the flight deck where the battle was.

Your son/husband was either killed in the fight, being left alone, or in the untimely retreat. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but we were unable to identify the bodies other than knowing they were dead.

Again, my deepest sympathies on your loss, they will be given full honors in burial. And, rest easy knowing that the Combat Officer was marooned on the next world we came to - a moon lacking an atmosphere.


Commander ENS

The Avenger

Guess they were soldiers in the hands of an incompetent Resnig.

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