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Debriefing of UCV-Bladerunner CO


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Takvah stares straight, looking across the table at Shingen. Trails of smoke spiral in long strands from his cigarette as he reaches for a bottle of Jameson Irish Whisky that sits between them on the table.

"Join me in a shot my friend?" he asks.

Shingen nods affirmation as the large paw of Takvah tips the bottle and pours out two large shots into glasses on the table.

Takvah puts the cigarette to his mouth and breathes deep. He is obviously shaken and elated at the same time. He puts the cigarette into an ashtray and exhaling pushes one of the shot glasses toward Shingen.

"What I'm going to tell you will hardly seem real," he says with a smile. His hand betrays his nerves as he grabs up his shot glass between his thumb and his index finger.

Shingen moves in closer to the table and stares at his friend. "Just start from the beginning," he replies tipping his head back and drinking of the shot that Takvah has offered.

Takvah shrugs and does the same tipping his head back and downing the alcohol. He wipes at his mouth with the back of his hand and smirks, his lips forming a sly smile. "So I'm out on recon. Not looking for any trouble," he says pausing.

"Of course not," Shingen says with a smile of his own.

"That's when the comms speakers on the bridge start to erupt with chatter between several Terran military vessels. They're on a reconnaisance mission of their own, one of their number being a dyed in the wool recruit," Takvah recounts.

Shingen shakes off the burn of the liquor that the two have been sharing, his eyes becoming more intense. "Terran military?" he asks rhetorically.

"You heard me," Takvah answers. "Can I go on?"

"By all means."

"Well anyway, I see some profit in this little reconnaisance mission. An opportunity for a businessman. They're running this kid through maneuvers allowing him command of an Aestrom," Takvah continues.

"An Aestrom, you say."

Takvah's eyes widen as he becomes more emphatic. "An Aestrom, my friend."

"Go on."

"So I order my navigation officer to set a course for Procon. It might be suicide but the lure of the kill and some respect from Terran Military is well worth the chance I'm about to take."

Shingen rolls his eyes and pours himself another shot.

"I know, it's a crazy notion. I never clued them in to my affiliations with the guild, this was strictly a solo operation."

Shingen looks incredulous.

"I am not about to sacrifice the brotherhood for one crazy notion set to action, Shingen."

The older raider nods in mock affirmation, "The brotherhood before all else, I know your credo Takvah."

Takvah nods back, "The brotherhood!"

"Now that we've established this and your ship is enroute to what would seem certain doom; what do you do?"

"Well I enter the Procon system of course by way of Castrin. On entering I play it non-chalant observing the situation. After all, I'm just a simple businessman trading legal goods," Takvah says with his trademark smile. "Their new recruit is half way across the system and the others are trying to convey pointers and the like while they keep warm near the system's station. I engage hyperdrive and I arm the missile systems."

Shingen pours the two another wee dram of the Irish whiskey. "So you're not drawing any attention to this point?" he asks pushing Takvah's glass back to the salty soul.

Takvah holds the glass between his hands and leans in over the table. "I didn't quite say that now did I?"

With a smile, Shingen brings his glass to his lips, "I was wondering when this story might turn a bit more unfriendly."

Takvah nods and sips from his glass. "You ever heard of a ship called the Asimov?"

"The Asimov!"

"Aye, that be what I said, my friend. Seems this recruit is getting some choice schooling at the hands of one of Galcom's finest."

Shingen waves a hand in protest, parting the smoke between the men that lingers like a veil. "Please tell me you killed that bastard!"

"Would that I could. As I came out of hyperspace my missiles fired on the recruit's vessel. I lit that Aestrom up like a torch. Unfortunately the Asimov was as sneaky as a snake. She came about and was on me in an instant."

"You don't say," Shingen replied seeming annoyed. "So this is the great story you have to tell me. The Asimov came in and saved the day; the end?"

Angry, Takvah wipes the table clear with his right arm the glasses and the bottle of whiskey crashing to the bar floor. "I have asked you nicely, twice now, if I might tell this story!"

"So, you did destroy the Asimov!" Shingen said gleefully.

"No. I didn't destroy the Asimov. He moved in and layed into me with a well placed volley. Licking some serious wounds, I made for the jump gate back to Castrin," without waiting for Shingen's disappointed response Takvah continues, "I however noticed that the Aestrom had activated its distress beacons."

Shingen smiled.

"While the Asimov pursued me, I launched a shuttle to tow the disabled Aestrom. I then ran for all that my ship was worth. The bridge was smashed, many systems were dessimated. I managed to hop through the Castrin gate and the Asimov gave up pursuit. I suppose that the comms systems of the Aestrom were non functional because she never called for assistance. Either that or the Commander foolishly believed that the shuttle that towed him had been dispatched by the other vessels in the area."

The eyes of Shingen were again wide. "You are not going to tell me what I think you are going to tell me?"

"My friend with the lonely stars as my sole witness, my shuttle towed that ship back to Foron where I waited patiently for its return."

"You are full of it Takvah, the drink has made me placid but it has not made me a fool!"

"I would never call you a fool but I swear to you on the brotherhood; that ship was delivered to my waiting hands."

"Unbelievable!" Shingen said, motioning toward the barkeep. "Another bottle of my friend's favorite!"

The barkeep tipped his head in acknowledgment.

"When she entered Foron I ordered the shuttle to release the prey and to return to base. I then rushed to the Aestrom's location and dispatched her to Hades with a volley that cost me more credits than a sane man would venture to spend in any one endeavor!" Takvah chuckled.

The barkeep placed a new bottle of whiskey before the men, along with two new glasses. Shingen tossed a few credits on the table and threw the barkeep a nod.

"And the Asimov?" Shingen asked.

"That witch of the stars entered the system as my shuttles retrieved what was of value from the Aestrom. I did not wait to exchange pleasantries with her Commander, I withdrew."

Shingen nodded. "You served yourself well, Takvah. It is not many that face that one alone that live to tell the tale."

Takvah shook his head and poured the two another round. "It was glorious. It was simplicity from anarchy. However, I believe that I made an enemy this day. I do not look forward to the next instance in which I come to face the Asimov."

"Fair enough," Shingen said. "But perhaps the Commander of the Asimov is not so looking forward to the next meeting with you either."

The two men looked at one another and chuckled partaking in a final glass of whiskey.

"I hadn't thought of it that way," Takvah said with a gleam in his eye. "I'd just as soon believe that he'll be ready to avenge that recruit when next we meet. It might mean my life."

Shingen spoke softly, "Indeed."

The two men sat quielty enjoying their bottle. Takvah lit another cigarette in nervous anticipation of that future meeting as the raucous noise of the bar drowned out all further conversation between them and signaled the beginning of the night's drunken revelry.


Thanks for some GREAT Multiplayer action, go to:

Marvin... Commanding Asimov

Robert Iceman... Commanding Avenger

And Woolgiant... the new recruit in the Aestrom

I might also mention that during our play, I was killed by Asimov once as well... this interaction I have portrayed through RP was one of several hit and run encounters I had with these three capable and FRIENDLY commanders this evening. Any one of them is capable of BLASTING MY ASS TO KINGDOM COME... this was just a lucky moment of note heheh.

CHEERS fellas... a round of Jameson for you all!

[ 06-24-2004, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Takvah ]

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You said it Takvah. Great narative as well.

Great fighting to all involved. And, I'll never forget that shuttle towing the SOS-ing ship out of the system and into your waiting hands.

Also, for my first time playing in the multiplayer abilities of UC, this was asstounding. Thanks to all who participated. I can't wait for some real fleet action to start up.


Robert Iceman

GCV Avenger

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....well, this is just yet another reason why I slaved on mp in order to make it as close as possible to the single player game. Other games would just make it a kill or be killed type of affair. Not I. Me? Life's too simple to take the easy way out.

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Guest Shingen

Great stuff, but what server is everyone playing on? I logged on multiple times last night (server3) and played for about a hour by myself, and no one showed.

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Originally posted by Shingen:

Great stuff, but what server is everyone playing on? I logged on multiple times last night (server3) and played for about a hour by myself, and no one showed.

Usually server 3 or 4, since they have AG turned on. The best way to find out who is one (since the in game browser doesn't tell you), is to use the stand-alone ASE browser.

For example, I just took this shot of you and others on server3 and this of the folks on server4.

The ASE sdk does not provide the ability to see the players on the server, so there is no way to implement it in the in game browser (which uses the ASE sdk).

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Hey!! I see myself.

Thanks for the reference SC. I had never heard of the ASE browser before. But I will be downloading it A.S.A.P.

Now, back to the game! I want me a Stormcarrier for a trophy to lug back to Galcom HQ

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