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He has a heavy weight on his shoulders...


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And a damn heavy weight too ... have a look at this


(sorry about site... just wanted to show the pics)

Flying round earth bases, i was actually trying to land on the roof of the base but forgot to brake... ended up under it and when i tried to take off... it was kinda... ontop of my shuttle?

While it was fun delivering it to a nearby enemy base, it was even more fun trying to get it off i couldn't!

(This is the demo version im running, so no worries)

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Originally posted by BombFox:

ROTFLMAO, my god that is so funny!!!! im gonna try that, except deliver it to space....

That won't work, I've experienced this 'problem' several times now. Last time I tried going to space and it stayed on Earth (and I'm glad it did).

I guess that was also the reason why the game had problems when I went back on earth (I was stuck for some reason)

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