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Which MP3 encoder makes compatable files?


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I tried adding my BCM compatible Music files into the UC music folder and I found that they do not work in their present state.

Here is what it did to get them to work:

First I converted them to 256kbps (same as Vanethian's pieces)using MusicMatch then I converted its tag from ver2.3 to ver1.0 (Vanethian's were ver1.0)using ID3 - TagIT and had no problem adding them to my UC music folder. Might be an easier way but it worked for me.

Follow Up: Make sure you remove the ver2.3 tag or it will not work. Should have a ver1.0 tag only.

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I still can't get it to work. Here's what I did...

1) Convert file from audio CD at 256kbps CBR with MusicMatch.

2) Use ID3-Tagit and select my file in the middile window.

3) Use the menu option Transfer/Convert Tags.

4) Select Transfer V2. -> V1.

5) File/Save

6) Put in soundfx/music folder. I removed all of the audio files except this one.

When I play UC I get no audio. I couldn't tell in ID3-Tagit where to actually see the version of the tag in the mp3.

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Go back to ID3-TagIT in the middle window where your songs are listed you will see the following

Filename Subdirectory Ver1 Ver2

If they are not listed,then select the directory where you stored your music from the menu on the extreme left.

If the songs that you are trying to put into UC still show a tag in the Ver2 box it must be removed. It will only work in UC if it has a ver1 tag only.

To remove the ver2 tag highlight the song that you want to change, right click to bring up the pop-up window and select "Tag Ver2 Functions" then click "Remove Tag Ver2", save it and you're done. Once you have done this successfully your songs will play in UC.

If you're still having problems after reading this send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

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A shameless bump as I renamed the BCM files to something shorter and UC plays the files just fine. So whatever format the BCM files are in, they're fine as is. I think there's just a character limit for the file names that the IG player uses.

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