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wow,first off dude,i want to tell you how much i admire you for continuing the dream you had when you first made bc2k..i rememebr being impressed when you decided that in all fairness you would give it for free.it told me of a person who had a dream.

which as a we oldtimers know was the carry over of what elite and frontier could have been.oh how sweet a concept you had..the planet interaction was light years from where they dropped off.

yet like all spoiled space cadets there is much to wish for.

but..not too much.

i have a question..like why not use mechs...?

sorta as a inbetween from marine to planet or even armor?

i always kinda thought that would sorta naturual in the scheme of things.

as for how it is now...one thing i miss is the bulletion board idea in roam type...like ther eis a game called apache vs havoc.and there are missions and stuff that go on in a free roam setting.well that sorta does happen in space i notice,but its not as easily apparent on the planet...not yet...i have seen for eg a battle go on from observe but like no calls for aid and stuff.

also,it would be nice if each race had a different tech,or like you know a different type of craft..as in that (forgive me) x-beyond...but you have that game beat,i mean this one really has the planets and stuff..

i wish in the single player there was a speed toggle,or a time toggle..but i think i read that you feel it would somehow mess the battle algorithims ..

anyways,i am so sweetly impressed by your vision.always have been.

is there a list of the upgrades and how to do them and the different specs of the crafts?..like in millenium?

just rambling here actually..thank you for your dediaction to this game.

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