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Non Combat/Trade roles


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Hehehe after playing the game, when I first hired it then FINALLY owning it hehehe (had a little trouble) I am loving the game. As a old Elite II Vet, I am glad to find a game that alows you to do anything.

With Elite II the two choises were really Trade and combat. The same seems to be with with this game. I have seen other roles like Paramedic and Support pilot.

From my Tribe and Tribe2 days I have always like the support role, helping/healing people and building defences ect. I am wondering how the paramedic/support pilot roles work. I have tried them but nothing happens.. but then again I don't know what to look for when playing those roles.

I have also noticed that The CC can hold guests. Is ther a way to be a ferry and transport people from one place to another? The manual says only that you can get guest, not how to get them.

Any back to playing the game. I am currently trying my hand at mining while trying to stop intruders from stealing my shuttles (lost one until finally worked out to turn off power to the launch bay. Don't know how to replace it yet hehehehehe)

P.s. It is sad when you play a game like this while playing music from Elite (I and II) hehehe

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Hi Nakaleen. Welcome to the forums!

You have some good questions. This board has an excellent search feature. The following procedure proved useful for me:

  1. click on the search function (located at the top of every forum page, to the left of the login or my profile button),
  2. type keyword(s) such as 'paramedic' into the 'Search Words:' field, and
  3. select the options to

    1. 'Match any of the search terms above.'
    2. 'Search All Open Forums'
    3. 'Subject Only'
    4. 'Any Date'

I've paraphrased your question(s) to the best of my ability; this is what I found:

What is the role that one plays in the Paramedic career? (keyword(s): 'paramedic')

No related topics were found. I repeated the search using the 'Entire Message' option in stead of 'Subject Only'.

BCM/BCM Gold General Discussions ┬╗ What is the scientist caste? What will be special about it? (post #6; 6th reply)

General Fleet Discussions ┬╗ Who wants a new member? (post #8)

What is the role that one plays in the Support Pilot career? (keyword(s): 'support pilot')

General Fleet Discussions ┬╗ Fighter Pilots and Marines query.

Newbie Discussions ┬╗ marine and fighter pilot careers

Can a player put a guest into his own asset? (keyword(s): guest)

Yes. Use:

[*]a mission script such as in ACM:

Newbie Discussions ┬╗ Guests in the shuttle...

BC Legacy Discussions ┬╗ ACM Missions logic (post #14) or

[*]the GBS:

Game Builder System, Cheats, Hacks ┬╗ Playmod cheat utility released (post #29) or

[*]possibly Multi Player:

ask in Multiplayer Issues ┬╗ Multiplayer Restrictions if you want.

It can also happen without player intervention - BC Legacy Discussions ┬╗ Fleet command - but this is rare.

Other threads that may help are:

Demo Discussions ┬╗ Making it Work (post #2; 2nd reply)

BCM/BCM Gold General Discussions ┬╗ My Crew Members are Idiots! (post #2)

Development Discussions ┬╗ Galactic Command Online FAQ (post #26)

How does the player replace destroyed/stolen support craft (fighters, shuttles or ground vehicles)? (keyword(s): 'replace replacing')

Newbie Discussions ┬╗ Replacing destroyed fighters

Tips, Tricks & Techniques ┬╗ Replacing Fighters

Newbie Discussions ┬╗ How do I replace a SC or FC ??

I hope that you find the answers to your questions.

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You just answered a question that I just put up on the board a few minutes ago.

In addition to several other things I was just wondering about...

and more importantly, you explained how to properly use the search feature

and did all this w/o browbeating us newbs

jeez what a civilized forum!!!


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