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Introducing me, myself and I!

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Hello fellow Commanders!

As a former Battlecruiser V2 Commander I have watched the community closely.

As of now I re-enlisted as a Commander and am once again back at the spot where I should be; the bridge!

After having fiddled with UC for about a week now I am feeling right at home again!

Everything feels in place, yet many new things are still to be discovered in my shiny new capital ship!

So, whatever race you might belong to, whatever caste you might pursue, I either salute you, or warn you; friends are welcomed warmly, however enemies will be annihilated with any and all force available.

Marine - "Woah... that was a cool speech, Cmdr!"

Cmdr. - "Shut Up! At the forum we all drink beer together, but I forgot to mention that."

BTW: I don't have my system specs in my signature yet, but that's because I am posting from the computer of my girlfriend on which UC is not installed. Once I get back at my place this afternoon I will update immediately. Just wanted to say hi already in the mean time!

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Hello, and welcome to all the newcomers. As a newcomer myself, I'd like to introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Sorren, Commander of the Emp. Mercenary Vessel UCV Manic. I enjoy long walks on the beach and playing tennis....oh, wait wrong forum for that hehe...


...anyhow, I am very grateful that a game like this exists, because this is the first space game that actually simulates commanding a starship accurately, with all the abilities of exploration, economy, and managment involved...not to mention combat as well. Thank you very much, SC for all your hard work! Because of you, my 4 year old boy knows what a jumpgate and a wormhole are!

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