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Gremlins in the Navitron, etc


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This has happened several times now...I've been tooling along in my Megaron, and Kendrick will pop up on the screen. "Navitron Computer...is damaged.", he says, in a voice that tells me he's addicted to Nyquil or something. I check Logistix, and the Navitron is down to 50% capacity.

Ok. No reason for the Navitron to just suddenly be damaged. No intruders, no escaped prisoners. There IS a cloaked carrier somewhere in this system, but I can handle that. No alerts in particular. So I assign some sysengs to work on the Navitron. And wait. And wait. Checking on the repairs progress now and then. And when the Navitron gets up to about 95% capacity...Kendrick flashes on screen. "Navitron Computer...is damaged." He drones. Grrrr. Navitron is back down to 50%.

So did Resnig spill coffee on the Navitron, do I have gremlins, what is going on here?

Also, I STILL have a rotting corpse in Detention. Tis getting MIGHTY smelly down there, since it's been three days...

Maybe I have a haunted/cursed ship?

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[Re: repeated 50% Navitron damage]

Here is a link to an existing, related topic:


[Re: rotting corpses]

Check the VCF; this has been fixed in an upcoming patch.

"FIXED: If a prisoner died while in detention, his status was not being updated when player docks at a station/base and the prisoner removed."

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